The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1457

Chapter 1457: The Might Of A Single Sword

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong's internal injuries were far too serious. The flare-up of his cultivation defect had caused him to fall unconscious for seven days and nights, and his spirit and strength had all been enormously affected by this ordeal. Otherwise, this mysterious assailant would have never succeeded so easily.

The bride of the Xu Clan had actually used the moment the groom had come to welcome her to attempt an assassination. Everyone present was stunned by this event.

But Wang Chong had reacted very quickly. He instantly understood that the bride in the sedan chair was not Xu Qiqin. Xu Qiqin could not possibly possess such a high level of cultivation.

On the other side, the 'bride' ignored Wang Chong's question.

"Kill him!"

From underneath the veil came a cold and emotionless voice, oozing with killing intent.

Ssst! The red veil and ceremonial gown exploded, revealing a black robe, and two cold and stern eyes peeking out from beneath a white ghost mask that concealed all other facial features.

Clang! That person's black sword trembled, and then she left a blur in the air as she shot toward Wang Chong like a thunderbolt.


At almost the same moment, the Xu Clan escorts behind the female assassin sent energy rippling out of their dantians, causing their red ceremonial attire to explode, revealing the black robes beneath.


These people took out their swords and lunged forward, all of them charging at Wang Chong.

"Protect Milord!"

Xu Keyi and the Wang Clan guards paled as they moved to protect Wang Chong. Stellar Energy exploded from their bodies as they rushed forward like dragons.


A single strike unleashed a chorus of screams as Xu Keyi and his men were sent flying. They couldn't even take a single blow from the female assassin.

The female assassin and the people behind her took up formation to completely surround Wang Chong.

The men in black!

Wang Chong's mind trembled in realization. These assassins disguised as Xu Qiqin and her retinue were actually the men in black who were doggedly pursuing him.

Wang Chong was far too familiar with their auras.

"Protect the Madam!"

Wang Chong's eyes turned cold, and with a single wave, he drew a sword into his right hand. When the men in black were only several feet from Wang Chong, he lunged forward to meet them.

As if he was a ghost, Wang Chong suddenly appeared in front of the female assassin.

Thrusting out his right hand, he moved his sword with superb skill, directly striking the tip of the female assassin's sword. At the same time, he flung his left hand, his palm striking the assassin and sending her flying.

Wang Chong blinked away and began to appear left and right, up and down, always appearing where the men in black did not expect.

Unlike before, Wang Chong did his best to avoid direct confrontation. He would appear in unexpected positions to strike out with a punch or finger jab, and the assassins would scream as they were flung into the air.


The screams seemed ceaseless. In this battle, Wang Chong chose to attack the weakest part of his opponent's body so that he consumed as little Stellar Energy as possible. In his body's current condition, this was the ideal strategy.


But suddenly

"Let's do this! We die together!"

A ferocious roar that had seemingly been suppressed for a long time resounded, and before Wang Chong could react, a staggering 'civilian' that had been 'forced' by the chaotic crowd into Wang Chong's vicinity suddenly pulled out his sword and charged at Wang Chong.

This single strike was incredibly fast and had seemingly been practiced thousands of times, imbued with the resolve to die. This person had seemingly predicted Wang Chong's reaction and chose exactly the right moment to strike.

Even someone of Wang Chong's abilities had to admit that this sword was incredibly hard to dodge.

Even so, Wang Chong did not panic. He immediately shot off to the side, but he only managed to get several feet before his energy suddenly fell into chaos, causing his body to slow for a moment.

Swish! Wang Chong's ceremonial robe was cut open, the sharp edge of the sword cutting across his abdomen in a spray of blood.


Although Wang Chong's body was in disarray, he had enough composure to thrust out a palm and jolt back the 'civilian', who flew backward several dozen feet.

"Young Master!"

"Young Master!"

Seeing Wang Chong bleed, all the maids and guards of the Wang Clan called out in alarm.

"Don't come over!" Wang Chong sternly ordered. He had still been too careless. He had yet to fully recover, and the effects of the cultivation defect on his body had been far more serious than he had imagined.

Wang Chong flicked his finger across his body, swiftly sealing off several channels and stemming the bleeding.

But Wang Chong's crisis was far from over. He had only just managed to defeat the men in black when yet another great clamor could be heard.

"King of Foreign Lands, you're dead! Kill him!" someone in the crowd shouted in thickly Hu-accented, awkward Tang language.

The air howled as Hu experts with savage eyes rushed out of the crowd, tore off their disguises, unsheathed their weapons, and rushed at Wang Chong.

One, two, three in just a few short moments, thirty to forty figures wrapped in storms of energy charged at Wang Chong, making no attempt to hide their killing intent. With a glance, Wang Chong could tell that there were Tibetans, Western Turks, Goguryeons, and Mengshe Zhao people in this group.

Wang Chong's marriage to Xu Qiqin had actually managed to attract even the attention of the Hu experts.

"For the Great Snow Mountain!"

"For the Great Turkic War God!"

"Kill Wang Chong! Avenge the former king!"

"His Majesty has ordered that all Goguryeon warriors must kill the King of Foreign Lands at any cost!"

As these cries in various Hu tongues resounded through the heavens, Wang Chong became the undisputed center of the street.

"Hurry and tell the City Guard! These Hu are trying to rebel!"

"Crazy they're crazy! They actually dare to attack the King of Foreign Lands!"

The surrounding crowd was given a massive psychological blow and fell into an even greater panic.

But distant waters could not cure a nearby thirst. The City Guard would need at least five minutes to arrive, but Wang Chong did not have that luxury.

The Hu experts were about to unleash a furious salvo of attacks that Wang Chong could not possibly block in his current condition. He had already used up a great deal of Stellar Energy, and his dantian and meridians were already beginning to ache and writhe.

Wang Chong's eyes were cold, but in this situation, he was actually very calm. His arms dropped to his sides and his energy dispersed. It seemed like he had given up on any thoughts of resistance.

This left all the Hu experts confused. This was definitely not the reaction they had expected from Wang Chong. But in the end, Wang Chong was still a major problem for the countries bordering the Great Tang. A day that he was not dead was another restless night for these countries.

All of these people had been given a suicide mission. No matter what price they had to pay, they needed to exterminate this young War God of the Great Tang!

"Kill him!"

The air flashed with the lights of various Stellar Energies as attacks howled down.

But just when it seemed like Wang Chong was about to die under the barrage of attacks from these top-class foreign experts


The world suddenly went silent. All sounds died away and those howling torrents of Stellar Energy froze. Everyone near the Wang Family Residence suddenly felt a bizarre sensation.


A vast beam of Sword Qi exploded onto the scene, immediately extending for tens of thousands of feet, cutting across the sky and shooting into the horizon. It carved a straight path of Sword Qi in the sky above the Wang Family Residence.

The Sword Qi was divine and majestic, harsh and dignified. When it appeared, it stole the luster and glory of all the other attacks, like the light of the sun drowning out the stars.

And then, to everyone's terror, that mysterious and dreadful Sword Qi suddenly gave birth to countless tiny bolts of Sword Qi In just a few seconds, these countless bolts of Sword Qi exploded outward, each one aimed at a Hu expert.

Plushplushplush! In explosions of blood, these Hu were pincushioned by Sword Qi like they were cloth dolls, the bolts piercing through their vital points and right through their bodies. By the time their bodies began to plunge to the ground, they were already dead.

Thumpthumpthump! Thirty-some corpses of Hu experts rained down in front of the estate's gate.

This battle had ended far faster than anyone could have imagined!

With the battle over, the area fell silent, everyone staring in shock at the lifeless corpses.

No one understood what had happened. After killing off the Hu experts, that dazzling Sword Qi had immediately vanished.

The only exception was Wang Chong, who placed his hands behind his back and smiled as if he understood everything.