The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1456

Chapter 1456: Wang Chongs Wedding

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Since Mother has already decided, let us do as Mother has planned!"

Wang Chong lowered his head and complied.

Although he was surprised, for some reason, after saying this, Wang Chong felt rather relieved and didn't feel forced into the situation at all.

He began to recall that clear and beautiful face, how she had stood alongside him in the City of Steel, how she had worked night and day in the Qixi Protectorate headquarters to send him supplies. He thought about her haggard appearance back then, and her look of deep concern when he awoke on the journey back east.

The spring breeze turned to rain that silently nourished the world.

At this moment, Wang Chong came to the sudden realization that Xu Qiqin had a rather significant place in his heart.

She had only silently given, never demanded, and even when she was in pain, she would endure it alone. It was time for him to properly repay her, creating the best and most beautiful end.


The news of Wang Chong's marriage to Xu Qiqin shook the entire capital. As the youthful King of Foreign Lands and the brilliant young War God, Wang Chong had rendered a series of dazzling achievements that would instill admiration in even Great Generals.

As for the Xu Clan, it controlled half of the logistics network of the Great Tang and was an extremely old clan wielding considerable influence.

The joining of these two clans and the outstanding quality of the groom and bride instantly attracted the entire empire's attention.

When the auspicious day of the wedding arrived, the entire capital turned out. Even though the vast majority of the people stood on the side of the Confucian Sect in the conflict between Wang Chong and Li Junxian, Wang Chong's status as the King of Foreign Lands and his past achievements meant that he still wielded significant influence amongst the people.

"King of Foreign Lands! King of Foreign Lands!"

"Fairy Xu! Fairy Xu!"

Outside the Wang Family Residence, the crowd was cheering Wang Chong and Xu Qiqin in equal measure.

The Xu Clan was an elite noble clan and Xu Qiqin was known as a fairy to the denizens of the capital, regarded highly by all its young men and women.

Moreover, in the Battle of Talas, she had remained behind in the Qixi Protectorate headquarters to manage the supply line, ensuring that the flow of supplies was constant and stable. This allowed her reputation to surpass that of all the other maidens of the capital.

Right after the Battle of Talas had ended, many noble houses had sent calling cards to the Xu Clan, hoping to form a good relationship with it by way of marriage.

But in the end, it was still Wang Chong who obtained the top position.

"The day is finally here!"

Wang Chong stood beneath a plum blossom tree in the courtyard, his heart at ease as the wind blew against his hair.

Ever since he had made the decision, Wang Chong felt like a great weight had been taken off his mind. He had been so busy running around for the sake of the people of the world that he had forgotten to take care of himself.

Now that he had been stripped of military authority and pushed out of the center of political power, he had a rare opportunity to concern himself with the affairs and people that he cared about, and more importantly to concern himself with the person that he loved.

"How long will it be until Qiqin arrives?"

Wang Chong was dressed in a red ceremonial robe, his hands held behind his back.

In the gentle breeze and the light of the rising morning sun, Wang Chong's eyes gleamed and his expression brimmed with energy. He began to exude an aura completely unlike the one he exuded on the battlefield: gentle, modest, generous. He seemed to be like a piece of beautiful jade.

"Your Highness, Lady Xu's sedan chair is on its way. It should be here in about ten minutes."

In front of Wang Chong, Xu Keyi, Chen Bin, and his other subordinates stood in a row. Xu Keyi had stepped forward and bowed respectfully.


Xu Keyi had barely spoken when a Wang Clan guard rushed in.

"Your Highness, the Xu Clan's bridal procession will be here soon. The madam and master are already waiting at the gate."

Everyone became excited at the guard's words, and Wang Chong himself was no exception. His heart was brimming with joy and there was a sincere smile of contentment on his lips.

"Comelet's go to the gate to welcome them!"

With a wave of his sleeve, Wang Chong strode forward, passing through the garden and stepping upon a path festooned with brightly-colored lanterns.

At the gate, servants and maids dressed in ceremonial red attire had gathered, and in front of them was an anxious-looking middle-aged woman, her hair decorated with pearls and jade hairpins.


Wang Chong hastened his steps.

Seeing Wang Chong, the crowd began to turn around.

"Chong-er, you came at just the right time. That child Qiqin will be here soon. Hurry and get ready."

Madam Wang had a ruddy expression and a smile hung about her eyes. This was the first time Wang Chong had ever seen his mother so happy.

"Heh, Chong-er, you've grown up. Finally, you're going to be starting your own family. Your big uncle has prepared a gift for you in the hopes that you and Lady Qiqin contribute to our Wang Clan and help us continue to thrive."

Speaking in his deep and mellow voice, Wang Chong's big uncle Wang Gen stepped forward, stroking his beard and beaming.

As the Wang Clan's Qilin son, Wang Chong was currently the most dazzling existence of the Wang Clan's younger generation. Wang Gen also dearly loved his nephew, so he had come on his own in his capacity as an elder relative to await the bride.

"Many thanks, Big Uncle!"

Wang Chong smiled and bowed.

"She's here, she's here! The bride has arrived!"

A clamor came from up ahead and the crowd became restless. Inside the gate, Wang Chong, his mother, and his big uncle all turned to look.

With the popping of firecrackers, a long bridal procession appeared at the end of the street. At the very front of the bridal procession was a gilded sedan chair.

From a distance, Wang Chong could see at a glance the symbols and emblems of the Xu Clan.

"She's coming! The bride is coming!"

The crowd inside the Wang Family Residence grew excited.

To the popping of firecrackers and the banging of gongs and drums, the maids and guards of the Wang Clan filed out of the estate. And when the sedan chair appeared, the crowds lining the street began to rumble.

"Fairy Xu! Fairy Xu!"

The deafening cheers soared to the heavens.

As Wang Chong watched that gilded sedan chair approach, the smile on his face grew wider and his eyes grew gentler.

"The bride has arrived!"

"Let the groom step forward to welcome her!"

Wang Chong shook his robes and stepped forward, descending the steps to make his way toward the gilded sedan chair.

"Open the curtains! Open the curtains!"

"Fairy Xu! Fairy Xu!"

"Groom, hurry and take the bride onto your back!"

The cheers and cries of the crowd only got louder and louder.

The King of Foreign Lands, crowned by the Sage Emperor himself, was getting married to the most talented and beautiful Xu Qiqin. Their marriage could be considered the marriage of the century. The people of the capital could not possibly pass up a chance to mess with the groom a little.

Wang Chong merely smiled at the cheers. As he looked at the curtain of the sedan chair, his eyes became even gentler, showing hints of tender affection.

A maid passed over a red bridal weighing rod1. Wang Chong took the rod, slightly bent down, inserted the rod into the space between the sedan wall and the curtains, and slightly raised it.

"Qiqin, I've been waiting for you for a long time."

As Wang Chong raised the curtain higher and higher, he was able to see a figure garbed in red sitting within, her phoenix veil threaded with gold completely concealing her appearance.

But as Wang Chong extended the weighing rod to welcome the bride, he suddenly felt a razor-thin killing intent. Wang Chong grimaced, sensing something was wrong, and wanted to step back, but it was too late.

Rumble! A palm imbued with immense energy slammed into his chest. The seated bride had suddenly lunged forward and dealt Wang Chong a harsh blow.

Boom! This sudden assault had the entire crowd startled, shocked, and confused all kinds of emotions flickered through their eyes.

No one had expected such a warm and festive scene to turn out like this.

To think that the bride of the Xu Clan would attack the groom upon her arrival!

"Not good! There's been a problem!"

"The bride is trying to kill the groom!"

The joyous crowd fell into utter disarray, and the spectators began to scatter like frightened beasts.


But even before the crowd had begun to run, Wang Chong had been sent flying out of the sedan chair like a cannonball. He slammed into the gate of the Wang Family Residence, causing the entire gate to collapse.

Madam Wang was struck dumb by the sight, her eyes going wide. It was only after a long while that she managed to call out in alarm, "Chong-eeeer!" Such a thing simply did not seem possible.

"Ma-Madam, Young Master!"

The Wang Family Residence was in chaos.

"Protect His Highness!"

Xu Keyi, Chen Bin, and the others were all stunned, but they responded quickly. Taking out their swords, they stood in front of Wang Chong.

The abrupt incident had caused chaos throughout the estate, and at this moment, no one was more shocked than Wang Chong.

"You're not Xu Qiqin! Just who are you?"

Wang Chong's eyes were cold as he got up off the ground.

1. It was apparently bridal custom to use a weighing rod to raise a bride's veil, or the curtain of the sedan chair in this case, in ancient China, as it was auspicious.