The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468: Young Master Qingyangs Advice

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

From what Wang Chong could see, those massive cocoons contained various martial artists, all of their bodies rigid and straight. But one of these people had clearly been captured recently. Their body was still writhing and twitching from the poison, and clearly wouldn't be able to last much longer.

As Wang Chong used his Psychic Energy to scan the cavern, he saw that there were several hundred such cocoons on the ancient tree.


Suddenly, an almost inaudible hiss of warning resounded in Wang Chong's ears.

And from beneath that ancient tree, Wang Chong sensed a powerful wave of Psychic Energy.


Even though he had already heard about it from Young Master Qingyang, when he saw that massive creature lurking under the tree, Wang Chong was still greatly alarmed. This extremely repulsive spider was four to five meters tall, and actually had sixteen pairs of eyes on its head.

Its body was constantly exuding a dark green mist. The spider was the source of the poison permeating the cavern.

And when Wang Chong had sent out his Psychic Energy to inspect the area, that Darkshadow Spider had been observing while at the same time spinning a giant cocoon around a martial artist on the ground.

Sword Dragon!

Wang Chong instantly understood who this was. The person in front of the Darkshadow Spider was none other than Young Master Qingyang's ever-present guard.

I'll save him!

Wang Chong flicked his wrists, sending out Sword Qi from his left palm and using the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art with his right palm, focusing its power on Young Master Qingyang's guard.

But that spider reacted much more quickly than Wang Chong had expected.


With a sharp whistle, one of the thin and translucent spider threads shot out from the depths of the cavern toward Wang Chong.


Wang Chong instantly felt intense danger.

Wang Chong changed his plan, and with a wave of his sleeve, he sent Stellar Energy howling at the spider thread. At the same time, Wang Chong pulled with his right hand, grabbing Young Master Qingyang by the shoulder and pulling him back.


As Wang Chong fell back, ten-some white threads shot out of the cave and blasted into the cave wall behind Wang Chong.

The spider threads easily shattered this stone that was even harder than Xuanwu Steel, causing bits of gravel and dust to fall from the walls.

But what shocked Wang Chong the most was what had happened to the Stellar Energy he had sent out.

That wave of Stellar Energy seemed to divide like a piece of paper as it collided with the poison thread, even making an audible 'sssst'.

What a sharp spider thread!

Wang Chong was stunned. His Stellar Energy was as tough as steel and powerful enough to turn steel into scrap metal.

But a thread as thin as a hair had been enough to cut it apart. This was the first time he had ever seen this situation.

At this moment, Young Master Qingyang opened his eyes and said, "It's useless. The thread of Darkshadow Spiders is tougher and denser than steel, and sharper than even precious swords. In the narrow confines of this passage, it's impossible for us to beat it."

"Is that so?"

Wang Chong's brow creased, but his eyes were unperturbed. To concede before he had even properly fought was impossible. He had to at least try.

"Watch out! The spider is coming out!" Young Master Qingyang suddenly said.

As the two were speaking, the distant white threads began to tremble and the two soon heard a chorus of clicking and hissing. In the blink of an eye, that massive Darkshadow Spider, taller than two adult men, was moving with incredible speed along the white threads.

It had barely emerged before several dozen translucent threads were once more shooting toward Wang Chong.

The cave passage was narrow and the threads moved with incredible speed. It seemed like the threads would strike the pair, but a moment later, boom! The threads shot into the wall, partially collapsing the passage.

Meanwhile, Wang Chong had pulled Young Master Qingyang back, narrowly dodging the threads and rushing into a side cavern.


At the same time, several large stones wrapped in Stellar Energy howled through the air like meteors toward that Darkshadow Spider amidst its white spider web.

There were thirty to forty of these slabs of various sizes, hurtling through the air at astonishing speed.

But these stones only managed to get a few dozen feet before they were shot down and shattered by the spider threads.

However, mere moments after the Darkshadow Spider had dealt with these stones, a broadsword more than four feet long was shooting out from behind them like a thunderbolt.

Not only that, with a shrill whistle, Wang Chong had his sharp and vicious Sword Qi join this sword in assailing the Darkshadow Spider.

The threads of the Darkshadow Spider were incredibly sharp, and it seemed capable of shooting an endless supply of this thread from its back. In this situation, close combat was out of the question.

But Wang Chong felt that there was no need to go through all that trouble. Since the spider threads were difficult to deal with, he would just ignore them and kill the Darkshadow Spider.

Sixty feet, forty feet, thirty feet With his powerful calculation abilities, Wang Chong was able to successfully avoid the Darkshadow Spider's countermeasures, but when his attack was just twenty feet from the Darkshadow Spider, it opened its mouth and spat out ten-some threads which quickly congregated on the Sword Qi and the broadsword.


With a crisp crack, the broadsword was obliterated and the Sword Qi was neutralized in mid-air.

"How could this be!?"

Wang Chong couldn't help but grimace at his sight.

He knew that this spider was no ordinary creature, but he had never imagined that it would be capable of shattering tempered steel and Sword Qi alike, and seemingly with no effort at all.

"It's pointless. In a direct confrontation, we're no match for it," Young Master Qingyang said, his voice tinged with helplessness. "Back in the ancient era, this spider could already produce thread that could crush steel. Its thread has only gotten stronger and tougher over the thousands of years. Not even I know if there's anything in the world that can stop this thread."

It was obvious that he had already clashed with this spider once and had developed some understanding of it.

Wang Chong's brow creased, but just when he wanted to retort, he paled, grabbed Young Master Qingyang, and jumped away.

Swoosh! Swoosh! As he leapt away, he heard something rushing through the air.

Thirty to forty sharp threads burst out from the wall, piercing into the area formerly occupied by Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang. If not for Wang Chong's fast reaction, they would have been cut into pieces.


Even though Young Master Qingyang had already accepted his death, seeing the Darkshadow Spider attempt to surprise them by attacking through the wall still left him feeling angry and alarmed.

"This spider is intelligent!" Wang Chong suddenly said as he stared at those threads.

This Darkshadow Spider clearly wasn't restricted to just spitting out threads. It could calculate and attack from hiding. This indicated that it might be able to think like a human. It was precisely intelligent creatures like this that were the most difficult to deal with.

"Just hurry and go! We're no match for that spider! And if my guess is right, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art that you cultivate is already showing signs of cultivation defect, causing your strength to suddenly plunge!" Young Master Qingyang suddenly said. His eyes were closed and he appeared utterly drained of strength, but he was still doing his best to remain calm.

"If not for this, the Demonic Emperor probably wouldn't have brought you to the northwest, nor would he have remained so stubborn even when surrounded and assaulted by all the other martial artists. From this, I can guess that your condition demands immediate treatment."

Wang Chong was greatly surprised by Young Master Qingyang's words, and he couldn't help but stare at this Young Master Qingyang who was renowned for his erudition and intelligence. Although he had said only a few sentences, from his expression, he was clearly well aware of the situation in Wang Chong's body.

"You're correct, which means that I have even less reason to leave. Only by killing this spider can I get past here and continue searching for the Origin Immortal Art."

Wang Chong smiled, not at all denying what had just been said.

In front of an intelligent person like Young Master Qingyang, he couldn't hide anything, nor was there a need to hide anything.

Young Master Qingyang's eyes flew open in shock, but Wang Chong merely grinned.

Unlike Young Master Qingyang, who might have gotten used to living life as a normal person, and who would be dead in this kind of environment without his guard at his side, Wang Chong was the sort of person who would stroll around a mountain while clearly aware that a tiger lived there.

Whether during the crisis of Mengshe Zhao in the southwest or the Battle of Talas in the northwest, Wang Chong had always been this way.

Waiting for death had never been his style.

"Wait here for a moment. I'll be back soon."

After taking care of Young Master Qingyang, Wang Chong rushed forward. However, the only things left in the cave passage were a few spider threads. That massive spider itself had returned to its cavern.

All he could see was that the various spider threads were constantly trembling. Young Master Qingyang had been correct. This spider would usually only leave its nest when threatened.