The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1447

Chapter 1447: Dragonbeast

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The martial artist's breathing was ragged and his left arm was hanging limply at his side. He was clearly wounded.

The pull of these underground caves was enormous, and many more martial artists besides Wang Chong had been pulled into this complicated cave network.


Wang Chong rushed toward the staggering martial artist without a second thought. That martial artist also seemed to sense Wang Chong's aura and elatedly began to make his way over to Wang Chong.

But before he could get even a few steps, a heaven-shaking roar resounded, and then an enormous creature exuding a savage and bestial energy appeared behind the martial artist.

Klack! An enormous and bloody maw opened and clenched around the martial artist. Each of those sharp teeth was two to three feet long, and they pierced right through the martial artist's body.


"Save me!"

In the final moment, the martial artist's eyes went wide with terror and despair as he stared at Wang Chong.

Rooooar! With a deafening roar, the enormous creature dragged away the martial artist, vanishing into the darkness.

"Damn it!"

Almost instinctively, Wang Chong thrust forward a palm, sending a wave of Stellar Energy howling forward.

Kaboom! The ground splintered apart and dust seethed, but the monster was already gone.

"What in the world was that?!"

Wang Chong's expression turned grim and his heart became heavy. That wasn't a creature that could exist normally in this world. No creature could live so deep underground and could also dodge Wang Chong's attack so easily.

At Wang Chong's cultivation level, even if he was just a step too low, his opponent still should not have been so easily able to escape him. That monster's speed was simply absurd.

His surroundings once more became calm and silent, but there was now a dangerous undercurrent flowing through the air.

Wang Chong did not dare to be careless, restraining his aura as much as possible. But suddenly, without any warning, his sense of danger multiplied to an almost oppressive level.


That familiar sound once more resounded, but this time, it was coming from behind him.


Wang Chong immediately turned around and shot backward, meanwhile infusing his palms with vast quantities of Stellar Energy and thrusting them at the enormous creature.

Boom! Bang! As the two palms struck, a sense of incredible solidity and hardness traveled back up them. It felt like Wang Chong had struck a sturdy city wall. At the same time, a surging energy pushed back at Wang Chong.

Rumble! This enormous energy pushed Wang Chong straight back, and his feet dug out two channels in the earth. As a peak Great General existence, Wang Chong felt for the first time an existence that could completely suppress him in terms of pure power.

At this moment, Wang Chong was finally able to see the true face of this enormous creature.

It was a savage and enormous beast that looked some strange mix of bull and lion. A long horn grew from its head, its feet were hooves, and its body had a height of six or seven meters and a length of nearly ten. Its tough skin was covered in black scales that were each about the size of a human palm.

"What sort of creature is this?!"

Wang Chong's body trembled all over as his mind was given an unprecedented shock.

He had never imagined that such a terrifying creature would be living sixteen thousand meters below the earth. Those scarlet eyes, savage teeth, and terrifying energy that surpassed a peak Great General had completely surpassed all of his expectations.

"The Dragonbeasts should have awoken by now."

As Wang Chong was facing off against that mysterious beast, he had no idea that several figures were standing at the edge of the pit and looking down.

These guardians of the Origin Immortal Treasury had not actually gone down into the pit. Even though they were separated by a distance of sixteen to seventeen thousand meters, they still knew what was going on down below like the back of their hands.

"Milord, many more martial artists entered than we expected. Will the Dragonbeasts alone be enough to deal with them?" one of the figures said.

"Hmph, what does it matter how many martial artists went in? How could they possibly deal with a remnant of an ancient era that has lived for more than one thousand years, the Dragonbeast?" the leader indifferently said, their expression brimming with self-confidence.

If Wang Chong had been here, he would have undoubtedly been stunned. From the tone of these treasury guardians, this Dragonbeast was an ancient beast from another era entirely, not something any ordinary person could contend against.

"The Dragonbeast is naturally endowed with immense strength, and only gets stronger as time goes on. This is a guardian beast that the Immortal Lord chose to specially seal within the Abyss before his death. Their strength surpassed that of this era long ago. No martial artist can possibly defeat them."

A pensive look appeared in the leader's eyes as they seemed to think back to the long past. As the leader of the descendants of the Origin Immortal Lord, the guardians of the treasury, they knew many, many secrets.

Far too many secrets had been buried in the flood of history, and too many civilizations and their creations had been lost to time. But this did not mean that everything had been lost. Some secrets would continue to be passed on, persisting in places that ordinary people knew nothing about.

These Dragonbeasts were the products of a long-forgotten and distant era.

Their ferocity and savagery made them nightmarish existences even for the top-class experts of the current age.

"Let them pay a price for their greed, ignorance, and stupidity! This time, everyone will comprehend the deepest level of fear! Anyone who enters this place will not come out alive," the leader muttered, their eyes turning savage.

"It's enough! Throw in all the Dragonspirit Leaves. We might as well wake them all up!"


One of the Origin Immortal Guardians suddenly spread apart their arms, crushing piles of jade-green leaves and sprinkling them into the massive pit so that they could drift into the depths.

Deep underground, as Wang Chong was barely managing to hold out against the Dragonbeast's enormous power, the Dragonbeast suddenly opened its maw, and a dazzling gout of flame lit up the darkness.

Flames gushed through the cave like a flood, engulfing Wang Chong.

The surrounding temperature immediately soared to six or seven thousand degrees, even nearing ten thousand. The cave walls crinkled and cracked as they were melted into glass. Even the air itself began to smoke, and Wang Chong's Stellar Energy barrier also began to flicker unsteadily.

"Not good!"

In alarm, Wang Chong shot backward, borrowing the immense repulsive power of the Dragonbeast. He slid backward several dozen feet, making some distance between himself and the Dragonbeast.

But though Wang Chong was fast, the Dragonbeast was even faster. In a gust of wind, a split-second after Wang Chong had pulled back, the Dragonbeast appeared before him once more like a ghost.

Raaaa! The danger level instantly spiked, as before Wang Chong could even stabilize his footing, that bloody maw was already coming forward to devour him. Those teeth seemed sharper than the sharpest blade.

Wang Chong's mind trembled, and his dantian exploded with the power of the Great Yin Yang Art. Two streams of energy, Yin and Yang, emerged and began to follow the course of Wang Chong's hands.


With a thunderous boom, that destructive energy that could sunder the earth slammed into the massive Dragonbeast.

The Great Yin Yang Art was one of Wang Chong's strongest techniques, gathering together the strength of supreme Yin and supreme Yang. Even a mountain could easily be crushed into rubble.

Even steel could be molded as easily as mud and ground into paste.

But to his absolute consternation, the energy of the Great Yin Yang Art slamming into the giant beast was only able to barely stop its advance. And Wang Chong also sensed that more than seventy percent of its power was simply flowing off its body and doing no damage to it whatsoever.

Anti-Stellar Energy!

Wang Chong had a flash of insight, but all this did was make his heart freeze into a block of ice.

Not only did this beast possess an immense size and strength above a peak Great General, its body was extremely strange, apparently having an ability to counter a martial artist's Stellar Energy. This was a martial artist's worst nightmare.

Wang Chong suddenly somewhat understood why those martial artists had died so quickly and easily. It wasn't because they hadn't put up a fight, but because their resistance had been nothing more than a minor itch to this monstrosity.


As Wang Chong was using his Great Yin Yang Art to hold back the Dragonbeast, he suddenly heard a soft whisper like a blade cutting through the air.