The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460: The Other Wang Chong

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong called it a 'creature' because he wasn't sure what it was that he was facing. And Wang Chong was sure that this 'Xu Qiqin' was not real. Her crimson robe and the decorations on her head were the same as they had been in the illusory world, which was simply impossible.

In other words, even though he had heavily injured her, after returning to the real world, his foe's Psychic Energy was still affecting him, just not as deeply.

"Haha, truly an absurd little ant. The real world has given up on you while the wonderful dreams of the illusory could let you have everything come true. Didn't you like that girl? I let the two of you get together. Are you not satisfied by that?

"Stop fighting and let your Psychic Energy fuse into my body! Just like rain joining with the ocean, you, I, and all the other martial artists will link together to create a new world. In this new world, we can create anything you desire. Have you not already seen the truth of that world? I can have you defeat the Confucian Sect, destroy all the other human empires, and crush your enemies into dust. Is it not great to live out a life in this beautiful dream?"

That existence that had an appearance thirty percent similar to Xu Qiqin spoke in a voice tinged with a charming power.

"Hmph, that's your dream, but it's not mine. You've enthralled so many martial artists and killed so many of them. No matter what you are, only death awaits you!" Wang Chong coldly said.

Bzzz! Wang Chong's Stellar Energy rumbled as he locked onto the bizarre existence across from him.

From what he could see, all the other martial artists in the cave were immersed in a dream. He was the only one that could deal with this creature.

Moreover, as he had just destroyed the illusory world, that creature was probably badly injured and could not draw him back into its Psychic World. This was the perfect chance to kill it.

As expected, the creature clearly became fearful when it saw that Wang Chong was about to attack.

"Hmph, as expected!"

Wang Chong sneered. There was an extremely high chance that a Psychic Energy practitioner was not skilled in close combat. Masil, for example, possessed enormous amounts of Psychic Energy, but he was nothing in actual combat.

Although this creature before him was an incredibly powerful Psychic Energy practitioner, possessing more Psychic Energy than anyone Wang Chong knew about, it was clear that its combat abilities were lacking.

"Ant, your way of thinking is too simple! What does it matter that you exposed my illusory world? Do you really think I can't deal with you?! Since you are not willing to cooperate, I will devour your Psychic Energy and force the fusion!"

Before Wang Chong could attack, that creature attacked first.


In a flash of light, halos rumbled and Stellar Energy flowed. Wang Chong saw the martial artists behind that creature open their eyes, but their eyes were unfocused, showing that they were being controlled.


Seven martial artists stomped forward and rushed at Wang Chong from all sides. Clangclangclang! They pulled out their weapons and slashed them at Wang Chong.


As these weapons slashed, a martial artist of thirty-some years gave an inhuman roar. The veins on his arm bulged, and suddenly, the Stellar Energy around it took the form of a massive steel fist. If he were struck directly by this fist, Wang Chong's death was assured.

At the same time, another seven or eight martial artists roared and charged up from behind Wang Chong. In the blink of an eye, he was surrounded.

That creature could pull people into the illusory world, making truth difficult to distinguish from falsehood. In the real world, it could control others, even have martial artists use their supreme techniques. This was something that Wang Chong had not expected, but he was quick to take countermeasures.

Bang! His body exploded forward, agilely making its way through the tiny cracks in the encirclement, and the escape of their target immediately caused the attacks of the martial artists to produce an entirely different result.

Bangbangbang! Caught off guard, the martial artists slammed into each other, instantly creating chaos.

Just as expected!

Wang Chong was completely unsurprised by the result.

That creature could create illusory worlds and control people with Psychic Energy, even use their abilities. It naturally could comprehend the various martial arts these people used and have their bodies display their full power.

But understanding someone's martial arts was completely different from proficiently grasping their techniques and using them when needed on the battlefield. This difference might have been irrelevant when facing another martial artist, but when facing a top-class experienced martial artist like Wang Chong, this minor difference led to a vast chasm in results.

"It's your turn!"

A cold light in his eyes, Wang Chong took up a sword and shot forward like a bolt of lightning.

Clang! A sword flew up from below and accurately struck the tip of Wang Chong's sword.

The energies colliding were actually of equal level, neither able to gain the advantage, and the impact sent both Wang Chong and his assailant flying backward.

Bang! Wang Chong landed and swayed for a moment.

"How could this be!?"

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil and he suddenly felt immense shock. Even though he was weakened, he still had the experience and reaction speed of an expert at his level. Striking the tip of his sword was not a problem that could be solved with Psychic Energy.

Not only that, while the two of them had only seemed to exchange one strike, in reality, the Stellar Energy in their bodies had traveled along their swords and clashed several dozen times at the moment of impact.

But when Wang Chong raised his head, he became even more shocked.

Ten-some meters away from Wang Chong, a figure stood. 'Xu Qiqin' had vanished, replaced by 'Wang Chong'.

It had the same face, same clothes, and same bearing as Wang Chong, but it was lacking in stability and solidity. Even though Wang Chong had experienced his foe's abilities and had somewhat prepared himself for what he might see, he was still startled by this sight.

"You think I can't do anything to you? Now, I will use your abilities to thoroughly vanquish you!"

The 'Wang Chong' on the other side eerily smiled.


Before Wang Chong could do anything, 'Wang Chong' lunged forward. Swish! Sword Qi preceded him as 'Wang Chong' flicked out bolts of God and Demon Obliteration Sword Qi from his fingers.

Those vicious, milky-white bolts of Sword Qi shot toward various weak points on Wang Chong's body. Although their color was slightly dimmer, these bolts of Sword Qi had the same character, strength, and sharpness as Wang Chong's own.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Debris exploded into the air as Wang Chong dodged these attacks by a hair.

"How formidable! I didn't think that this ant would be different from the others and possess so many martial arts. Let's try this one!"

As it spoke, 'Wang Chong' began to turn blurry and indistinct, its body producing black smoke and vanishing.

Void Movement Technique!

Wang Chong's eyes widened in utter disbelief.

Wang Chong possessed the experiences of his last life and more, and there was very little in the world that could surprise him so. But what he was seeing was truly too incredible.

The Art of God and Demon Obliteration was a supreme art he had inherited from Great Tang War God Su Zhengchen, one of the ten great arts of the Central Plains, and was incredibly difficult to cultivate. Meanwhile, the Void Movement Technique was something he had obtained from one of the black-clothed leaders during the black-clothed men's raid on the Righteous Alliance. Wang Chong had only recently succeeded in cultivating this technique.

And this creature was able to use Wang Chong's techniques without cultivating. Even if it was just mimicking them, the result was still shocking. Moreover, in terms of quality, the creature seemed to be capable of replicating the technique completely.


Wang Chong immediately used the Void Movement Technique as well. His position became ever-changing and impossible to pin down.

While using the movement technique, Wang Chong flicked his fingers, sending bolts of Sword Qi to meet those of his foe.


As the two combatants intersected, Wang Chong suddenly clenched his hand into a fist and punched.

As this fist thundered forward, countless streams of Origin Energy gathered around it, turning it into a massive mountain that thundered forward with an unstoppable momentum.

This was something Wang Chong had created after watching the Demonic Emperor Old Man create those azure hands. When he attacked, he could gather the surrounding spiritual energy to boost his power by forty to fifty percent.

But a moment later, amidst a seething sea of Origin Energy, an identical azure fist emerged and slammed into Wang Chong's.

There was an earthshaking boom. The two Wang Chongs had identical strength, cultivation, martial arts, and even fighting styles, and they were both sent flying by the impact.