The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1465

Chapter 1465: The Trajectory Of Destiny

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong instantly opened his mind and began to absorb all the pure and fundamental Psychic Energy being released by the Nightmare Beast, even linking his own Psychic Energy to it. He gathered up his Psychic Energy into a massive tsunami that slammed again and again into the invisible barrier.

Once, twice, thrice with each collision, the strength of the strike grew stronger and stronger. Suddenly, Wang Chong's mind shuddered and boomed, and the entire world seemed to go still.

Wang Chong could no longer hear even a single noise at his ear. Finally, after what seemed like countless epochs and also like a single second

Like a silver vase shattering, the invisible barrier of Psychic Energy exploded. That Psychic Energy whose growth had been halted gushed forward once more.

Now that the Psychic Energy had grown past the limit, it underwent a qualitative change, one that Wang Chong had been waiting for. The boundless Psychic Energy suddenly constricted until it wasn't even ten percent of its original size, but it was now five to six times denser.

And deep in Wang Chong's mind, a white bead the size of a mustard seed formed.

Wang Chong's mind was suddenly in turmoil.

A Psychic Core!

This was a manifestation of the Psychic Energy's evolution.

Wang Chong had never imagined that the invisible and formless Psychic Energy would appear in his body through such a method. Psychic Energy's insubstantiality seemed to be a part of its nature, an unbreakable law.

Breaking this law was as difficult as spanning the gap between heaven and earth.

But once it was broken, it signified endless possibility, that one could evolve to reach the same abilities as the Nightmare Beast. Although it might still be impossible to reach that level, Wang Chong had definitely entered a new world.


After condensing and evolving, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy once more began to swell. In the blink of an eye, it had doubled in quantity, and it was still increasing.

"My Psychic Energy, no" A weak voice came from the core in Wang Chong's fingers.

Wang Chong's finger flick had heavily damaged the Nightmare Beast's core, greatly weakening it, but the Nightmare Beast was not dead.

The core was its life. As long as the core remained, it would not die. But if Wang Chong wanted it, the Nightmare Beast could be taken care of in seconds.

"Heh, at a time like this, you still think you have a chance?" Wang Chong indifferently said.

With the loss of its fleshly body and its core under Wang Chong's control, the Nightmare Beast was just a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. But the Nightmare Beast truly did possess immense amounts of Psychic Energy. Wang Chong's Psychic Energy had swelled to four times its original size, but it had still not absorbed all the energy in the core. On the contrary, Wang Chong felt a slight bursting pain.

This is probably my limit. Until I digest and stabilize this energy, I won't be able to grow any more, Wang Chong murmured to himself in understanding.

Men were different from beasts. Under normal circumstances, a human would never be able to get stronger than a tiger or elephant. In terms of Psychic Energy, the same could be said for the Nightmare Beast. The Nightmare Beast was a monster naturally attuned to Psychic Energy, and its body was constructed differently from humans. Thus, it could reach a level of Psychic Energy that even the strongest human martial artist could only dream about.

"It's about ready!"

With a thought, a white ray of light burst out of one of Wang Chong's fingers, formed from pure Psychic Energy.


Wang Chong lightly touched the black core, and a moment later, this tangible Psychic Energy imprinted a Psychic Seal on the core.

The black Nightmare Beast Core instantly dimmed, all its energy sealed within.

"Congratulations to user! For defeating the Nightmare Beast, you have been rewarded with 300000 points of Destiny Energy!" The Stone of Destiny's familiar voice rang out in his ear.

Wang Chong raised an eyebrow in surprise. He had been informed that killing a Dragonbeast would reward him with Destiny Energy, but he had heard nothing about being rewarded so much Destiny Energy for killing the Nightmare Beast.

Unbeknownst to Wang Chong, when the Stone of Destiny's voice rang out, the sealed Nightmare Beast suddenly trembled in shock and began to howl.

"This it's that energy, but how? Why does he have the same kind of energy as my master? Could it be

"Could it be that the person I'm waiting for is"

Countless thoughts flitted through the Nightmare Beast's mind.

"A day will come when you find someone similar to me. When that time comes, you can follow him like you follow me today. He is me!"

"The person you are waiting for will appear after eight hundred years! If you protect this place for me, I promise that you will meet the person you are waiting for. This is our promise"

The voices of the two most important humans in its life resounded through its mind. The Nightmare Beast seemed to understand and felt unprecedented shock. When it heard those first words, it believed that it would only need to wait a few centuries, but it had ended up waiting thousands of years.

And when it heard the second words, it believed that it would only have to wait eight hundred years, but it still ended up waiting nearly one thousand years without meeting the person prophesied. This caused it to go insane with rage, wanting nothing more than to kill.

But it now realized that the second person had said 'after eight hundred years', not that it only needed to wait eight hundred years. It had misunderstood from the very beginning.

So it was him!

The Nightmare Beast frantically howled, but none of the sound it made could leave the core. The Psychic Energy seal had not only sealed its mind, but also its voice.

Wang Chong could not hear the pained howls of the Nightmare Beast, and he swiftly put the core away.


At this moment, he heard a clamor, and looking around, he saw that the martial artists the Nightmare Beast had knocked unconscious were beginning to awaken.

"This What's going on here?"

"Didn't I go back to the sect? Why am I here?"

"My head hurts! What happened?"

"I clearly obtained the Origin Immortal Art and became the world's number one. How did I end up back here?"

The martial artists sat up, stood, or simply looked at their surroundings in confusion. Clearly, they had yet to fully awaken from the Nightmare Beast's illusory world.

"Bastard! You're from the Blazing Fire Sect! If you're next to me, it means that you must have played some trick on me while I was running!"

"Truly enemies meeting on a narrow road! Whether or not I can get the Origin Immortal Art, I'll first kill you members of the Black Yin Sect!"

As the martial artists returned from the illusory world, the mood soon changed, and small battles began to break out.

This search for the Origin Immortal Art had gathered martial artists from various sects, and they each had their various quarrels with each other. With the Nightmare Beast gone, these grudges had floated back to the surface. As for why everyone was here, nobody really cared.

Wang Chong coldly spectated and shook his head. These martial artists had all come for the Origin Immortal Art, but they had seemingly stopped caring about it and begun to focus on their personal grudges.

"Ah! Look over there! It's the Demonic Emperor's disciple!"

Someone finally noticed Wang Chong.

Ever since the Demonic Emperor Old Man had personally intervened to deal with the Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi for Wang Chong during the opening of the Origin Immortal Formation, Wang Chong's identity had become known throughout the region.

"All those of the evil path must be punished! Everyone, let's work together to kill him!"

Some of the bolder martial artists viciously glared at Wang Chong.

Whoosh! Their words caused everyone else in the cave to focus on the Demonic Emperor's disciple.

"The Demonic Emperor isn't with him. They must have been separated! Everyone, don't be afraid! We can kill him if we work together!" someone called out in encouragement.


With a ringing clatter, many of the martial artists pulled out their sabers and swords and pointed them at Wang Chong.

All of them knew about the calamity the Demonic Emperor had brought down on the martial arts world. The entire martial arts world had lived under his rule of terror, and now that his disciple, Wang Chong, was alone, they would never miss out on the chance to execute justice in the name of the heavens.

"Kill him!"

"Kill this little devil! Or else the old history of the martial arts world will repeat itself!"

Whoosh! Savage light in their eyes, the martial artists leapt at Wang Chong, but before they could reach him, they came to a sudden stop.

"What is that?!"

They had finally noticed the two-meter-tall corpse of the Nightmare Beast near Wang Chong.

All of them had gone through a harrowing experience in this vast cave network, and when they saw that strange corpse, they immediately thought back to those three unkillable Dragonbeasts.

They seemed to understand something.

"He saved us!"

They stared at the sword that was dripping blood in Wang Chong's hand and the Nightmare Beast's corpse that had been cleaved in two. Complicated looks appeared on their faces and they were rendered speechless.

Anyone who could appear here was no idiot. It was clear that their appearance here and those dreams they had gone through were probably the work of this monster.

Wang Chong coldly watched, a smile on his lips. He had gone through great effort to free these people from the control of the Nightmare Beast. He wanted to see if these people would still attack him even after learning the truth.

The mood instantly turned strange.