The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466: Bizarre Poison Threads

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The crowd of martial artists couldn't help but slow down when they saw Wang Chong's gaze, and they did not dare meet his eyes.

A martial artist took two steps forward and exhorted the crowd, "What are you doing? This is an evil path disciple, and the disciple of the Demonic Emperor! Since ancient times, righteous and evil have never stood on the same side, but are you now thinking about engaging in a reasoned argument with members of the evil path? Everyone, join me and kill him! If someone in the martial arts world learns that we killed the Demonic Emperor and his disciple, we'll be famous!"

Another person stepped forward and agreed, "Brother Gu is right. Those of the evil path must all be punished! Everyone, together!"


Before they could attack, a martial artist of seemingly considerable strength lost patience and stepped forward to block their path.

"Whether one is righteous or evil, and regardless of what sect one belongs to, one at least must know the difference between kindness and grudges. This young master has done us a kindness, but we would point our weapons at him. This makes us even worse than beasts."

"Brother Lu is right! After receiving a person's kindness, how can we return it with hatred? If anyone dares to strike this young master, I, Zhao Qi, will be the first to object!"

"That's right! A true man knows the difference between kindness and grudges. If you want to act against this young master, come and talk to me first!"

"Gu Tong, you and your fellows are acting just a little too shameless. Even I can't bear to watch something like this. I truly feel ashamed to even be associated with you!"

"Get out of here!"

With one person stepping forward, more and more people began to pile on and stand in front of the group of aggressors.

"You're you're all crazy!"

"You're protecting a member of the evil path! This is absurd!"

Seeing so many people coming forward to protect Wang Chong, Gu Tong and his group paled, even panicked. It was obvious that they had not predicted this development.


Wang Chong had already prepared to strike back, so these developments had taken him by surprise as well.

But Wang Chong did not stick around to argue with them. As Gu Tong and his group were being surrounded, Wang Chong leapt away, using this chance while everyone was distracted to vanish into another cave.

I have to find a place where I can properly rest! Wang Chong said to himself as he ran.

His fight with the Nightmare Beast had given much to Wang Chong, but there was no avoiding the consumption of Stellar Energy. He needed to find a place where he could sort out his body's condition.

There were no interruptions this time. Around five minutes later, Wang Chong had recovered and got back up to go elsewhere. As he began to move, tendrils of Psychic Energy began to spread through the cave.

In this battle, Wang Chong's greatest harvest was his boost in Psychic Energy. Originally, whenever Wang Chong sent out his Psychic Energy, it would immediately be repulsed by the Psychic Seal in the caves, but now that his Psychic Energy had become tangible and gotten much stronger, he could finally use it to probe the cave.

Although he couldn't use it as freely as he did on the surface and the range was restricted to one thousand meters, this was immense progress for Wang Chong.


Wherever Wang Chong's Psychic Energy went, the layout of the complicated cave network was reflected in his mind. Paired with the sound waves, Wang Chong rapidly increased his understanding of the cave network.

A few moments later, Wang Chong had vanished into the caves.

Meanwhile, more than sixteen thousand meters above, on the surface, Wang Chong's killing of the Nightmare Beast had caused turmoil amongst the Origin Immortal Treasury guardians.

"Milord, it's bad! The Nightmare Beast has been killed!" one of the Origin Immortal Guardians said.


Everyone was stunned by these words and immediately reacted with disbelief.

"Impossible! The Nightmare Beast's Psychic Energy was simply enormous. No martial artist could compare. And it's skilled in constructing dreams. Not even we dare to recklessly go down there!"

"That's right! The Nightmare Beast was a powerful creature from the Yellow Emperor's era. Not even the Yellow Emperor could kill it, much less anyone else. We used the Dragonbeasts and Stellar-Piercing Beetles to drive all of them to the Nightmare Beast's nest precisely because we wanted to use its power to kill everyone in a single move. How is it that the Nightmare Beast was the one that ended up being killed? Absurd!"

"You didn't make some sort of mistake?"

Everyone questioned the veracity of this news.

There were many monsters and traps within the Origin Immortal Treasury, some of which not even they dared to approach. But of all the monsters and traps, the Nightmare Beast was the most terrifying.

"It can't be wrong! The life plate of the Nightmare Beast left behind by the Immortal Lord just shattered. The plate was made of metal and would never shatter unless the Nightmare Beast was dead!"

As the Origin Immortal Guardian spoke, cold sweat trickled down from his forehead.


The guardians felt like they had been struck by thunderbolts, and they were at a loss for words.

The Nightmare Beast was dead!

Not even had they been beaten to death would they have believed this to be true. All of them felt an unprecedented shock.


At this moment, the sound of cracking joints drew everyone's attention.


Everyone turned to see what had made this noise, and when they saw that it was that familiar figure, they all shivered.

"No one can kill the Nightmare Beast. It must be that disciple of the Demonic Emperor! He was the one who broke the Origin Immortal Formation, and he also must have played some sort of trick with the Nightmare Beast!"

The leader of the guardians had a dour face, gnashing their teeth as their eyes erupted with intense killing intent.

"Everyone, listen up! We must kill the Demonic Emperor's disciple no matter what, as well as all the other martial artists who entered the caves!"

With these words, the Origin Immortal Guardian leader descended into the pit, their cape billowing out behind them and making them seem like a giant bird. Behind them, the eyes of the other guardians became determined, and all of them began to descend into the pit.

When entering the pit, even people like the Black Yin Ancestor and Song Yuanyi had to be extremely cautious, but the Origin Immortal Guardians had no fear whatsoever. They moved with proficiency and confidence, practically skipping across the walls. Soon, they had vanished into the darkness.

"Haha, they're finally all moving out?"

Not long after the Origin Immortal Guardians had descended, in a flash of light, the man wearing the three-eyed deer mask, who had appeared for a brief moment at the Origin Immortal Formation, now appeared at the edge of the pit. Kacrack! The three bamboo hat men appeared, standing in a row behind the man with the deer mask, and the other men in black swiftly followed.

"Milord, it seems like our two missions coincide," the leading bamboo hat man said. He appeared to have great respect for the man with the three-eyed deer mask.

"Heh, there is no longer 'your mission' or 'my mission'. I just received an order that everyone is to follow my orders. No matter what price we must pay, we must obtain that object. As for the martial artists in the caves it seems like we'll have to repeat the events of one hundred years ago. We cannot allow mortals to know of the existence of God! They must all die!" the deer-masked man sternly said.

"We obey Milord's orders!"

The three bamboo hat men did not seem surprised. It was apparent that they had been informed earlier.

"But, Milord, we could have killed them all just now, so why did Milord stop us from doing so?" the leading bamboo hat man said.

"Hmph! Everyone knows how to kill, and haven't we killed enough? Without a person to lead the way, we'll never find that object. Let's go! Don't waste time!"

The terrifying deer-masked man vanished into the pit with a flash of light.

After a moment's hesitation, the rest of the men in black followed.

This should be the place!

As Wang Chong flew through the cave, the cave's layout as formed by his Psychic Energy and the memories of the Nightmare Beast began to overlap.

The Nightmare Beast had lived in this cave network for centuries and knew its layout like the back of its hand. Although the Origin Immortal Lord had not told it where the Origin Immortal Palace was hidden, for Wang Chong, the Nightmare Beast's memories were of great assistance in giving the general direction.

After traveling for several thousand meters, he noticed that there were fewer branching caves and the layout was no longer as complicated. This let Wang Chong know that he was on the right track. More importantly, he sensed with his Psychic Energy that at the end of this cave was a massive cavern that seemed to have no end.

Go in!

Wang Chong hastened his pace toward that enormous cavern. Soon, Wang Chong emerged from his current cave and into that vast space.


But before Wang Chong could probe his surroundings, he heard a hiss. Dark green poison gas began to billow toward him.

And in this indistinct haze, Wang Chong could 'see' thin threads flying back and forth.

These threads were as thin as hair and seemed soft and weak, as though the lightest touch would snap them. But Wang Chong sensed that though these threads seemed soft and supple, they were actually as tough as steel and sharp as swords. For a moment, Wang Chong felt his blood freeze and the thick stench of death assail his nostrils.