The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449: Baiting A Tiger To Kill A Wolf

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"The Black Yin Ancestor!"

Wang Chong's heart thumped as he recognized the figure.

He had never imagined that in such a complicated and vast cave network, he would run into this man.

"Hey, isn't this Zhang Wenfu's disciple?" the Myriad Ghost Ancestor said. "We just wanted to deal with a few small fry, but we ended up catching a big fish. Kid, since you dropped yourself at our doorstep, don't blame anyone but yourself."

"Your master back then committed all manner of crimes and was utterly heartless. This is just the cycle of karma," the Bone Devil Ancestor declared, his expression ice-cold. "Kid, accept your fate!"

The three top-class experts of the Five Ancestor Alliance appeared in a line in front of Wang Chong.

Wang Chong grimaced and his heart sank.

The Black Yin Ancestor, Myriad Ghost Ancestor, and Bone Devil Ancestor each possessed heaven-shaking power. These were existences from the same generation as the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and whether it was in cultivation, experience, or fighting skill, they had reached the apex.

Any one of them was a supreme expert of the current era, able to pose an immense threat to any foe, and now, all three of these ancestors were here.

Wang Chong felt his blood freeze and an unprecedented sense of danger sweep through his body, greater even than the sense of danger instilled by the metal storm or the Dragonbeast.

"Hah, so it was you! You're done for this time!"

"This is what they call refusing to take the path to heaven and going to find the gate of the underworld!"

With these two jeers, the elders of the Five Ancestor Alliance and various Imperial Martial and Saint Martial experts of the evil path began to appear from the other caves, tightly surrounding Wang Chong.


And with a thunderous boom, twenty to thirty meters behind Wang Chong, the roof of the cave suddenly fell in. Four or five black-robed Five Ancestor Alliance elders had broken through the ceiling to drop in from another cave.

"Hmph, our Five Ancestor Alliance has fully mobilized this time, with even three ancestors taking part. Even if the Origin Immortal himself were here, he still wouldn't be able to escape! This kid is finished!"

"Kill the chickens to cow the monkeys! Let's kill him to show off our power and let the entire world know what happens when you offend the Five Ancestor Alliance Even the disciple of the Demonic Emperor will die like the rest!"

Powerful streams of energy shot out from Wang Chong's surroundings and locked onto him.

This time, there was truly no escape. A tight net of experts had sealed off every path.

The three evil path ancestors all had sinister sneers, and they were already regarding Wang Chong like he was a dead man.

Surrounded by the Five Ancestor Alliance's forces with three evil path ancestors presiding there was no one in the world that could escape this array of forces. Not even the Demonic Emperor Old Man would dare to make such a claim, let alone his disciple.

"Kill him!"

"Kill the young one and then go and kill the old one!"

With cold laughter, the Black Yin Ancestor gave the order to kill. With his order, the mood in the cave instantly turned tense.

Wang Chong was on the verge of being killed under the barrage of the Five Ancestor Alliance.


Wang Chong suddenly bellowed, his abrupt shout causing everyone else to freeze.

"Hah, kid, do you have some last words? For the sake of Zhang Wenfu, I suppose I can agree to hear them out!" the Black Yin Ancestor mocked.

The evil path experts all exploded with laughter, but the encirclement around Wang Chong only tightened.

"Black Yin Ancestor, you're overthinking it."

Wang Chong suddenly laughed, but his mind had begun to rapidly turn.

"He who laughs last, laughs best. It's not at that final moment yet, so you shouldn't get so happy so soon."

Wang Chong appeared calm and assured, showing not even the slightest panic.

"Interesting! At a time like this, you still want to play some tricks? If my guess is correct, that explosive pull from just now caused you to be split up from your master and that other old fellow. Otherwise, someone of your master's personality would have never split up with you. Just accept your fate."

The Black Yin Ancestor gave a sinister and all-knowing chuckle.

Moments after he had finished speaking, he began to gather evil energy onto his palms, preparing to end Wang Chong's life with one thunderous strike.

"Heh, Black Yin Ancestor, you've gotten far too happy. Do you really think that you've got me? Why don't you turn around and look behind you?"

To their surprise, Wang Chong sneered, showing no fear whatsoever.

"Kid, don't waste your time. You think we'll be fooled by a trick like that?"

The Black Yin Ancestor chuckled once more, not even trying to take the bait. As a titan of the martial arts world, he had been through all kinds of experiences, and he bore little interest in Wang Chong's bravado.

"Old Five, stop chatting and kill him already!" the Bone Devil Ancestor finally said. His cold eyes were fixed on Wang Chong as he suddenly stomped forward. Black smoke poured out of the trembling ground, evil energy swept through the cave, and the walls echoed with the shrieks and wails of ghosts.

The three were burning with killing intent and just about to deliver the killing blow


An inhumanly savage and tyrannical roar came from behind them, bursting with the desire to maim and destroy. And before they could even react, a terrifying and bestial aura began to charge at them.

"What's this?"

The Black Yin Ancestor, Myriad Ghost Ancestor, and Bone Devil Ancestor were all alarmed and hastily turned their heads. However, as they were trying to make out that thing in the darkness, a gout of flame spat out from the cave, and in the blink of an eye, it was only a few feet from the trio.

And there seemed to be some dreadful being approaching from within the flames.

With no time to think, the three ancestors struck out in unison, as did the evil path experts around them, their attacks blasting at the sea of fire.

"Black Dragon Art!"

"Myriad Ghosts Pilgrimage Great Yin Art!"

"Bone Devil Descent!"

The three of them used their supreme evil arts, and the power they produced was enough to make gods and ghosts weep.

And truthfully, their triple attack did have an effect


Stellar Energy splashed into the surroundings as fierce explosions rang out incessantly. Innumerable attacks had barraged the sea of fire.

But a moment later, with a heaven-shaking roar, an enormous creature six to seven meters tall charged out of the sea of fire, crashing into the three ancestors like a meteor.


Screams filled the air as those weaker evil path experts at the side of the three ancestors failed to dodge in time and were engulfed by the flames. Their Stellar Energy erupted and their bodies were burned to ash.

Even the Black Yin Ancestor, Myriad Ghost Ancestor, and Bone Devil Ancestor were sent flying like ragdolls after being struck by that enormous beast.

"What monster is this?!"

The Black Yin Ancestor had been knocked flying before he had even had time to complete his Black Dragon Divine Art.

The Black Yin Ancestor's entire body was trembling in shock, and the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Bone Devil Ancestor were faring little better.

No one in the martial arts world could take a combined attack from the three of them and all the Five Ancestor Alliance experts at their side, but this monster had taken it all and appeared barely scathed. This was simply inconceivable.

Not only that, the Black Yin Ancestor sensed that his attack had parted before this monster like a wave breaking against a rock, inflicting no real damage. This sort of trait combined with this monster's enormous size and strength was enough to make one despair.


As the three ancestors were sent flying, that bull-lion monster opened its maw and bit down on the corpse of a Five Ancestor Alliance elder, its sharp teeth biting the corpse in half. With a casual swipe, another Five Ancestor Alliance expert was torn to pieces.

Fwoosh! A scorching flame swept forward, igniting six or seven Five Ancestor Alliance experts, who wretchedly screamed as their bodies were burned to ash.

The three ancestors turned their heads around to look and instantly paled. The ferocity of this beast was simply unimaginable.

All of those experts had been renowned in the martial arts world, their names enough to make others tremble in fear. But before this savage beast, they might as well have been made of paper and mud.

"Let's go! Everyone, withdraw!"

"Get out of here now!"

The Black Yin Ancestor roared with all his might, his face twisted in fear.

Although he had only exchanged blows with that monster once, that single time was enough to instill boundless dread in his heart.

In that brief exchange, the Black Yin Ancestor felt like he had tried to exchange blows with an entire mountain range. Such was the toughness of that beast's body that it could even shrug off one of his full-strength attacks.