The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1441

Chapter 1441: A Storm Of Blades

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. This Eastern Turkic King offered up the treasure map but chose to be one of the last to go in. He seems to harbor some great ambition."

Sword Dragon silently pondered his master's comment.

"Young Master, be at ease. I guarantee that he will not harm you!"

With Young Master Qingyang on his back, Sword Dragon lunged forward, and he was soon making his way down the pit along its smooth walls.

Time slowly passed, and there seemed to be no additional people appearing around the pit's edge.

But at this moment, several figures appeared. They were garbed in cloaks and didn't seem that different from any other martial artist, but the energy they exuded was identical to the energy of those who had controlled the Origin Immortal Formation.

"When the gate is open, it's difficult to close it again. Right now, all the martial artists should have entered the Endless Abyss," one of the figures suddenly said.

If those martial artists had been here to listen, they would have undoubtedly been flabbergasted. This was because these Origin Immortal Guardians referred to this seemingly bottomless pit as the Endless Abyss.

"Based on how much time has passed, those martial artists should have reached that place," another Origin Immortal Guardian said.

"It should be another ten minutes at most," another one of them said.

"Hmph, prepare to activate the mechanism. This time, they must all die here! Only extreme death and fear can instill awe for the Immortal Lord in these people!" the leading Origin Immortal Guardian declared.


After gesturing out some sort of spell into the 'Endless Abyss', the group departed.

Clangclangclang! Metallic clattering came from the pit, the sounds of fighting within the darkness. The deeper one went, the more frequent this sound became.

Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief were grouped together as they rapidly made their way down the smooth pit wall. The auras rising from their bodies made it so that very few people dared to provoke them, but there were inevitably still some people who tried to ambush the group.


Countless fist-sized caltrops suddenly appeared in the front of the group, liberally scattered in the air.

The Wushang Village Chief extended his white cane, sending a vast tide of Stellar Energy rumbling forward. It immediately turned into a barrier that blocked and repulsed the caltrops.

Boomboomboom! In a series of explosions and a wretched scream, a martial artist hidden some seventy feet away was turned into a mangled mess by the caltrops and plunged from the wall.


With a resounding clang, a brilliant beam of saber energy flew forward, a silver river thirty to forty meters long that shot toward the group of three.

"Not knowing your own strength!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's erect body stood at a complete right angle to the wall, and with merely a wave of his sleeve, he began to gather vast amounts of spiritual energy around him.

At the same time, an imposing energy erupted from his body.

That mighty saber energy that seemed capable of cleaving apart mountains was frozen in the air some several dozen feet away from the Demonic Emperor Old Man's head, unable to progress any farther.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man thrust forward a palm. "Aaaah!" That hidden martial artist some distance away was thrown several hundred meters by the Demonic Emperor Old Man's palm, vomiting blood as he dropped into the abyss.

"Hmph, truly a bunch of scoundrels!"

Wang Chong turned his gaze to elsewhere in the pit.

Wang Chong thrust forward a palm, striking an area of the wall seven or eight meters above the group he had noticed. Rocks and debris crashed down, carrying with them the five or six hidden experts who had just been preparing to launch an attack.


The panicked screams echoed through the pit for some time.

"Members of the Five Ancestor Alliance and the Righteous Alliance!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly said as he watched these people plummet downward. As the former number one of the evil path, he was extremely familiar with the energies of these two groups.

"It's them. When the Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi headed down, they probably already thought about how to deal with us."

Wang Chong nodded. Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor had brought many experts with them when they went down. While going down themselves, they had left their subordinates to lie in ambush.

If this were the surface, these people would have posed little threat, but in this unique environment, the slightest lack of attention could cause even a peak Great General to lose his footing and be lost to the abyss.

"Master, Village Chief, you take the front while I scout using Psychic Energy from the back. I'll immediately notify you if I sense anything."

As they advanced, they continued to encounter various attacks, but they managed to block all of them.

Gradually, they reached a depth of eight thousand meters.


Suddenly, without any warning, a bizarre sensation appeared in their minds.

Wang Chong looked ahead.

A moment later, Wang Chong something very strange in the darkness. These were thousands of gleaming lights, floating in the air like a vast school of fish.


The moment Wang Chong sent his Psychic Energy to engulf these lights, he instantly sensed danger. Wang Chong could finally 'see' that these thousands of glows were actually metal blades.

These metal blades were evenly spread throughout the pit, and for a moment, not even Wang Chong and his vast amounts of Psychic Energy were able to determine just how many there were and how wide their distribution was.

"Not good! We can't trigger these traps!"

Wang Chong's mind shivered. His Psychic Energy inspection told him that these metal blades were still in a state of hibernation. As long as one did not touch or alarm these metal blades, there would be no danger.

"Eh? What's that?" A stranger's voice around a thousand meters down below suddenly spoke. It seemed as if a martial artist farther ahead had noticed the metal blades floating in the pit.

"Hurry and push those things out of the way!" Another faint voice came from down below.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong grimaced as that sense of danger multiplied by dozens of times. Wang Chong wanted to call out to stop them, but it was too late. That martial artist down below seemed to have noticed the danger of those metal blades and sent out a burst of Stellar Energy to push aside the nearest blade, pushing it into another one.

This reaction was understandable. Alas, this martial artist could not have imagined what consequences his instinctive action would have.


The crisp clang of one metal blade smacking into another resounded through the depths. A moment later, the scattered clanging became a cacophony, one that continued to spread through the pit.


A moment later, those countless metal blades that extended deep into the darkness awakened like savage beasts and exploded with a grim energy, terrifying the countless martial artists on the pit walls.

That grim energy rapidly swelled and soon evolved into a dreadful storm.


In the blink of an eye, the tens of thousands of metal blades began to shriek through the air, turning into a storm of blades that shot upward, leaving terrifying scars in the air.

"Aaaaah!" Plaintive screams tore through the air. The first several hundred martial artists were unable to block the thousands of blades. Those metal blades simply crushed them to paste like a giant meat grinder, sending hunks of sliced flesh cascading into the abyss.

An immense killing machine had begun to turn, and all this was only the beginning.

Swishswishswish! A thin, sharp, and handleless metal blade whistled forward, instantly striking a martial artist pressed up against a wall seven or eight hundred meters above the storm. This martial artist was no weakling, but his strength was restricted this far underground and the metal blade was able to cut across his spine.


The martial artist trembled and yelped, instinctively leaning his head back. At this moment, several more metal blades swept across his body. One cut across his neck while four others swept at his limbs and torso. Before the martial artist could even get out a complete scream, his sliced limbs and torso rained down, accompanied by a shower of blood.

And this was only the prelude.

The vast storm of thousands of blades exploded upward, and all the martial artists in that pit with a diameter of eight hundred meters, including Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief, were caught up in the blast.


A gruesome slaughter to the tune of ghastly screams commenced. The thousands of martial artists simply had no time to react before that dreadful metal storm sliced them to pieces, showering the pit with their dismembered body parts.

In the space of a second, the massive pit had turned into hell.