The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1458

Chapter 1458: Night In The Bridal Chamber

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Senior Su"

This name passed through Wang Chong's mind.

Across the world, the only person able to kill so many top-class experts with a single attack was the God of the Sword and the Great Tang War God, Su Zhengchen.

Although Su Zhengchen had never admitted that Wang Chong was his disciple, Wang Chong already regarded him as his second master.

This was Wang Chong's wedding, and he was marrying the lady of the Xu Clan, Xu Qiqin. For such a grand occasion, Wang Chong would naturally invite Su Zhengchen.

But his status was too special for him to appear in front of so many people, so Wang Chong had allowed him to remain in the residence.

The attack just now was because Su Zhengchen had sensed that Wang Chong was in danger and acted to resolve the crisis.

"Who dares to harm my disciple!?" At this moment, there was another thunderous bellow, and then azure Origin Energy seethed in front of the gate to the estate.

Boom! A massive azure hand slammed down and crushed a few of the men in black who were trying to escape.

The anger infused in this palm endowed it with such strength that the earth groaned and trembled under its power.


Upon seeing this shocking sight, the surviving men in black paled and immediately scattered.

"Chong-er, are you okay?"

With a familiar voice of concern, the Demonic Emperor Old Man shot out of the crowd like a bolt of lightning and appeared in front of Wang Chong.

"Master, I'm fine."

The arrival of his master allowed Wang Chong to relax and breathe a sigh of relief.

With his master present, the matter was truly settled.

A resounding call came from the distance. "The bride has arrived!"

"Why is there another bride? What's going on?"

Everyone looked at each other in confusion, but Wang Chong only smiled.

A few moments later, yet another bridal procession arrived. The same gilded sedan chair with the same emblems of the Xu Clan and the same bridal escorts dressed in red robes had appeared, identical to the last batch of people.

But when Wang Chong saw the Wushang Village Chief mounted on a brown stallion at the head of the procession, he smiled.

This was the real bridal procession.

The matter was not as complicated as it seemed, and with the arrival of the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the mystery was revealed.

The men in black were truly audacious. They had disguised a group of assassins as the bridal procession while sending another group to ambush the real bridal procession and delay it. Using this opportunity, they had their assassins attack Wang Chong.

Fortunately, the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man regarded Wang Chong's marriage with utmost importance, so the two were able to promptly arrive and resolve the crisis.

And though the entire incident had seemed very dangerous, the only ones injured were Wang Chong, Xu Keyi, and the other guards.

The battle in front of the Wang Family Residence was quickly cleaned up and the wedding continued. A festive air once more swept over the capital.

Wang Chong took the ceremonial weighing rod, raised the curtain, and then used the weighing rod to take Xu Qiqin's supple palm and lead her into the estate amidst heaven-shaking cheers.

Joyous music and cries of congratulations filled the sky, and the jubilant mood lasted from morning to nightfall. All of the capital was celebrating the marriage of this perfect couple.

This was truly the wedding of the century.

Deep in the night, when all was quiet, Wang Chong's room was brightly lit.

A sweet and comforting mood filled the air.

Amidst flickering red candlelight, Wang Chong, dressed in his red ceremonial robe, slowly extended the weighing rod and softly raised the red veil of his wife. The soft red silk dropped down, drifting across the snow-white hands.

A fragrance wafted into his nostrils.

In the light, Wang Chong finally saw the face of his lover.

This was the first time Wang Chong was seeing Xu Qiqin appear to him as his bride.

Xu Qiqin's head was slightly bowed in shyness, and her beauty was astonishing. When Wang Chong looked over, her face flushed red and her eyes began to rove left and right, instinctively avoiding Wang Chong's body, not daring to look at his face.

In the eyes of the people, Xu Qiqin was a farsighted strategist, the Queen of Logistics who always had everything planned out. Even though the two of them had gone through all the proper procedures, this day had still caught Xu Qiqin off guard. Even so, her every action was alluring and moving, making one want nothing more than to tightly embrace her.

On this night, no one except Wang Chong could see this soft and enchanting side of Xu Qiqin.

Wang Chong did not say any soothing words. As he gazed at Xu Qiqin, for the briefest moment, there was a pensive look in his eyes.

"Qiqin, starting from today, you are a member of the Wang Clan. As long as I, Wang Chong, am here, no matter what you do, I will be your firmest shield!"

Wang Chong stepped forward and lightly pulled on those slender and trembling hands. All Wang Chong could do right now was guarantee that he would keep her safe.

Xu Qiqin seemed to think of something, and as she looked up, her eyes were moist.

"I believe in you!"

These words contained a thousand more, and the eyes seemed to look across tens of thousands of generations.

In the candlelight, the two slowly embraced, silence superior to any words.

But Wang Chong did not see that as the two embraced, the softness in the eyes of 'Xu Qiqin' vanished, turning ice-cold. However, this frigid killing intent soon passed, leaving nothing behind.

At that moment, Xu Qiqin's face turned blurry, like a bucket of water poured across a painting.


As the pair were about to engage in a moment of most tender affection, one of Xu Qiqin's arms turned into a sword and lunged toward Wang Chong's back. This was such an obvious shift that Wang Chong should have noticed it long ago.

But bizarrely, even though Wang Chong was right there, he sensed nothing. Xu Qiqin's aura and transformation had seemingly been completely concealed so that nothing leaked out.

Her actions and aura were completely harmonized with the environment, a part of nature itself.

That arm-turned-sword got closer and closer to Wang Chong's back, and it seemed like he would soon die to the sword of 'Xu Qiqin'. Suddenly, plush! A slender hand spattered with blood erupted out of Xu Qiqin's back.


Xu Qiqin's body went stiff and her eyes went wide. The sword that had been aiming at Wang Chong's back suddenly came to a stop.

"Brother Chong!"

Xu Qiqin staggered back, pushing away Wang Chong in disbelief.

"Why, why"

In the flickering candle light, Xu Qiqin gripped her chest, her face ghastly pale and stricken with confusion. It was like she didn't believe that Wang Chong could kill her.

The room was eerily quiet, the festive red light forming a stark contrast with the hostility, cold, and despair.

In contrast to Xu Qiqin's shock, fear, and disbelief, Wang Chong was extremely calm and collected. He stared at Xu Qiqin like she was a stranger, his eyes devoid of any tender affection.

"Although I don't know how you did it, you are not Qiqin!"

Wang Chong slowly stood up, his eyes cold.

Upon hearing Wang Chong's words, 'Xu Qiqin' shook her head, gripped her heart, and lunged backward, apparently having suffered a great blow.

"Brother Chong, what are you saying? I am Qiqin! Do you think I'm a fake? That I'm an assassin?"

Her lips trembled and her eyes were tinged with despair.

Wang Chong put his hands behind his back and emotionlessly said, "Stop acting. Although you're not one of the black assassins, you're also not Qiqin. I didn't act earlier not because I was truly entranced, but because I didn't want to strike out against 'Qiqin'.


Wang Chong looked around at the tables, chairs, curtains, the rolls of silk, the chests containing wedding gifts, and the red candles burning in the corners of the room.

"How formidable! If my guess is right, all these things, this entire world, is an illusion that you created!"

"What did you say?"

'Xu Qiqin' appeared to tremble in shock at Wang Chong's words. Soon, large tears began to emerge from her eyes and 'Xu Qiqin' shook her head, apparently despairing in sorrow.

"You've gone mad! You've truly gone mad! I was caring for you throughout your coma of seven days and nights. I told the madam and the doctor that you were fine, that you were okay. It's one thing for you to think that I was a fake, but you even think that the entire world is fake, an illusion!"

"Stop pretending! I must admit that your Psychic Energy illusion is truly something I've never experienced before. Even the flowers, grass, and trees have shadows in this world, the wooden furniture is properly veined, and there's even a sense of touch and warmth. It doesn't seem like a world of illusion at all. If I hadn't already figured things out, I really might have been fooled. Alas, this world still has a major flaw, and with this flaw, none of your silver-tongued words will be able to deceive me!"