The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1444

Chapter 1444: Origin Immortal Formation Stellar Energy Version

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As various martial artists advanced deeper into the pit under heavy pressure, Wang Chong suddenly opened his eyes.

"I can only see if it's useful once I try it out!"

A moment later, the fingers of Wang Chong's left hand, which had always been placed behind his back, suddenly opened. Five pearls of extremely concentrated Stellar Energy erupted from his fingertips. When these pearls first emerged, their insides seemed extremely unstable, but it took only a few moments for them to solidify.

It was obvious that these pearls of condensed energy had been an idea that Wang Chong had thought up at the spur of the moment.

These pearls were getting stronger as they absorbed Wang Chong's energy, and they were constantly becoming more compressed and refined. Soon, the pearls were the size of fists and exuding dim glows. They began to circle in the air, vaguely resonating with each other.

Only a formation can resist a formation. Let's see if this works, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

In a flash of light, three more pearls of energy shot out of Wang Chong's palm, joining the other five pearls in slowly orbiting around Wang Chong, forming a small and simple formation.

The eight pearls corresponded to the eight gates of Life, Pain, Rest, Stop, View, Death, Alarm, and Open.

"This is"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief were dealing with the attacks overhead and holding up the Stellar Energy barrier so that the group could advance when they suddenly sensed the energy behind them and turned in alarm. Their cultivation levels allowed them to see far more than others.

In a flash, they realized something, but this idea was so astonishing that not even the two of them dared to be too sure.

The idea was just too inconceivable.

How is this possible?

At that moment, the two shared the same thought.

Wang Chong's actions swiftly confirmed their speculations. Bzzzz! The images of the sun and moon suddenly manifested, and the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art's energy quickly emerged. Wang Chong poured its energy into the core of his simple formation, creating a Yin and Yang.

Pouring in the energy of Yin and Yang was like adding the eyes to a painting of a dragon, the final touch in a masterpiece. The simple formation began to turn, the Nine Palaces beginning to shift on their own, and the formation began to absorb the spiritual energy in its surroundings as it evolved toward a higher level.

"This is the Origin Immortal Formation!"

"How could this be?!"

All the surrounding martial artists cried out in shock as they instantly recognized the basis of this small formation.

The energy exuded by the formation Wang Chong had created was exactly the same as the Origin Immortal Formation that had killed so many martial artists, though the latter was far more immense and complicated.

In a flash of inspiration, Wang Chong had compressed this ancient formation and made it mobile. This was something that no one could have imagined possible.

To many people, it was a miracle.

For a moment, all was still. Everyone looked toward Wang Chong with eyes brimming with respect, regarding him like a celestial.

The Origin Immortal Formation shares the same source as this formation. I hope that by operating the Origin Immortal Formation, I can influence the formation behind this metallic storm!

Wang Chong had his back to the crowd, so he could not see their reactions, nor did he care.

Wang Chong had seen the formation diagram for the Origin Immortal Formation before. He had used the principles found in the formation diagram and had thought up the idea just now of using Stellar Energy to set up a miniature Origin Immortal Formation in the air around him.

As various thoughts flitted through his mind, Wang Chong composed himself and looked up.


The images of thousands of flying blades pouring down from the skies was reflected in his eyes and in his mind. He once more began to calculate.

Whoosh! Wang Chong suddenly raised a palm, casting out that small Origin Immortal Formation formed from eight pearls of energy.

Inconceivably, the eight pearls flew through the storm of blades completely unscathed, and soon reached the center of the pit.

The moment this small Origin Immortal Formation reached the center of the pit, the world quaked, and that vast and mighty storm of blades suddenly paused.

It seemed like a hole was punctured in the world as energy began to pour into the miniature Origin Immortal Formation. The worldly energy that had been supporting the metallic storm formation was now being drawn away.

And with this immense amount of Origin Energy, those eight pearls ballooned until they were the size of human heads and continued to grow larger.

The Origin Immortal Formation that was formed from these pearls also rapidly began to expand. It had soon swelled to several times its original size, becoming the size of a room. It began to emit visible ripples of energy.

The metal blades coming in from all sides seemed to encounter an invisible barrier and began to fly away from the miniature Origin Immortal Formation upon getting within one hundred feet of it.

Moreover, under the effects of the Origin Immortal Formation, the metal blades began to lose speed and power, clearly weakening.


Everyone was struck dumb by this sight. Even the distant martial artists who were struggling through on their own were left stunned.

The metal storm in the pit was a large-scale killing formation prepared by the Origin Immortal Lord. Just a few moments after this formation had been activated, it had killed thousands of martial artists and cast their dismembered body parts into the pit. It was a formation of immense power.

No one had expected that one could draw away the vast amount of worldly energy powering the formation and thus affect the entire formation.


Several thousand meters below, the Black Yin Ancestor, who was on the verge of leaving the region covered by the metal storm, noticed the oddity above and stopped.

"How could this be? There's actually someone who can resist the power of this massive formation!"

A look of shock appeared in the Black Yin Ancestor's eyes.

At the same time, in a different area, Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi was also looking at the ripples of energy coming from the core region. His expression was stern and his eyes were pensive.

"To think that there was a person like this!"

Song Yuanyi was extremely perceptive, and he sensed that the worldly energy stored in this pit had become disorderly. An energy was running rampant in its core, and this energy was clearly man-made. Song Yuanyi had not imagined that in this place where one's strength was restricted, there was still someone capable of disturbing the immense energy of nature.


Wang Chong was the only person who had retained his composure. His eyes were bright and gleaming with joy.

This was his first attempt to turn energy into a formation, compacting it and making it more practical, and the results had far surpassed his expectations.

It's really as I guessed. The Origin Immortal Art and the Origin Immortal Formation are probably the two most famous products of the Origin Immortal Lord, as they bear his name. This large-scale formation laid down by the Origin Immortal Lord deep underground probably shares the same lineage as the Origin Immortal Formation. The Origin Immortal Formation's power is bound to be able to control the formation driving this metallic storm.

Wang Chong clenched his fists as countless thoughts rushed through his mind.

Although this sight seemed to have been produced through pure luck, Wang Chong had arrived at this result through meticulous and well-reasoned thought.

As Wang Chong's miniature Origin Immortal Formation absorbed more and more natural energy, it continued to grow. It now had a diameter of nearly one hundred meters.

Formation reversal!

Wang Chong formed a spell with his hands, and a moment later, the air began to hum. The ripples of energy coming off the 'Stellar Energy Origin Immortal Formation' instantly became several dozen times more powerful, and as they spread outward, they seemed to be battling against another kind of energy.

If one could see through the walls, one would see that deep underground, with the region of the metallic storm as its center, were twelve layers of concentric formations, the outermost with a radius of several dozen li.

All the energy of the world gathered by this formation was focused onto the metallic storm.

But now that the Origin Immortal Formation had formed in its core, the twelve ancient formations that had been operating in harmony had suddenly fallen into disarray, which had begun to affect the tens of thousands of metal blades in the pit.

"Look at that!"

Someone shouted and pointed, and soon, more and more people began to notice what was going on.

As the crowd looked on in disbelief, time seemed to stop. Above and below the Origin Immortal Formation, thousands of metal blades had suddenly gone still.

These metal blades were still gleaming with dim white light, and there were still gruesome blood stains on their edges.

But that frenzied metallic storm seemed to have been stripped of life, turning into a still painting.