The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1462

Chapter 1462: Possession

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"How how could this be? Why can't I use your martial arts? This is impossible"

'Wang Chong' was curled up like a shrimp now that its body had been stabbed through a vital point by Wang Chong's sword. It clung to one of Wang Chong's arms and its body trembled all over. Extreme shock had emerged on its face. It was apparently still affected by that final Stellar Energy backlash, hardly even reacting to Wang Chong's sword stabbing into it.

"There is no human in the world that I can't control, no martial art that I cannot imitate, no technique that I cannot use!" 'Wang Chong' muttered to itself, blood constantly flowing out of its mouth. Its mind was completely focused on the enormous shift that had taken place in its body.

Wang Chong looked at his opponent and suddenly said, "You think too highly of yourself. You have no understanding of martial arts and only know how to imitate."

As he looked at this unknown creature, a look of pity appeared in his eyes. It was truly a formidable being, but its flaws were obvious.

"Long before entering this place, I suffered from a cultivation defect that threw my meridians into disorder and caused my Stellar Energy to scatter. It's one thing for you to imitate my Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, but you even imitated my body's cultivation defect too. Although I don't know what you are, it's clear that you don't even possess the most common knowledge of martial arts or even know what Stellar Energy is. You probably don't even know how to fight, right?"

"So, this is what was going on?"

'Wang Chong' slowly raised its head, a look of relief in its eyes. At this moment, its face began to turn blurry, and it no longer appeared capable of maintaining its mimicry.

As the illusion faded like a veil being torn away, the creature finally revealed its true appearance.

Yes, it could only be called a 'creature', as the existence before Wang Chong had completely surpassed his understanding of the world.

Even with two previous lives' worth of memories and experiences, Wang Chong had never imagined that such a creature could exist in this world.

Its body was pitch-black and covered in fur. It looked somewhat similar to an otter, but it differed in various aspects.

Its body was two meters tall like a giant bull, and it was cloaked in a seething black mist. What was most unique of all was its head.

From the look of it, this creature was a monster, but its head while there were a few parts that appeared bestial, overall, it looked like the face of a human. The brows, eyes, mouth, nosethese things all made it look seventy to eighty percent similar to a human head.

The similarity was so great that Wang Chong was completely unable to tell what this face had originally looked like.

But now that he had seen its true appearance, Wang Chong suddenly understood why the monster had stopped and reverted to its original form.

Wang Chong had aimed his sword at the monster's chest, but in reality, he had struck its head.

If not for this lucky strike, the battle would probably have continued for some time.

"But don't get too happy just yet!"

The strange monster's face was stricken with pain and struggle.

"This battle is far from over! No one can defeat me!"

Before Wang Chong could do anything, a prodigious energy erupted from the monster's body.

Wang Chong paled, but just as he was about to strike, an invisible binding connected him with the monster, bridging their Psychic Energies.

Thumpthumpthump! Various martial artists throughout the cave, their eyes still shut, toppled over like wooden pillars.

As they fell, Wang Chong could sense almost tangible Psychic Energy flowing out of them and into the monster.

Even while fighting with Wang Chong, this unknown creature had still been controlling the many martial artists in the cave, immersing them in the illusory world.

But now that it was facing an unprecedented foe in Wang Chong, the unknown creature had finally chosen to take back all its Psychic Energy and attack Wang Chong.


Sensing that vast river of terrifying Psychic Energy flowing through the air, Wang Chong couldn't help but scowl. His two reincarnations had given him such abnormally powerful Psychic Energy that even Masil had been forced to sigh in praise. Wang Chong was also extremely accomplished in the field of Psychic Energy.

But when compared to this creature, he immediately lost his luster.

The Psychic Energy gathering in the air was more than ten times Wang Chong's. This was the first time Wang Chong had ever felt such terrifying Psychic Energy.

"Since you've destroyed my fleshly body, I'll just use yours!"

The unknown creature's voice resounded in Wang Chong's ears, and a moment later, the bizarre Psychic Energy slammed into Wang Chong's mind like a tsunami.

Wang Chong's body went stiff as his meridians painfully seized up. He was instantly rendered motionless.

Not only that, Wang Chong could sense a sinister Psychic Energy pouring in like a flood, assaulting the deepest depths of his mind.


Wang Chong instantly understood what was going on. He was no stranger to this sensation, as he had felt the same when Masil had used Psychic Energy in the Battle of Talas to try to control him.

But the Psychic Energy he now faced was many times stronger than Masil's. If Masil had been a hardy stone, the unknown creature was dense and well-tempered steel.

In the face of this dreadful power, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was swiftly routed.

This was the strongest Psychic Energy foe Wang Chong had ever faced since his reincarnation.

Supreme Art, Blazing Sun!

Just as Wang Chong was about to be possessed by the monster, his mind suddenly rumbled and banged. At the center of his Psychic Energy, a searing heat burst out.

Rumble! As the world shook, a gigantic and bright sun illuminated Wang Chong's mind.

At this crucial moment, Wang Chong finally used his strongest Psychic Energy art.


Wang Chong's mind was suddenly resounding with screams.

Supreme Art, Blazing Sun!

This was Wang Chong imitating the extremely torrid and bright energy of the sun. It was the complete opposite and bane of this unknown creature's cold and sinister energy.

With the assistance of the blazing sun, he was finally able to halt the assault of that strange Psychic Energy.

"It's useless! Even if you have the power of the sun, you still cannot stop me!" The unknown creature's supremely savage voice resounded in Wang Chong's mind. Now that it was free from the constraints of the fleshly body, the monster was completely unleashed.

"Isn't it just the power of the sun? I can do it as well! You have no secrets before me!"

At the edge of Wang Chong's Psychic Energy, there was another boom, and as Wang Chong looked on in shock, yet another light burst onto the scene. Wang Chong's supreme skill, the Blazing Sun, had been used again.

This time, the one who had used this skill was not Wang Chong, but that mysterious creature.

In a flash, a massive blazing sun had appeared. The corona, the solar prominences, and even the sunspots were all there. It was exactly the same as the sun produced by Wang Chong's Psychic Energy.

Wang Chong felt his heart sink.

This terrifying creature had used its immense Psychic Energy to draw him into a Psychic World it had created. This had not only allowed the creature to leave a mental brand on his mind, but it also allowed it to obtain some of his memories and secrets.

Unless one obtained the secrets regarding the sun from his mind, they would never be able to use Blazing Sun.

This was because the beings of this world knew nothing of the sun.

Wang Chong felt like this was the most difficult opponent he had ever faced in his life. His powerful moves seemed to have little effect against it.

"Let me see just how formidable you are!"

As he saw that blazing sun rising out the darkness, Wang Chong hardened his heart. This unknown creature's actions had stimulated his sense of pride. He seized the initiative, taking control of his own Blazing Sun and driving it into the Blazing Sun produced by that mysterious being.

Speed and time in the world of thought could not be measured the same way as they could in reality. However, even though that creature was much stronger than Wang Chong, it still could not dodge the Blazing Sun.


Boooom! The heavens seemed to tear apart as those two equally massive suns, each radiating heat in the tens of thousands of degrees, collided in the mental world.

It was impossible to describe the enormity of the impact. Even though that creature's Psychic Energy was much more powerful and more abundant than Wang Chong's, it was still badly shaken by the collision of these supreme arts.

"Ant! You cannot defeat me! Not even the God-Devils of the ancient era could exterminate me, much less an insignificant human like you."

The mysterious creature's voice resounded through Wang Chong's mind.