The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452: The Power Of Rebirth

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Warning! User has encountered an ancient Dragonbeast, a powerful creature left behind from the era of the Yellow Emperor1. These ancient beings are hidden within the obscure riddle of the world. If user escapes the Dragonbeast's attack, user will be rewarded with 10000 points of Destiny Energy. If user kills a Dragonbeast, user will be rewarded with 100000 points of Destiny Energy. If user tames a Dragonbeast, user will be rewarded with 500000 points of Destiny Energy!"

There was a brilliant light in Wang Chong's mind as the Stone of Destiny caught Wang Chong off guard with a mission.

"What? The era of the Yellow Emperor?"

Wang Chong was shocked by these words. He could tell that the beast had an unusual background, but he had never expected it to be connected to the Yellow Emperor.

A beast that could survive for so long was far beyond his imagination.

Wang Chong had no time for deep thoughts, as death was imminent. Although he couldn't see the Dragonbeast, he was well aware that, given its speed, it was probably right in front of him already.

Just as Wang Chong was about to die to the Dragonbeast's foot, in an explosion of debris, Wang Chong vanished like a ghost.

Even the Dragonbeast, a creature with little intelligence, was startled by this sight. Its feet slammed into the ground to stop its forward inertia, and it swiftly turned around and saw that there was now a human-sized hole in the ground where Wang Chong had been standing, leading deeper into the caves.


The Dragonbeast instantly understood what had happened and let out a furious roar.

The cave network here was incredibly extensive. The moment the Dragonbeast had attacked, Wang Chong had gathered up all his energy and blasted apart the rock beneath him, entering the cave down below.

It was a simple idea, but it was not that easy to pull off. One would need to have an accurate understanding of how the caves were laid out in order to succeed.

There were some areas where the rock was so thick that trying to blast through it was suicidal. Attempting to burrow into the ground would just render one motionless.

With its herculean strength, the enormous Dragonbeast copied Wang Chong and blasted through the rocks to pursue.

Dragonbeasts were extremely sensitive to Stellar Energy, and anyone being hunted by one was essentially doomed. But just as the Dragonbeast was about to restart its pursuit of Wang Chong

Boom! As the Dragonbeast, a creature that weighed six to seven thousand tons, emerged in the cave where Wang Chong was located, it suddenly lost its footing. The ground beneath it collapsed, dropping the Dragonbeast straight into the next level of caves.


Wang Chong reacted very quickly and immediately began to flee, at the same time sending one of his clones in another direction to draw the Dragonbeast away. Cold sweat trickled down his forehead. That brief moment of exertion had used almost all of Wang Chong's strength.

Wang Chong was constantly adjusting his position in the caves, moving from one to the next to escape the pursuit of the Dragonbeast. But Wang Chong was only treating the symptoms, and a problem would crop up eventually.

I have to find a way to escape the Dragonbeast! The injuries in my body are only getting worse! I can't go on much longer! Wang Chong exclaimed to himself.

The roars, cries of panic, and screams were endless, but it seemed like that Dragonbeast had locked onto his Stellar Energy and had sworn to not rest until it had caught him.

There was a thunderous explosion from the distance as the Dragonbeast finally caught and pulverized Wang Chong's clone.

And Wang Chong sensed that the storm of energy that was the Dragonbeast was now running through the caves and coming at him.

The Dragonbeast, relying purely on its sense of smell and perception of Stellar Energy, had a much greater understanding of this complicated cave network than the martial artists here.

Just where should I go?

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil. The injuries in his body were getting worse, and if he didn't escape the battle and get a chance to rest, his condition would continue to worsen. But as the Dragonbeast and the vast cloud of Stellar-Piercing Beetles were constantly getting closer, Wang Chong could not afford to stop.

Panicked voices continued to ring out around him, and Wang Chong continued to use these sound waves to fill out the cave network in his mind.

That's the place!

Upon receiving a sound wave, Wang Chong suddenly became elated and began to rush toward an unnoticed side cave.

"We're here!"

A few moments later, Wang Chong saw that the cave around him began to narrow, terminating around twenty meters up ahead in a cave entrance about 1.6 meters tall. Although this was a pitch-black cave like all the rest, it looked like a beacon of hope to Wang Chong.

The Dragonbeast was simply enormous, standing at six to seven meters in height, but this cave was only 1.6 meters tall. It wasn't that small, but for the Dragonbeast, it might as well have been a mouse hole.

The Dragonbeast's body had no way of squeezing through such a small hole. Wang Chong could use it to immediately escape the Dragonbeast's pursuit.

His eyes shining, he rushed into the cave.

Suddenly, crssssh! Rocks and dirt showered down in front of him, and then a massive figure descended and stood between Wang Chong and the cave.

Those crimson eyes were ice-cold and radiating a chill that could freeze even the marrow in one's bones. Wang Chong's eyes instantly went dark.

He had been so close to freedom, but then this Dragonbeast had extinguished his hopes.

Wang Chong's Stellar Energy flow was in utter chaos and he could no longer flee with as much strength as before. And that small cave he wouldn't even be able to reach it unless he killed the Dragonbeast.

Rumble! The Dragonbeast squatted down and then blasted off the ground like a cannonball.

While still in the air, it opened its mouth and unleashed a sea of fire.

Just when it seemed like he was about to die to the Dragonbeast, Wang Chong's eyes suddenly hardened with resolve.

Not only did he not retreat in the face of the Dragonbeast's flame, he lunged forward, pressing himself against the ground and streaking toward the Dragonbeast like a python.


A violet flame suddenly erupted from Wang Chong's body, transforming into a protective barrier around him. Like a thin sheet of paper, he got under the Dragonbeast's belly.

Shwick! Wang Chong had taken something in his hand and cut open the Dragonbeast's stomach.


With a boom, Wang Chong harrowingly shot out from beneath the Dragonbeast and slid into the small cave.


Wang Chong immediately stood up and looked at the Wootz Steel dagger in his hand. The less-than-one-foot blade was dripping with blood.

The Dragonbeast's blood!

When Wang Chong had fallen unconscious in the estate from his cultivation defect flare-up and had been taken away by his master, he had not been able to take his Wootz Steel armor or weapons. Only this dagger, thrust in its ebony sheath and tied to his thigh, had been able to escape this 'disaster'.

But Wang Chong had never liked using daggers, so even though he had it with him, he never used it.

If the Dragonbeast hadn't forced him into desperate straits, he might have never used it.

Kabooom! The Dragonbeast, its stomach cut open, left a thick trail of viscous blood in its wake as it crashed into the cave wall some thirty meters away. Even its head ended up being deeply buried into the rock.

Wang Chong ecstatically stared at the Dragonbeast's 'corpse'. As expected, Wootz Steel weapons lived up to their reputation as the sharpest weapons. Not even the Dragonbeast had been able to stop its edge.

But Wang Chong's happiness did not last for long. A second later, the ground trembled as the enormous body of the Dragonbeast slowly stood back up, and intense flames of energy erupted from its body.

As Wang Chong watched, the Dragonbeast slowly turned around, its savage and dreadful head staring at Wang Chong from a distance of thirty-some meters.

For the first time, Wang Chong felt an overwhelming hatred from this beast.

But what Wang Chong paid more attention to was the Dragonbeast's belly.

Wang Chong's move truly had been effective. A wound more than half a foot deep had been cut across the softest part of the Dragonbeast's belly, and even now, blood was still flowing out from it.

But Wang Chong could find nothing to be happy about, despite the pungent scent of blood in the air.

He could see that the deep wound cut out by the Wootz Steel dagger was closing over. A few seconds later, the wound had completely healed, not even leaving a scar.

"How could this be?!"

Wang Chong's mind was reeling.

The power of Rebirth!

This massive beast not only possessed astonishing strength and the ability to resist Stellar Energy, it also possessed the heaven-defying power of Rebirth. With this power, no matter what sort of tricks Wang Chong pulled or how much effort he put in, he would never be able to hurt this beast.

And it wasn't every day one had a chance to get beneath the belly of a Dragonbeast!

1. The Yellow Emperor is a mythical Chinese figure usually included in a group known as the 'Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors'. He was a tamer of beasts and supposedly taught the early Chinese people how to build shelters and tame beasts, and also apparently invented things like the cart, the calendar, astronomy, and other such things. His given name was 'Xuanyuan'. His reign supposedly lasted for one hundred years, from 2697 BC to 2597 BC.