The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450: Return Like For Like

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Anti-Stellar power! This monster can ignore Stellar Energy! We can't defeat it!"

The Black Yin Ancestor felt his blood freeze, and he almost instantly determined that his group was no match for the beast.

The thing that martial artists were most proud of was their Stellar Energy. If this beast had Anti-Stellar Energy, martial artists would be no match for it.

A normal expert wouldn't believe such a thing and would try to test their mettle, but not the Black Yin Ancestor!

He had an extremely sharp intuition when it came to danger. It was with this intuition that the Black Yin Ancestor had managed to survive in the backstabbing and conspiracy-ridden realm of the evil path, and even ascended step by step, going from a newcomer to the evil path to standing at the apex of martial arts, looked up to and dreaded by all.

Righteous courage was something that the Black Yin Ancestor did not possess even a sliver of.

And if the Black Yin Ancestor could sense the strangeness about this monster, how could the Myriad Ghost Ancestor and Bone Devil Ancestor be unaware?

As the Black Yin Ancestor fled, so did his two colleagues. But the Bone Devil Ancestor, as the leader, didn't forget to fling out a sleeve, sending a dark flood of evil Stellar Energy surging back at the beast to help the other Five Ancestor Alliance disciples escape.

"Run! This monster can ignore Stellar Energy!"

The Bone Devil Ancestor's voice resounded in everyone's ears.

The Five Ancestor Alliance, which had just recently held the upper hand, was set into disarray by this surprise attack and scattered. The three ancestors had fled and numerous other evil path experts had been slain, throwing their forces into panic and chaos.

Whoosh! The Five Ancestor Alliance experts paled and began to flee, the fear of the three fleeing ancestors seeming almost infectious.

At this moment, the only person calm and unmoving was Wang Chong.

"Hmph, you want to run now? Black Yin, Myriad Ghost, Bone Devil, since you're already here, why run?"

Wang Chong mockingly laughed.

What had sent these three demons of the evil path running for the hills was naturally the Dragonbeast. And it was only the Dragonbeast's Anti-Stellar trait that allowed it to singlehandedly vanquish the joint attack of the three ancestors.

But if they needed someone to blame, they could only blame themselves for getting too arrogant and trying to surround and kill Wang Chong in order to strike a blow at Zhang Wenfu.

Unfortunately for them, when evil rose one foot, the righteous would rise ten. Wang Chong had just used his clone to draw the Dragonbeast away, so he had decided to just lead it on a detour so that it appeared behind the trio of ancestors to launch a fierce attack. And at a time like this, the Black Yin Ancestor had actually thought Wang Chong was trying to trick him, and the result was now before their eyes.

But in Wang Chong's view, since these ancestors had tried to attack, he would not permit them to have a good time.

As he stood across from the three Five Ancestor Alliance ancestors, he made a wicked smile, a smile that made the hearts of the Black Yin Ancestor and his colleagues thump.

But before they could say anything, Wang Chong lunged toward the trio.

"Stick around!

"Great Destruction Art!"

Wang Chong brought his hands together, instantly unleashing one of the supreme techniques of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, the Great Destruction Art. Rumble! The surrounding space became extremely heavy as a destructive energy howled out of Wang Chong's body and slammed into the air in front of the three ancestors.

This destructive energy shattered space itself and caused this vast cave network to fiercely shudder.

"Little devil, you dare!"

The three ancestors instantly paled, and the strongest of them, the Bone Devil Ancestor, nastily scowled.

The Great Destruction Art was one of the supreme techniques Zhang Wenfu had used to intimidate the world. The three of them naturally recognized it. However, not even Zhang Wenfu could take on all three of them alone. Wang Chong's wicked objective in this attack was to hinder them so that the beast could do the dirty work.


The trio immediately attacked, evil energy, Yin energy, and corpse energy hurtling toward Wang Chong's attack. The attack shattered to pieces, but Wang Chong had achieved his goal.


With a bellow and a flash of flame, the beast lunged at the trio.

At that moment, the three were fuming with rage.

"Brat, this old man will definitely kill you!"

The three bellowed as they began to fiercely battle. In a battle of experts, every second counted. Just a few moments of delay had been enough for the Dragonbeast to catch up to them.

"Heh, I wish you good luck!"

Wang Chong heartily laughed, and then he tensed his muscles and flew backward like an arrow fired from a bow, quickly taking his leave of the cave.

It was impolite to not reciprocate a gift, and though those three ancestors had enough strength and experience that the Dragonbeast probably wouldn't be able to kill them, it would occupy them for some time.

"Now is the time for the true massacre to begin!"

As Wang Chong withdrew from the cave, he condensed all his energy into his body so that he would not draw any attention. Amidst all these arrogant evil path experts who knew nothing about restraint, allowing their auras to brightly burn, Wang Chong was just the dim glow of a firefly. He naturally would not attract the Dragonbeast's attention in this state.

This was also why Wang Chong had dared to draw the Dragonbeast over.

Until the Five Ancestor Alliance was exterminated, the Dragonbeast would never come to find him!

"Damn it!"

"Stop it!"



Explosions mixed with curses and cries of alarm rang out behind him, and what followed were endless screams.

"Hmph, you brought this on yourself! Have fun with this beast!"

After listening for a few moments, Wang Chong rushed off in another direction.

This beast could lock onto the Stellar Energy of a martial artist. The Five Ancestor Alliance would have to pay an appropriate price in order to escape.

After traveling several thousand meters, he heard yet another roar and yet another wretched scream coming from up ahead.

"What's going on?"

Wang Chong paused, a confused light in his eyes. This roar was extremely similar to the roar of the beast Wang Chong had previously encountered, but it was not completely the same.

"Could there be two of these beasts?"

This thought caused Wang Chong to pale.

Just one of these beasts in the cave was enough to pose an immense threat to all the martial artists here. One could see this through the fact that not even the Five Ancestor Alliance's three ancestors and all its experts were able to stop it.

If one was this hard to deal with, one could easily imagine what would happen if there were two.


Just as Wang Chong was beginning to get an ill foreboding, he heard the roar of yet another Dragonbeast.

Wang Chong went even paler.

"How could this be? Is it not just one or two of these beasts here?"

Even someone as shrewd and audacious as Wang Chong couldn't help but feel intense danger at this moment.

If there were not just one or two beasts in this cave network, all the martial artists underground, including himself, were in danger.


As he was thinking, he suddenly heard a rush of footsteps and a chorus of screams heading his way.

Boom! Two gouts of fire surged out of the darkness and then vanished. Then they appeared again, coming from two completely different directions. As the flames winked in and out of existence, the screaming only got worse and worse.

Those momentary flashes allowed Wang Chong to see that numerous people were running in his direction.

"They're coming this way! Run, run!"

"Bastard! Why did the Origin Immortal Lord leave behind a monster like this?!"

"It's over, over! I should have never come!"

"Bastard, don't block my way! Scram!"

Panicked voices mixed together into the din. A few seconds later, he spotted thirty to forty martial artists, their faces pale with terror, running for their lives.

These martial artists were definitely people who had entered the cave network after Wang Chong, but amidst these complicated and intersecting caves, they had managed to gather together.


Another gout of flame appeared in the cave, and in that blazing light, Wang Chong spotted the familiar silhouette of a Dragonbeast.

Two Dragonbeasts stood far away from each other, staring out of different caves with crimson eyes that radiated destructive energy into the darkness.


While Wang Chong was wondering if one of these Dragonbeasts was the one that he had previously run into, another roar resounded through the cave. This time, it was coming from behind him.

Wang Chong scowled.

"Let's go!"

Without the slightest hesitation, he joined the other martial artists in fleeing for his life.

With a thunderous roar, three separate tongues of flame swept through the caves, turning them into a sea of fire.

One martial artist after another screamed as they were struck from behind by these flames and combusted.

The explosive shockwaves sent some of the slower martial artists flying into the air.

"Save me! Save me!"

One martial artist was knocked to the ground by the explosion. He reached out with both hands, a look of despair in his eyes.

A second later, a massive foot slammed down, crushing the martial artist before he even had time to scream.

Flames continued to flash in and out of existence as the Dragonbeasts spat flame and pursued. Anyone that failed to dodge in time was caught and easily slain by a Dragonbeast.

Although there were many martial artists in the caves, none of them could take even one blow from a Dragonbeast.


The screams bounced endlessly off the walls of the caves.