The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1470

Chapter 1470: Fierce Battle With The Darkshadow Spider Ii
Chapter 1470: Fierce Battle with the Darkshadow Spider (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong was stunned to see what had happened to the dagger.

From a certain perspective, this Darkshadow Spider was even more terrifying than the Dragonbeasts or the Nightmare Beast. And given how much the Wootz Steel dagger had already cracked, it wouldn't be long until it was shattered into hundreds of pieces.

But for Wang Chong, this was enough.

He curled up his body and flew in through the small 'passage' opened up by the Wootz Steel dagger, hurtling toward the Darkshadow Spider atop the ancient tree.

The time window was very short and the passage opened up by the Wootz Steel dagger extremely small. As Wang Chong passed through it, his nostrils were filled with the thick stench of death. These translucent white threads were the sharpest and toughest material he had ever encountered.

The slightest lack of care in this process would have his body cut into pieces by these spider threads.

As Wang Chong passed through, those sharp and tough threads were only several inches away from his face, and their sharpness alone made his skin prickle.

Swish! A lower corner of Wang Chong's clothes was passed over by a thread and silently drifted away, whereupon the other spider threads down below cut it into tiny bits.

The danger of the situation would have many powerful martial artists feeling hesitant, but for Wang Chong and his abundant combat experience, such danger had become a part of his life. No matter what perils he faced, he would never back down.


In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong had narrowly made his way through the spider threads.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Wang Chong flicked his fingers, sending several bolts of Sword Qi howling at the head of the Darkshadow Spider.

At such a close distance, even the Darkshadow Spider and its incredible agility would find it difficult to dodge. Moreover, after long observation, Wang Chong had long ago noticed that though the Darkshadow Spider was large and its threads sharp, striking its head would either kill it or severely wound it.

But to his surprise, the attack was ineffective. With a whoosh, two tough and hairy legs rose up and just barely managed to block the bolts of Sword Qi.

Thudthud! The two tough limbs snapped off and dropped to the ground.

The Darkshadow Spider was stunned and furious. Shrieking in pain, it retreated seven or eight meters along the web, its sixteen pairs of eyes all looking down below at Wang Chong in hatred. And Wang Chong himself was soon left flabbergasted.

The Darkshadow Spider's abdomen suddenly cracked open, revealing some sort of bizarre organ.


A ball of white material shot out from the Darkshadow Spider's abdomen and transformed mid-air into a tenacious spider web with a diameter of ten-some meters. The threads of this web were so tightly intersected that the holes between them were less than half of an inch. Just looking at it made one's blood freeze.

And as this massive web flew forward, the air hissed as if it was being sliced apart.

Wang Chong instantly felt the warning bells go off in his head, far louder than for the previous spider threads.


Wang Chong finally paled.

The spider web covered a massive area and cut off almost every avenue of escape. Moreover, once the spider web had reached its maximum size, Wang Chong saw its edges tremble as if it was preparing to close in.

If his guess was right, even a light touch would cause the web to rapidly close in around him.

Even worse was that Wang Chong was in the air, so even if he wanted to run and even if the spider web hadn't cut off all his routes, he still wouldn't have been able to run.


The spider web came with surprising speed, rushing toward him like the giant hand of the death god, ready to tightly embrace Wang Chong and slice him to pieces.

For a moment, as danger drowned every part of his body, he almost stopped breathing.

Two meters, one meter, fifty centimeters Wang Chong was in dire straits.

Everything had happened far too quickly, and there was no time for Wang Chong to think. Not even the Wootz Steel dagger could pull him out of this predicament.

The moment the Wootz Steel dagger touched the web, the web would contract even faster.

Death clung to him like a shadow, and as Wang Chong was on the verge of dying to this web, thousands of ideas went through his mind.

"the threads are also immune to fire and water, undamaged by even the fiercest flames. They're simply impervious."

Young Master Qingyang's words regarding the information on these spiders recorded in that ancient text flitted through his mind.

"If not even fierce flames can stop it, maybe another kind of flame will work!"

The peril of death could trigger even Wang Chong's potential.


Thick flames erupted out of Wang Chong's body, dividing into three colors, three different traits. These were the Fire of Lu Wu, the Fire of Ju Bi, and the Fire of Mara.

These fires all exceeded ordinary flames and possessed unbelievable strength.

Although the spider threads were thin, tough, and unimaginably sharp, they were not actual steel. If not even these three flames could do anything to them, then perhaps nothing in the world could stop them and Wang Chong would soon be dead.

The searing Fire of Lu Wu and Fire of Ju Bi passed across the white threads, but the high temperature failed to deform them in any way as they exhibited their truly frightening tenacity.

But a moment later, snap! As the black Fire of Mara howled forward, the white threads of the massive spider web began to snap and burn.

In a flash, the Fire of Mara had burned a massive hole through the death god's spider web.


As the spider web snapped, the massive Darkshadow Spider on the ancient tree retreated even farther up, clicking with its mouth. As its sixteen pairs of eyes reflected the Fire of Mara, fear and terror appeared within them.

"This beast is afraid of the Fire of Mara!"

Wang Chong instantly understood. He extended his left hand, pulled on the giant tree, and then shot through the gap in the spider web.

As he shot forward, Wang Chong opened both hands and spewed out the black Fire of Mara through both of them, scorching the dense spider webs throughout the cavern. Papapa! The blazing Fire of Mara instantly set the place alight.


With a sweep of his hands, Wang Chong instantly cleared out a large space at the bottom of the tree.


The Darkshadow Spider's calls grew even more urgent now that it saw that its threads at the base of the tree had been cleared out.

Its eyes stared at Wang Chong in terror. It had already retreated to the very top of the tree, seemingly to get as far away from Wang Chong as possible.

"Hmph, I finally found your weakness!"

Wang Chong looked up at the large form of the Darkshadow Spider and laughed.

This Darkshadow Spider had been far too difficult to deal with, and he had almost died to its threads. Despite all the battles and dangers he had been through over his two lives, this was the first time Wang Chong had encountered such terrifying spider threads.

But things were different now.

"The Fire of Mara possesses immense destructive power and is extremely effective against creatures with immense vitality. That's the key, right?"

Wang Chong glanced at the top of the tree and smiled.

Of the three flames he had, the Fires of Lu Wu and Ju Bi had done no damage at all, but the Fire of Mara had instantly burned the threads away. Wang Chong found this very strange.

"These threads are so tough and sharp because you've mixed in your vitality with them!"

Spider threads created with one's own vitality could probably be found nowhere else in the natural world. This would also explain why they could so easily cut through weapons.


The massive Darkshadow Spider seemed to understand Wang Chong's words and fiercely clicked in hatred. Before Wang Chong could attack again, it turned around, let out a spider thread from the top of the tree, and swiftly fled down it, vanishing into another cave.


Even from a distance, he could still hear the panicked clicks of the spider.

Wang Chong was startled, and then he grinned, choosing not to chase it down. The caves here were complex and interconnected. If this beast was wholeheartedly focused on running, he would truly find it very difficult to find it.

"The first priority is to save these people and then find the Origin Immortal Art."

With a flip of his wrist, Wang Chong sent the black Fire of Mara through the cave, cleaning up the many spider webs and the martial artists wrapped up on the giant tree.


A massive cocoon plunged from the tree.

With a sweep of his Wootz Steel dagger, Wang Chong cut through the cocoon and immediately saw a familiar figure. It was none other than Young Master Qingyang's guard, Sword Dragon.