The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1442

Chapter 1442: Wang Chong Strikes

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Chong-er, careful!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's beard trembled. He had sensed danger at the first moment, and with bright eyes, he immediately lunged in front of Wang Chong and unleashed his Stellar Energy into a massive barrier to protect the group of three. Bang! Another stream of Stellar Energy surged through his feet and deep into the pit wall, fusing the Demonic Emperor Old Man with the earth.

At this moment, the Demonic Emperor Old Man was a fortress that was directly enduring the attacks of the metallic storm.


A split-second after the Demonic Emperor Old Man had done all this, that storm of blades arrived, those countless metal blades incessantly colliding against the Demonic Emperor Old Man's Stellar Energy fortress. Their constant collisions created a deafening rumble.

The assault was so frenzied that the Stellar Energy barrier shook constantly.

While these metal blades truly did have a lot of power, they should not have been able to pose much of a threat to an existence like the Demonic Emperor Old Man. However, the tens of thousands of them endlessly attacking and the restrictions imposed by the environment could even pressure someone as powerful as him.


Standing within the Stellar Energy barrier, Wang Chong could still sense the danger. The constant bangs and thumps were like meteor impacts. Moreover, the wall beneath was shuddering and shivering. The moment it reached its breaking point, it would crumble, taking them down with it.

One second, two seconds, three seconds that howling storm of blades seemed like it would never end. After ten-some seconds, Wang Chong's group was already nearing its breaking point. But this storm seemed to only be getting started.

It's no good! if this continues, Master's energy will be pointlessly wasted here! And by the end, we'll still find it difficult to fend it off!

The imposing figure of his master seemed invincible and capable of stopping any danger, but Wang Chong could clearly sense the Stellar Energy in his master's body rapidly being consumed. Although Song Yuanyi and the others might not have realized, Wang Chong was keenly aware that his master could not fight long battles.

Just constantly enduring this kind of endless attack would quickly take up his Stellar Energy, causing him to either fall or to have no strength to counter any other danger.

I have to think of a way to deal with this wave!

Wang Chong lowered his head and began to think.

Screams were ringing in his ears, and countless martial artists were dropping down from above. This was nothing but a massacre. Several hundred martial artists had already been sliced into chunks by this metallic storm.

This dreadful and large-scale storm could render the strength of any single martial artist insignificant. Although Wang Chong's group was safe for now due to the Demonic Emperor, if they didn't think of a solution, their safety would not last for long.


Suddenly, Wang Chong opened his eyes and began to scan his surroundings. A moment later, his eyes flashed and he punched.

Boom! The pit wall beneath the feet of Wang Chong's group collapsed inward, sending a shower of debris down below.

Wang Chong's punch had excavated a ten-meter hole into the pit wall.

"Master, Village Chief, go in!"

Wang Chong extended his left palm, exerting a pull on the depths of the hole. Meanwhile, his other hand pulled on the Wushang Village Chief and his master. Whoosh! They flew into the hole created by the punch. Although this did not directly free them from the danger, it would at least reduce the amount of attacks they were facing by a third.

After doing this, Wang Chong sent out his Psychic Energy into the seemingly endless void before him.

Wang Chong's body became motionless, but as the tens of thousands of blades flew through the air, they were all reflected in Wang Chong's mind. Through his Psychic Energy, Wang Chong slowly began to grasp their trajectories.

These trajectories were not clear at first, and he was only able to grasp a few of the blades, but he was gradually able to clarify the trajectories of more and more blades.

Wang Chong seemed to have returned to the Origin Immortal Formation, his mind making millions of calculations. Just as he had attempted to calculate the rules governing the formation, he was now trying to find the flaw in this metallic storm.

After what seemed like a second and like countless years

"Found it!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed. Amidst the tens of thousands of flying blades, he had found a special one. This blade was two thousand meters away from Wang Chong, but based on its trajectory, it would be passing by Wang Chong's group while flying a complicated path.

This metal blade moved extremely quickly, but Wang Chong was already able to predict its movements.

In Wang Chong's eyes, this metal blade was the most special of them all.


Without any warning, Wang Chong thrust a hand out of his sleeve, reaching straight upward as his fingers opened. The pull he exerted was not too intense, but it was entirely focused on the metal blade.

Ding! With a crisp clang, that metal blade that should have been passing by ten feet above Wang Chong suddenly changed course and swept toward Wang Chong's group. Clang! This alteration caused the metal blade to crash into another metal blade.

Time seemed to stop.

The single collision seemed to have a chain effect, causing the inconceivable. Those metal blades that had collided bounced away from each other and crashed into two other blades, causing four blades in all to be affected.

And this scene repeated itself again, each blade bouncing away to collide with another, altering their trajectories and expanding the scope of the disturbance. Eight blades, sixteen blades, thirty-two blades, sixty-four blades, one hundred and twenty-eight blades

By changing the course of a single blade, Wang Chong had managed to affect thousands of them.


Dust exploded as those many blades suddenly changed course and thudded into the walls.

The expressions on the faces of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief froze.

The abilities Wang Chong had displayed truly left them sighing in wonder. In truth, if all they needed to do was repulse all those metal blades to achieve this result, the two of them were entirely capable of doing so. But this would consume so much Stellar Energy that it would be extremely unwise to do so in this situation where they hadn't even found the bottom of the pit.

But Wang Chong had only taken control of one metal blade, using a tiny amount of Stellar Energy, yet affecting a vast number of blades. Even the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief were stunned by this feat.

This had nothing to do with power or cultivation. Wang Chong's ability to calculate had simply reached an astounding level.


The explosions continued as the metal blades continued to pincushion the cave walls, devastating the wall for a length of several thousand meters.

However, the region in which Wang Chong's group resided was completely unharmed.


Wang Chong's right hand was extended, his fingers open, and he was constantly taking control of the metal blades, causing similar situations to occur. None of the blades were able to get within one hundred feet of Wang Chong's group, and Wang Chong was consuming a rather minor amount of Stellar Energy.

"Master, Village Chief, let's continue advancing! There won't be just one wave from this metal storm. If we stay in this region, the attacks will keep on coming!" Wang Chong sternly said.

Although they seemed safe and weren't using much Stellar Energy, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was being rapidly exhausted. Such enormous calculations placed an enormous burden on the mind.

Not only that, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy observations told him that some invisible power was taking back control of those metal blades that had thrust into the wall, bringing them back into the skies.

Wang Chong could sense that the initial wave of metal blades had turned back around and were flying around once more. If they didn't find a way to leave, these endless attacks would wear them down until they died.


A moment later, the Demonic Emperor Old Man shook his robe, and he shattered the cave wall and flew downward with astonishing speed. Through Wang Chong's constant calculations, the three were able to travel without suffering any sort of attack.

Fifty meters, one hundred meters, two hundred meters Wang Chong's group was constantly advancing, and when they got three hundred meters deep, there was a piercing whistle behind them as the thousands of swords that had shot at them in the first wave returned to launch another explosive assault.

Screams resounded from around them. Those martial artists who had managed to last through the first wave were instantly caught off guard by this attack that now came from the opposite direction. Their bodies were sliced and diced into countless bloody chunks that rained down from the walls.

The stench of death permeated the pit together with a thick bloody mist, and screams bounced ceaselessly off the walls. This pit was no different from the underworld.