The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1459

Chapter 1459: The Truth Revealed

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong, his expression cold, immediately thrust a palm forward, sending a surge of Stellar Energy at 'Xu Qiqin'. Seeing that Wang Chong was insensible and unmoved, 'Xu Qiqin' finally scowled. Swish! Before Wang Chong's Stellar Energy could connect, she slid her body backward.

"Wang Chong, I didn't think that you would be so stubborn that my words would be of no use."

'Xu Qiqin' put her back to the door, and her warm and virtuous demeanor completely vanished. Her voice became hoarse and brimming with hatred while her body erupted with a dreadful and frenzied killing intent.

The true Xu Qiqin would never have this sort of demeanor or be so terrifying. The identity of 'Xu Qiqin' collapsed into shambles.

"But there's one thing I don't understand. This world is incredibly real, possessing everything the actual one does. There can't be any flaw, so how did you realize that this world was fake?" Xu Qiqin asked somewhat hysterically, staring at Wang Chong. Her appearance was shifting more and more, and even the color of her eyes had shifted to a dark green.

"Heh, is that so?"

Wang Chong sneered.

"The distance between the Western Regions and the capital is incredibly vast, and the journey takes more than a month. But the time between Gao Xianzhi's demotion and his arrival at the capital was a mere seven days. Not even if he flew would he be able to cover that distance, right?"


These words were like an arrow to the heart. 'Xu Qiqin', or rather the creator of this illusory world, was instantly struck dumb, rendered speechless and deflated like a punctured balloon.

While everything had a flaw, they had always firmly believed that their 'world' was so real that it was indistinguishable from reality.

But Wang Chong's words had shattered their confidence. They had never imagined that the critical flaw in their world was in something like this.

"Real is real and fake is fake. The true world doesn't merely have temperature, humidity, touch, smell, and taste. It also has things like space, distance, emotion, and reaction. No matter how real and complete you make it, there will inevitably be some flaw or gap. And a single flaw means that it's not real. What's fake will be fake forever!"

Wang Chong grinned.

Upon first awakening, he really had believed for a moment that he had fallen unconscious in his study for seven days and nights, and that his experience in the northwest had just been a dream. But in the end, Wang Chong still felt that something was wrong.

When Gao Xianzhi appeared with Cheng Qianli, Wang Chong instantly understood the truth.

It was just that such a realistic illusion was far too rare and incredible. It was so realistic that any formidable Psychic Energy practitioner, Wang Chong included, could only sigh in wonder and accept their inferiority. It was something that one could go an entire lifetime without encountering.

Moreover, even now, Wang Chong still did not know how his foe could lay down such a large-scale Psychic Energy Seal in the underground cave network. It was so powerful that it had even managed to pull as powerful a Psychic Energy expert as him into the illusory world.

His instinct made Wang Chong unwilling to miss out on this chance to learn and observe.

But once his assailant began to control his 'mother' and had him get married to Xu Qiqin, even disguising themselves as Xu Qiqin, he could no longer keep watching.

"If my guess is right, my real body has been imprisoned by you and is still seventeen thousand meters beneath the earth in that underground cave network," Wang Chong calmly remarked.

"To think it would be like this"

'Xu Qiqin' was muttering to herself, oblivious to Wang Chong's words, and as she spoke, the entire room began to shake.

Ping! A porcelain flower vase on the table suddenly exploded, and then the wooden walls started to break apart from the base, cracks traveling across them with breathtaking speed.

Bang! A black sandalwood table only three or four steps away from Wang Chong suddenly exploded and vanished like a wisp of smoke.

More and more bizarre events began to happen in the room.

The various festive silks and curtains melted away like snow in the sun, and the large red candles began to go out.

And even more transformations were taking place.

A massive fissure cleaved across the room, sundering it and creating a massive gap between Wang Chong and Xu Qiqin.

This black fissure seemed bottomless, a giant maw that was opening wider and wider. The wooden planks and furniture tumbling into it became tiny specks.

At this moment, with Wang Chong's room as the center, the capital and the entire world began to groan and rumble. This hardy world had suddenly begun to show signs of collapsing.

The first to crumble was the sun in the sky. With a massive boom, that blazing sun that illuminated the world became a simple white light source that grew dimmer and dimmer.

Booming and banging came from the edges of the world as the ground collapsed, and soon, the walls of the capital had crumbled.

A few moments after Wang Chong had spoken, the entire world had collapsed.

In front of Wang Chong, his room began to twist and distort into a motley of colors. 'Xu Qiqin' had vanished, replaced by a simple assortment of colored particles.

"I really didn't think that there was someone who could undo my True Dream!"

Wang Chong heard the incredulous voice of 'Xu Qiqin', and a moment later, endless darkness surged into his eyes. At the same time, Wang Chong could smell the thin, cold, and foul air of the underground caves.


Wang Chong also began to hear many shouts of pain.

These were sounds that he had not heard previously. Finally

Wang Chong's vision darkened as he was returned to the underground cave.

When he opened his eyes, Wang Chong did not see the narrow cave passage where he had seated himself. At some point, he had appeared in a massive karst cavern the size of six of seven ducal estates.

Wang Chong sensed that there were massive stalactites hanging down from the ceiling, and he saw piles of corpses under the stalactites.

These corpses apparently belonged to an earlier batch of martial artists. There were yellow spots on their bodies and many parts had already begun to turn black with rot. And above the corpses, Wang Chong saw three to four hundred living martial artists.

Some of these martial artists were lying around on the ground while some of them were standing and muttering to themselves. Still others were waving around their weapons and shouting. They had a variety of emotions on their faces: crying, laughing, foolish, crazy. The only trait they shared was that their eyes were tightly shut as if they were entranced.


Wang Chong also felt an ache at his abdomen. Looking down, he instantly grimaced.

"How could this be?"

The wound from a sword extended from his left shoulder to his right belly, and Wang Chong's clothes had been torn along the path of the wound.

This was the same wound as the one inflicted on Wang Chong by the attack of the men in black in that illusory world.

"Could it be that if I was injured in the illusory world, I'm also injured in reality? How?!"

Wang Chong was a master when it came to Psychic Energy, and he had been able to construct a sun that was able to destroy Masil's strongest technique, the Abyssal World. But Wang Chong had only been able to damage his foe through Psychic Energy, not actually take the injuries inflicted in the Psychic World and inflict them on the real body. What had happened here was not something he had ever believed possible.

At this moment, Wang Chong felt a familiar energy approaching.

Ten-some meters away, Wang Chong once more spotted 'Xu Qiqin'.

No, at this point, he could no longer call it 'Xu Qiqin'.

Although that person was still wearing the red gown and hair ornaments of the Xu Qiqin in the illusory world, after taking Wang Chong's attack, they were clearly unable to maintain Xu Qiqin's form.

Their face at this point was only thirty percent similar to Xu Qiqin, and the other parts of the body were savage and repulsive.

There was no longer even a passing resemblance to Xu Qiqin.

All was quiet, a strange mood settling in.

"Just who are you? No, I should be asking, 'just what are you?'!"

Wang Chong's eyes narrowed, a deep apprehension appearing in his eyes.

Ever since he had entered these underground caves, everything he had encountered had given him a very bizarre feeling.

No Psychic Energy practitioner in the world could do as this thing had done, reflecting injuries inflicted in the illusory world on the actual body. And that illusory world had been far too solid and real. No human Psychic Energy practitioner was capable of such a feat.

Moreover, from what he could see, this thing was simultaneously enthralling three to four hundred martial artists, entrapping their souls in the illusory world.

And now that he thought about it, the walls of that narrow passage he had ultimately chosen to sit down in had probably not been real, merely a disguise for this cave.

This would also explain why the Dragonbeast had not chased him. It wasn't because the passage had been too small for them to get in, but because an even more terrifying and abnormal creature lived within.