The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1463

Chapter 1463: Evil Is Rewarded With Evil

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As the monster loudly spoke, the two suns slammed into each other, the shockwaves from their impacts spreading out through the Psychic World shared between the two.

Wang Chong's battle with the mysterious creature reached a fever pitch of invasion and counter-invasion, possession and reverse possession, occupation and reoccupation

In this battle, both combatants used every method available to them. Although Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was far inferior to his foe's, Wang Chong was well aware that if he did not hold back these assaults, he really might end up being possessed by this monster, his mind imprisoned forever.

"If you want to possess my body, you have to have the skill!"

Wang Chong's Psychic Energy frenziedly fought back, and though it was weaker, its attacks were far fiercer than the monster's.

The battle in the world of Psychic Energy was exceptionally fierce, and as it intensified, their memories inevitably began to mix.

"Interestingyou have the memories of two people! Wait; these people are both you! You've actually lived two completely different lives, but how could that be?

"Eh, hold on! You have another set of memories, but how

"This is the first time I've seen one human hiding so many secrets. I'd like to see just what else you're hiding!"

That unknown creature's voice resounded through the world. When it had first imprisoned Wang Chong in the illusory world, it had only scraped the surface of Wang Chong's memories, like his martial arts and battle experience.

But now, it had begun to truly plumb Wang Chong's depths and come across the truly important secrets.

Every person possessed extremely powerful mental safeguards and would also self-select memories so that the darkest and most important memories were hidden in the deepest corners of their mind.

These were secrets that it had known nothing about before.

However, when it plumbed the depths of Wang Chong's mind, even this monster that had lived for countless years was deeply shaken.

This human's secrets had surpassed its imagination. This human somehow had two, perhaps even three, different lives, which simply didn't make sense.

Even this monster had never seen anything like it.

The monster immediately redoubled its assault, mountains of pressure squeezing in from all sides. Wang Chong was pushed back again and again, and seemed about to break.

"Show everything to me!" that monster madly cried out.

No creature in the world could stop it. There had been none in the past, and there would be none in the future. It could already see itself occupying Wang Chong's body. It was utterly resolved to seize this human for itself.

Deep down, it vaguely sensed that this mysterious human might even possess the secret to rebirth.

But this monster had no idea that even though he was facing the great peril of possession, Wang Chong had remained calm. He was constantly fighting back, and his body in the cave showed no hint of panic.

On the contrary, his tightly-closed eyes were pulsing with Stellar Energy and emanated a strange light.

If one of Wang Chong's close subordinates like Xu Keyi had been present, they would have immediately recognized from these pulses of energy that Wang Chong was immersed in the world of energy.


As that monster was bursting with pride, a voice resounded in its mind.

"This battle is far from over! Don't celebrate just yet!"

That voice had barely spoken when the monster's brash calls and endless Psychic Energy attacks came to a sudden halt.

"H-how?! How did you know?!"

For the first time, there was panic in the monster's voice.

"Everything has its weakness. This is probably your core!"

In the massive cavern, Wang Chong had extended his right hand, and he gripped a black pearl between his index and middle fingers. That two-meter-tall otter monster had been cut open by a sword.

Hwaaa! The two halves of the deceased monster's body fell to the sides with a thump, sending up a cloud of dust.

The bones piled up on the ground nearby were tossed into the air.

As the monster's corpse fell, one could clearly see a pearl-sized cavity near its neck.

"No living being can suffer a fatal attack and still maintain their mind even after the body has died. If my guess is right, you rely on this core to survive!"

"Don't speak nonsense! This is just your own speculation! If you destroy that pearl, I will possess your body all the same."

"Is that so?"

Wang Chong sneered and lightly flicked at the pearl. As he did so, he partitioned off some of his Psychic Energy and hurled it at the pearl.


Suddenly, a wretched scream rang out as the monster's mind began to writhe.

Even though it had firmly held the advantage in the earlier part of this Psychic Energy battle, it had apparently just suffered a heavy blow.

Wang Chong could even sense that the Psychic Energy that it had sent into every part of his mind was now twitching and trembling in extreme pain.

None of Wang Chong's other attacks, not even his supreme Psychic Energy art, had been able to even shake this monster. Just a light flick of the finger had accomplished more than hundreds or thousands of Psychic Energy attacks.

Wang Chong instantly knew that his conclusion had been correct.

Seeing an opponent's flaw through the world of energy was something the Demonic Emperor Old Man had taught him, and this had certainly not been the first time Wang Chong had applied this lesson. Thus, when he saw that the monster's corpse was still pulsing with energy, he knew that the monster had a weakness.

This monster had far more Psychic Energy than any martial artist could suspect. Not even Wang Chong was any match for it. But its core was not so formidable.

"I'd like to see now how you try to occupy my body!"

Wang Chong coldly laughed and once more used a finger to flick the core.


Wang Chong immediately heard a bestial yowl in his mind. That Psychic Energy that had completely engulfed his mind was now in complete turmoil. Wang Chong didn't even need to do anything special to sense that the creature's Psychic Energy was rapidly weakening at an accelerating rate.

And this was not the only result his flick had produced.

That monster had previously used its connection with Wang Chong through drawing him into the illusory world to create a mental bridge between their minds. As the monster's Psychic Energy weakened, Wang Chong immediately sensed that some of the Psychic Energy still on the monster's body split off into a most pure and fundamental Psychic Energy that surged into his mind.

Upon encountering this energy, Wang Chong's own Psychic Energy immediately began to absorb it and swell in power. In just a few moments, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy had been restored to full power and was continuing to grow in strength.

"What's going on here?"

This action left Wang Chong very surprised, but after some thought, he realized what was going on.

"Hmph, this is called evil being rewarded with evil. You planted a seed in my mind before so that you could possess my body, but now, even if you want to escape, you can't!"

The monster had established a bridge between the two, planning to use this bridge to smoothly possess Wang Chong once its own body was destroyed. But now, Wang Chong could use the bridge against the monster.

The two had been tied together with a rope.

Now that the monster's Psychic Energy was weakening, that scattering Psychic Energy was not vanishing into the void. Instead, it traveled along the Psychic Energy channel into Wang Chong's mind, strengthening him.

"How could this be, no, no I was wrong. Release me! I won't possess you! I'll choose a different body and we won't have anything more to do with each other"

Fear tinged the monster's voice.

"Too late! Accept your fate! At a time like this, you're still thinking about possessing someone else?"

Wang Chong sneered. The past was the past, and this was the present. With just two flicks of his finger, he had discovered the strengths and weaknesses of this creature. Now, it no longer had the ability to control its own fate.

"Don't get too cocky, ant! If nothing else, I'll take you down with me!"

The monster's voice turned hoarse and raspy. Wang Chong's words had instantly triggered its innate ruthlessness. Aroooo! A howl resounded through the Psychic World as the monster threw all its Psychic Energy at Wang Chong.


But a moment later, another flick of the finger knocked against the monster's core. This flick possessed even more strength and was also imbued with Psychic Energy. A snap could be heard as cracks began to appear on the surface of the pearl.

"Aaah! How could this be? I don't want this!"

With another scream, that flood of Psychic Energy instantly scattered and broke apart. Even before it could collide with Wang Chong's mind, it had unraveled into endless screaming.

Wang Chong's finger flick had heavily injured the core and also its mind. From the moment Wang Chong had found the monster's core, this battle in which Wang Chong had been heavily outmatched had come to an end.

The creature's mind instantly collapsed, its boundless Psychic Energy returning to its most pure and fundamental form before flowing along the Psychic Energy bridge into Wang Chong's mind. As it did so, ancient memories belonging to an inhuman creature began to appear in his mind.