The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1467

Chapter 1467: The Giant Tree In The Cavern

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Not good!"

Wang Chong instantly felt an ill foreboding. At his level of cultivation, not even an ambush from an Imperial Great General would be able to produce this sort of ill foreboding in him. One could easily imagine how dangerous these threads were.


Wang Chong arrived quickly and backed out just as quickly, his feet slamming against the ground before those threads could reach him.


He heard a weak voice, and then a 'ssst' of ripping cloth.

One of those slender threads had brushed past Wang Chong's left shoulder, and he felt a tinge of pain as his clothes tore open, revealing a thin red wound.

Blood instantly gushed out, but this crimson blood soon turned green, imbuing it with an indescribable strangeness.


Wang Chong's heart thumped as he instantly understood. But at his current level of strength, even strong poisons should have been blocked or slowed down by his Stellar Energy.

Yet mere moments after the poison thread had cut into his left shoulder, his blood had already begun to turn green from poison. There was clearly nothing simple about this poison.

I'm already starting to feel numb! Just what is this poison? Not even Stellar Energy can stop it! Wang Chong remarked to himself in shock.

This Origin Immortal Treasury was brimming with dangers. The Stellar-Piercing Beetles, the Dragonbeasts, the Nightmare Beast, this mysterious poison fogany one of them could end someone's life.

Given the sharpness of that threat, if he had not noticed ahead of time using his Psychic Energy and dodged, he would have been sliced in two.

The poison fog continued to roil through the massive cavern, but the poison threads had vanished.

Wang Chong somewhat relaxed and used the time to treat his injuries. But with a sudden thought, he began to search in the direction where the call of 'careful' had come from.

Wang Chong didn't have to go far before finding that person.

"It's you?!"

When he saw the man seated listlessly against the wall, his entire body a sickly green color, Wang Chong's brow rose in shock. That azure-robed man was none other than the renowned Young Master Qingyang of the martial arts world.

But while the Young Master Qingyang that had faced him was brimming with sharpness and confidence, the one before him was severely poisoned and not far from death's door.

"How could it be you?"

Young Master Qingyang opened his drooping eyelids and gazed at Wang Chong. His entire body was lacking in energy and his vitality was very low. He was clearly in very poor shape, but even so, when he saw Wang Chong standing before him, there was still a faint ripple of emotion in his eyes.

He and this 'Young Master Qingyang' seemed to share a connection with one another.

But not even Young Master Qingyang had imagined that they would meet again in a situation like this.

"Truly enemies meeting on a narrow road! If you're going to do it, just do it!"

As Young Master Qingyang spoke, he dropped his head. He clearly believed that Wang Chong wished to avenge the wrong that had been done to him.

But what was waiting for him was a pill.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong removed a pill of what seemed like white jade from his bosom and stuffed it into Young Master Qingyang's mouth.

"This is an antidote pill refined through secret methods in the palace. It costs three hundred thousand taels of gold for each one. It should be enough to temporarily suppress the poison in your body," Wang Chong indifferently explained as he also took one of the pills.

The toxicity of these poison threads was far greater than he had imagined. Wang Chong felt that already half of his body had gone slightly numb. If he didn't think of a way to cure it, he truly might end up being rendered motionless.

Gulp! As expected of pills refined in the palace, after swallowing just a few pills, he immediately felt a significant amount of the poison in his body being neutralized.

"How are you here? Wasn't the Nightmare Beast in front of this? With your strength, you shouldn't have been able to get past there, right?" Wang Chong asked. As he spoke, he placed a palm on Young Master Qingyang's body and sent Stellar Energy flooding into his body to assist him in neutralizing the poison.

With Wang Chong's assistance, Young Master Qingyang's complexion truly did improve, and the green poison on his body began to rapidly recede. But he was still too weak and his energy reserves too shallow. It would take a few moments for the poison to be completely neutralized.

"I didn't think that I would run into you in a state like this! The Origin Immortal Art is known as the world's number one art, and this is the only time in the last several hundred years that it has appeared. Since I happened to be around, I couldn't miss out on such a grand occasion.

"But I didn't think that I would run into Darkshadow Spiders from ancient times down here. To protect me, Sword Dragon was captured by those spiders. If I didn't run into Young Master, I probably would have died here."

Young Master Qingyang gave Wang Chong a complicated look. Some time ago, he and Wang Chong had been on the surface, competing to see which one got the right to live, but now, Wang Chong was saving his life.

"Darkshadow Spiders?"

Wang Chong creased his brow in confusion.

He had never even heard of something like this. Moreover, based on what Young Master Qingyang had said, these spiders clearly belonged to the same era as the Dragonbeasts and Nightmare Beast.

But Wang Chong was rather surprised to hear that Young Master Qingyang knew what they were.

"How did you find out about these poisonous creatures?" Wang Chong said.

"This one's meridians were damaged, so as a child I studied many books regarding all sorts of topics. One of these books recorded strange beings from ancient times, and I read it like it was a book of myths. But I didn't expect that the Darkshadow Spiders were actually real!"

Young Master Qingyang found it hard to conceal the shock in his eyes as he spoke.

"The poison threads ejected by these spiders are as thin as hairs but tougher than steel. The book also said that the spider threads were extremely sharp. Even many precious swords were cut in two after just slightly touching the threads. Besides that, the threads are also immune to fire and water, undamaged by even the fiercest flames. They're simply impervious.

"Besides that, these threads are extremely poisonous, and no matter what kind of martial artist you are or how deep your Stellar Energy reserves, you will still find it difficult to resist. Sword Dragon was poisoned by one of the threads, causing him to be captured."

A look of sorrow appeared on Young Master Qingyang's face.

Wang Chong turned pensive. For Young Master Qingyang to understand this poisonous creature so well was truly an unexpected harvest.

"Did the book you read record a method to deal with these creatures?" Wang Chong asked.

"How could it be that easy!?"

Young Master Qingyang shook his head and bitterly smiled, and then he leaned back against the wall, apparently having used all his strength.

Several hundred martial artists had already been captured by the spiders, and many of them had been top-class experts.

As an ordinary martial artist with an innately flawed body, he had already accomplished quite the miracle in getting here through all the traps and mechanisms.

"Young Master does not need to worry about me, as I cannot possibly leave here alive. Just hurry and leave this place. This spider does not usually leave its nest, but once someone attacks it, everything changes. It has a wary nature and will not attack until it knows the strength of its foe. However, once it comes to its senses, it will definitely leave its nest, and when the time comes, it will be too late."

Young Master Qingyang closed his eyes and mumbled.

He's an ordinary person. Without someone's help, he can't leave this place alive. And after exploring so many dangerous places, Young Master Qingyang probably accepted the possibility of death the moment he entered the Origin Immortal Treasury. In the end, after delaying that moment for so long, he's finally reaching the end of the road.

Wang Chong said nothing, but countless thoughts were running through his mind.

Although he didn't know Young Master Qingyang's background, he could not give up on him so easily.


As he thought of this, he immediately sent his Psychic Energy flying toward the nest of that Darkshadow Spider.

But his Psychic Energy had just begun to spread out when it ran into an invisible barrier.

Just as expected!

Wang Chong subtly nodded as if already having predicted this outcome.

The barrier preventing Wang Chong's Psychic Energy from getting any farther was none other than the dark green poison mist. This was the first time Wang Chong had ever encountered such a situation.

This shapeless poison gas actually possessed the ability to resist and disrupt Psychic Energy.

This was also why Wang Chong had nearly ended up diving into the poison mist earlier.

But as this mist was too scattered, its disruption of Psychic Energy was weak enough that a martial artist could overcome it. Wang Chong immediately sent a flood of Psychic Energy out, forcing his way through the poison mist.

Wang Chong soon had a view of the entire cavern.

Even though he had mentally prepared himself, he was still stunned by the true appearance of the cavern.

This immense underground space was even larger than the Nightmare Beast's cavern.

And in the center of this cavern, Wang Chong saw a massive, ancient tree. This tree's trunk was wide enough to require four or five people to completely encircle it, and it soared forty to fifty meters into the air. Many gnarled branches grew from its trunk.

But unlike other trees, this tree had no leaves, only countless white spider webs, accumulated on the branches like piles of snow. Bunches of spider thread hung down from the branches like bizarre willow catkins.

But most striking of all were the massive cocoons hanging from the branches.

Just a glance told Wang Chong what was inside those cocoons.

Martial artists!