The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1443

Chapter 1443: Offering A Helping Hand

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Save me! Save me! I don't want to die here" A soft cry for help came from nearby.

Wang Chong was still controlling the blades in the air when he heard this plea for help and turned his head.

Not far away, a hole had been cut out of the wall by countless metal blades. It was littered with mangled bodies, and in the center of these bodies kneeled a beautiful female martial artist, her hair in disarray and her face panicked.

Her body was trembling fiercely as if she was immersed in a most terrifying nightmare.

Any martial artist who could reach this depth was no weakling, and that beautiful female martial artist was clearly a person with profound cultivation. Alas, in the face of the endless attacks from the metal storm, even the greatest cultivation level and the largest reserves of energy would be consumed.

Swishswishswish! Piercing whistles came from above as numerous blades once more shot down, and their attack range included that female martial artist who was trembling all over in fear, unaware of what was going on around her.

If no one intervened, she was doomed.

But a moment later, Wang Chong opened his hand, and those blades that were about to hurtle toward the woman immediately began to collide with each other. An invisible barrier seemed to form around the woman, making it so that those blades would fly past her and strike the wall ten-some meters away.

With a thunderous explosion, the walls for ten-some meters around the woman were pulverized, sending gravel and rocks tumbling into the depths and shaking the surrounding walls.

These fierce explosions finally shook the female martial artist out of her terror. She raised her head and saw Wang Chong's group above her.

"Save me!"

The woman's eyes erupted with an intense desire to live.

Without another word, Wang Chong borrowed power from the Energy Condensation Pearl to unleash a massive pull that brought the woman to his side.

"If you don't want to die, swallow this pill and recover as quickly as possible. I can only help you for a moment. You will have to rely on yourself for the rest."

Wang Chong's voice resounded in her ear as he offered her a pill.

"Th-thank you"

Having just recovered from her shock, the woman could hardly speak. She was still shaking as she took the pill and managed to get it into her mouth. She swiftly began to adjust her breathing, and a few moments later, a ruddy color had returned to her face.

Wang Chong simply grabbed her and rushed off in pursuit of his master.

These waves of metallic assaults inflicted damage that none of them could have ever imagined. As Wang Chong's group of three advanced, the smooth walls had been turned into an uneven and devastated mess decorated with human guts and limbs.

A rough estimate placed the number of people killed by the first wave in the thousands.

At this moment, many people understood what the stele meant by 'no gate to fortune or disaster'.

"Ah! My leg!"

"How could this be? I don't want to die here!"

"Save me! Hurry and save me!"

As Wang Chong pressed forward, he saw many bereft martial artists around him. These people had managed to survive the first wave purely through luck, but the shadow of death doggedly pursued them and they might die at any moment.

As long as Wang Chong saw one, he would do his best to save them and bring them to his side.

Wang Chong's group had started off with just three people, but after advancing several hundred meters, they had added forty to fifty unaffiliated martial artists to their number.

Four hundred meters, five hundred meters, eight hundred meters, one thousand meters at this point, they were now eight to nine thousand meters from the surface. The air at this depth was extremely thin and there was no light to speak of. Eyes were useless here, and one could only rely on one's senses and Psychic Energy to advance.

Even so, those metal blades continued to howl overhead like sharks looking for prey, and they showed no signs of stopping.

The voice of the Wushang Village Chief suddenly came out of the darkness. "What a pity. If only Brother Zhou were here. With his experience, he would definitely know where the switch for these metal blades was."

The current situation was as precarious as a pile of eggs. No one knew just much area this metallic storm covered and how long they needed to go until they could escape.

"If my guess is right, there should be some large-scale ancient formation at the bottom of the pit and deeply embedded into the sides of the pit. All the mechanisms and switches for these metal blades should be under the control of this formation.

"Senior Zhou also said that this place is a Universe Diagram, and the energy accumulated by that diagram over the centuries has all been taken by the Origin Immortal Lord to be used for his formations. All that energy is probably all accumulated in this formation. And this one is ten times, or even a hundred times, stronger than the Origin Immortal Formation. We simply don't have the strength to cut off the energy source!" Wang Chong sternly said. He was the member of the group with probably the greatest understanding of formations.

"Can we not break through the walls and dig through the earth to destroy the formation inside?" a martial artist behind Wang Chong suddenly said.

"That's useless. If you've been through the Origin Immortal Formation, you should know that the Origin Immortal Lord wouldn't leave behind such a weakness. Trying to dig through and break the formation with sheer force will not only fail but also make the metal storm even stronger!" Wang Chong solemnly said.

The martial artists behind him instantly paled. Many of them had been through the terror of the Origin Immortal Formation. It had been like a gigantic meat grinder, pulling everyone to the center of the formation where they could be pulverized.

If that formation embedded into the walls of the pit was the same, their actions would probably achieve the opposite of their intended result.

"Destroying the formation is impossible!" Wang Chong sternly said. "All we can do is advance so that we can get through the area covered by the metal storm. I'm confident that no matter how big this region is, it must have an end. Otherwise, we'll have to wait until the storm passes, with luck determining who survives.

"Even the strongest attack has its rules and weaknesses. Although this metal storm is extremely powerful, I don't believe that this attack can continue forever. There must be a point where it will start to weaken so it can complete an offensive cycle."

Although he knew nothing about those tens of thousands of metal blades, he did know about formations. As long as these metal blades were being driven by a formation, they could not escape the rules of formations.

"Is there really nothing that can be done?"

A martial artist who Wang Chong had saved looked at the metal blades in despair. The sensation of death continued to cling to him like a shadow, slowly choking him of breath. Wang Chong's strength had truly won their admiration, and the strength displayed by that group of three was truly formidable.

But no one knew how long this sort of stability would continue.

The slightest error would cause thousands of sharp blades to howl down and butcher all of them.

In the face of this immense metal storm, these martial artists were nothing more than ants and simply too weak.

"Let me think."

Wang Chong fell silent and looked pensively at the metal blades dancing overhead.

At the same time, Wang Chong's group was far from the only one under attack.

"Damn it! Which bastard triggered the trap?!"

Deeper down in the pit, the Black Yin Ancestor was crouched with his subordinates in a depression, his teeth clenched in rage. He had long ago noticed those metal blades floating in the pit, and he didn't even need to think to know that these were some terrifying trap.

He had originally planned to pass through this area before having someone trigger the trap to deal with the martial artists behind him. Alas, some idiot triggered the trap before he could give the order, leading to this dreadful assault.

In a flash, the Five Ancestor Alliance had lost many experts. If he had not reacted promptly, half of his men would have died.

"Ancestor, is there no way to disarm the trap?" a Five Ancestor Alliance expert asked as he stared fearfully at the blades flying overhead.

"Impossible! You think that this ancestor doesn't want to get rid of this metal storm as well? This isn't something that humans can do! That old bastard the Origin Immortal Lord is using the spiritual energy for several thousand li around us, energy that has been accumulating for one thousand years! This isn't something a martial artist can resist."

The Black Yin Ancestor clenched his teeth and hatefully spat, "There's nothing to be done. The strength of men is no match against the strength of nature! I'll just have to push through!"

The moment he finished speaking, the Black Yin Ancestor widened his Stellar Energy barrier to its maximum extent, doing his best to cover the Five Ancestor Alliance experts around him. Although they had come under an unimaginable assault, the Five Ancestor Alliance had still fared rather well. As they had entered the pit beforehand, they were bound to suffer fewer attacks than those who came after.


The metal blades poured down, and in the face of this downpour, each person employed a method similar to the Black Yin Ancestor's. To break this metal storm was just as impossible for them as it was for the Black Yin Ancestor.