The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1461

Chapter 1461: Backlash

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"How could it be like this?!"

As Wang Chong stood back up, his face had twisted into a nasty scowl.

What had happened just now could not be explained by simple imitation, and its foundation no longer resided in the domain of martial arts. Wang Chong didn't even know if he was fighting a human.

While Wang Chong was still reeling in shock over his foe's ability to imitate all his martial arts, that creature spoke once more. "Hahaha, there's also this one! To think that your body had so many treasures!"

Boom! The entire cavern began to shake, violent shockwaves causing the stalactites hanging from the ceiling to tremble. Suddenly, in the endless darkness, a golden and silver light flashed into being.

Around 'Wang Chong', the energies of Yin and Yang had begun to spiral, and a vast and powerful aura began to radiate outward. The images of the sun and moon appeared behind the creature, and 'Wang Chong' immediately began to exert a pull akin to a black hole.

The energy in the underground cave began to revolve around it, a sight that would make anyone pale in fright!

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!

'Wang Chong' had used the world's number one evil art, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, without Wang Chong's prompting. The sight of the familiar sun and moon made Wang Chong's heart sink to rock bottom.

He had yet to cultivate Senior Su's destructive Sword Qi to a proficient level, and he had learned the Void Movement Technique far too recently. Besides, this was not an offensive technique, but a movement technique. As for the azure fist that he had derived from his master's move, that was still a half-finished product.

For this foe to use these techniques was more difficult to accept than an actual threat. But the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was different!

Wang Chong had long ago chosen to focus his efforts on the world's number one evil art. It possessed immense power and could allow one's cultivation to rise by leaps and bounds. With this technique, he could increase his strength as quickly as possible so that he could protect the world.

It was also the art that Wang Chong had cultivated to the highest level.

He had never expected that this creature would also be able to use his supreme technique.

Just what is this thing?

Wang Chong was stunned. He did not believe that there was any martial artist with this kind of ability. If this creature was truly that formidable, there would have been no need to control others with Psychic Energy. And Wang Chong had never heard of some martial art that allowed the use of other martial arts without cultivation.

Not a single one of the ten great arts had this ability.

"It's not right!"

Wang Chong quickly noticed that something was wrong.

This creature's abilities were not natural. All of them were imitated from their opponent. If this creature was so formidable that it was able to perfectly copy his body, then wouldn't that mean

With this thought, Wang Chong turned his attention away from the grandiose images of the sun and moon, and focused on his opponent's body.

Just as expected!

Wang Chong subtly smiled. As he expected, his opponent's meridians were in just as much disarray as his own. He had overestimated this mysterious existence.

Although it could casually replicate his martial arts, it wasn't as powerful as it seemed. No, Wang Chong sensed that this being had no understanding of martial arts whatsoever.


Wang Chong stomped forward, halos spreading out from beneath his feet. At the same time, he opened his right hand, drawing a sword into it. He then exploded forward, using the Void Movement Technique to attack his foe from an angle.

"Great Yin Yang Art!"

'Wang Chong' wickedly smiled and immediately fused Yin and Yang, creating a pure destructive energy.

This enormous energy instantly sent Wang Chong flying.

'Wang Chong' sneered and rushed over. Raaaa! At the same time, the controlled martial artists gave inhuman cries and madly charged at Wang Chong from all directions.

With so many people working together, Wang Chong was in great peril.

But Wang Chong remained calm, his eyes bright and unperturbed. Thump! He pressed his right hand against the ground and began to glide along the surface like a swallow, escaping the encirclement before it could completely close.

Clang! His sword cried, reflecting dazzling yet dangerous light. Wang Chong's sword moved like a venomous snake as it flew, flying around and circling back to strike at the left armpit of 'Wang Chong'.

"Careful about just slavishly copying everything you see! There are some things that you can't learn!" Wang Chong loudly called out.

His body was constantly moving, left, right, forward, back, like some ghost. Despite facing so many martial artists and that creature, Wang Chong chose to go on the offensive rather than retreat.

Plush! Blood gushed out. The fierce battle had caused the wound that Wang Chong had sustained in the illusory world to tear open again.

"Heheh, ant, there's nothing of yours that I can't learn! You're no match for me!" 'Wang Chong' resoundingly declared, its voice strange and bizarre. It had no intention of dodging Wang Chong's attack.

"Vast Heaven Earth Art!"

'Wang Chong' used the second supreme skill of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, and a vast energy engulfed the world, sweeping toward Wang Chong's attack.

Wang Chong had apparently expected this. Although his attack had seemed fierce, he had never planned to launch an actual attack.

Before the Vast Heaven Earth Art had even been fully executed, Wang Chong had already lunged backward, retreating even faster than he had come.


Dust exploded as the fierce explosion of Stellar Energy shattered several of the stalactites and knocked away the bones and befuddled martial artists on the ground.

Although Wang Chong had been ready, escaping the Vast Heaven Earth Art unscathed was not that easy.

Bang! As he retreated, he was still caught in one of the aftershocks from the Vast Heaven Earth Art. His body trembled and he lost control. Boom! He crashed into one of the sturdy cave walls, leaving a human-shaped hole and causing rocks and dust to cascade from the ceiling.

How formidable! To think that he could use the Vast Heaven Earth Art to this level.

Wang Chong wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth. The wound on his abdomen and the impact of the Vast Heaven Earth Art had instantly worsened his condition. A writhing pain stabbed into his dantian as the consecutive usage of Stellar Energy added to the injuries caused by his cultivation defect.

Even so, Wang Chong's eyes were bright and he seemed undeterred.

Wang Chong looked at 'Wang Chong' and said to himself, It's about time. Only the last technique is left.

"Great Destruction Art!"

Wang Chong stepped forward and attacked. Powerful ripples of Stellar Energy erupted from his body, the supreme Yin and Yang energy of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

The two Wang Chongs were exuding the same kind of energy at this moment.

"Great Destruction Art? Puny ant, let's see whose Great Destruction Art is stronger!"

A strange light flitted through the eyes of 'Wang Chong', and as the Stellar Energy in its body exploded, it unleashed a pure destructive energy that wanted nothing more than to swallow up the world.

In a burst of light, 'Wang Chong' shot into the air, twisting the space around it. The fierce pulses of destructive energy from its body made it seem like an erupting volcano.

In his condition, if Wang Chong received this attack, he would be dead or extremely close to it.


But surprisingly, Wang Chong seemed elated to see that destructive figure approaching him.

Bzzz! The energy ripples of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art suddenly scattered and Wang Chong pulled back, throwing himself into a cave behind him to make distance between himself and 'Wang Chong'.


The 'Wang Chong' in the air was clearly taken aback by this sight. This attitude and the heedless and determined resolve of the Wang Chong from a few moments ago made them seem like two different people. But before 'Wang Chong' could react, it heard the voice of Wang Chong.

"You're dead!"

'Wang Chong' grimaced, but a moment later, it felt an intense twisting pain from every part of its body. That surging Stellar Energy and its meridians suddenly fell into complete disarray. The Great Destruction Art that it had been prepared to unleash fell apart and whipped back upon its body.


'Wang Chong' vomited blood and crashed to the ground, screaming.

Just as expected!

In the cave thirty-some meters away, Wang Chong's eyes gleamed. Now that 'Wang Chong' had dropped to the ground, Wang Chong finally attacked in earnest.

He instantly used the Void Movement Technique, and as he made his away across the cave, he grabbed a sword, flew forward, and thrust the sword into the body of 'Wang Chong'.

In a flash, the battle was over. Everything came to a stop, and even those martial artists in the illusory world stopped twitching. The entire cave seemed to be frozen in time.