The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446: The Savage Being Out Of The Unknown

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

As Wang Chong and his two seniors used their three supreme techniques, they managed to create a zone of safety. Even though they were rocketed high into the air, they were not at all injured.

However, the impact was extremely powerful, and after a few moments, the trio had been sent upward tens of thousands of feet.


Screams resounded in their ears. While Wang Chong's group was being carried upward, countless martial artists had also been struck by this energy torrent. Some had been simply killed on impact while others had been farther back and managed to avoid this fate.

"Watch out for the metal blades behind us!" a panicked voice cried out. The energy torrent had actually pushed the group all the way back to the region covered by the metal blades.

They could see these metal blades floating in the air, exuding dim glows and cold energy that chilled them to their bones and made their heads pound. The only person able to maintain their composure at this time was Wang Chong.

It's still lacking by ten meters! We won't trigger the metal storm!

Although the situation was extremely dangerous, Wang Chong had managed to remain calm. His eyes twinkled as he calculated the distance between the two.

What seemed extremely dangerous was not actually very dangerous at all.

"Chong-er, watch out! This energy tide is about to disappear!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man spoke in a grim tone, and Wang Chong instantly understood what he meant.

The energy tide and metal storm were far from the only dangers in the pit. There was yet another, invisible, danger lurking in this place, that invisible yet powerful pull that targeted Stellar Energy.


A moment later, when it was just ten meters from the metal storm, the energy torrent completely vanished. At the same time, the pull of what seemed like a black hole erupted, seizing upon the three of them. In just a few seconds, this downward pull had multiplied in strength.

The trio was instantly separated by this energy.

What was even more shocking was that even though all three were affected by the same immense pull, they were dragged in completely different directions.


Even Wang Chong was caught off guard by this sudden development. Boom! He immediately erupted with powerful energy that he sent rumbling toward the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

But just as this Stellar Energy erupted forward, it scattered apart into tens of thousands of different strands and vanished into the air.

Although Wang Chong possessed a vast quantity of energy, it was insignificant before the black-hole-like pull leading to the bottom of the pit.

And it was only now that Wang Chong realized that this explosive pull was actually made up of tens of thousands of different kinds of energy.

In this situation, not only was Wang Chong not getting any closer to the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief, they were getting pulled farther and farther apart.

Three hundred meters, four hundred meters, five hundred metersthe distance between the three instantly became enormous.

Moreover, Wang Chong was being rapidly pulled down, descending two thousand meters, three thousand meters, right toward the bottom of the pit.

"This is"

At this time, Wang Chong sensed that the smooth walls near the bottom of the pit suddenly gave way to tens of thousands of black caves. Rumble! A terrifyingly powerful pull erupted from one of the caves and instantly drew Wang Chong in.


This pull was so terrifying that Wang Chong was pulled several thousand meters in a few seconds. And as he was pulled into the cave, Wang Chong felt like he was entering an entirely different world. Spreading out his Psychic Energy, he sensed that the cave he had entered was connected to other caves, and each cave branched off into ten-some more pitch-black caves.

As he was pulled along, Wang Chong felt like he had passed through hundreds of caves. These caves were all linked together, but they also seemed to have separate tracks. Wang Chong had sensed tens of thousands of caves in this time, and even someone of his abilities was feeling confused.


With no time to think, Wang Chong punched downward, at the same time sending a burst of Psychic Energy hurtling toward the cave in front of him. Only by finding the place he had come in from did he have the greatest chance of joining back up with the Wushang Village Chief and his master. But a moment later, a powerful energy that could disrupt and repel Psychic Energy emerged from the cave.

Wang Chong had barely reached out with his Psychic Energy and hadn't even reached the cave wall when it was immediately pushed back by that powerful repulsion. The Psychic Energy was sent bouncing around the walls and even back into Wang Chong's mind. After traveling a distance of several hundred meters, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy had been completely dispersed.

Damn it! How is this even possible? How could there be a Psychic Seal in a place like this?!

Wang Chong realized in shock what had happened.

Psychic Energy was not invincible. There existed unique Psychic Seals that could disrupt and inhibit Psychic Energy practitioners. The Arab Psychic Energy practitioner Masil had known this, and since Wang Chong had looked through his memories, he knew of it as well.

But these large-scale Psychic Seals had demanding requirements and needed long preparation periods where one could not move. Most importantly

The person using the Psychic Seal here had to be an extremely powerful Psychic Energy practitioner themselves!


At this moment, Wang Chong's right fist plunged into the ground in a shower of gravel, digging out a furrow several hundred meters long. Finally, through brute force, he had managed to resist the immense pull.

Bang! A foot stomped against ground and embedded itself within. As Wang Chong stood up, he had to pour Stellar Energy into the ground to stabilize his body.

"Just where is this?"

Wang Chong opened his eyes. It was still pitch-black in front of him, and even his senses could only perceive a region for several dozen feet around him. But this was enough for Wang Chong to understand his current situation.

He was in a network of caves that spread out like a giant spider web, and he was sixteen to seventeen thousand meters from the surface in a sunless underworld.

All was unknown and mysterious.

Standing in the cave, Wang Chong felt like he was a tiny bug caught in a giant web.

"No! I have to meet up with Master as soon as possible!"

Wang Chong immediately began to move. The depths of the underground were fraught with peril. Only when the three of them were together could they support each other.


A scream suddenly came from up ahead, and a split-second later, Wang Chong heard a deafening roar.


The roar resounded through this dark world. Wang Chong's eyes flashed as his feet came to a stop. There were no other sounds, only the echoes of that savage roar that continued to bounce endlessly off the walls of the cave.

The mood instantly turned strange and bizarre.

As Wang Chong stood motionless, countless thoughts ran through his mind.


Just when everything had calmed down, and that scream and roar from before now seemed like an illusion, yet another scream ripped through the cave network. Wang Chong instantly paled, and he shot off in the direction of the scream.

Raaaaa! Another cruel and savage roar echoed through the cave. There was a flash of flame, and then the roar and scream both came to a sudden stop.

"Damn it! What is that thing?!"

With a solemn expression, Wang Chong moved toward where that flash of flame had come from.

This cave network was sixteen to seventeen thousand meters deep. The air was extremely thin here and the path had been riddled with dangers. Anyone who could reach this place had to be an extremely powerful cultivator, at the Imperial Martial realm at the very least.

Wang Chong truly found it difficult to imagine what sort of monster could be down here that could threaten experts of this level.


In a flash of light, Wang Chong arrived at the point of the incident.

It was pitch-black here, that blazing red light having long ago vanished. However, the air and the cave walls still radiated an intense heat.

Wang Chong could sense that the surrounding walls had been glassed, and on the ground, he spotted a pitch-black corpse.

It had been rendered unrecognizable, its clothes, hair, flesh, muscles, and blood all burned to ash. Only a blackened skeleton and a sharp sword were left.

That mysterious monster was long gone.

As Wang Chong stood next to the corpse, his eyes were constantly shifting.

Only a few seconds had passed between the scream and his arrival. In that time, a top-class martial artist had been slain and the monster had gotten away without Wang Chong even getting a glimpse of it.

Just what could it be that's so fast!?

Wang Chong muttered to himself, his expression grim.

Lions, tigers, bears, and leopards, these fierce beasts in the eyes of ordinary people, obviously could not appear so deep underground. This monster could not be some ordinary creature.

"Aaaah!" As Wang Chong was thinking, another scream came from another direction.

Wang Chong immediately rushed off, and a few seconds later, he heard a terrified voice gasping for breath.

"Save me, save me Please save me!"

A martial artist staggered out from Wang Chong's left hand side and rushed toward Wang Chong.