The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471: Surviving A Disaster

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Sword Dragon's eyes were shut and his face was green. His body was motionless except for a weak rising and falling of his chest.

He's still conscious! Wang Chong quietly remarked.

This spider's poison was truly astonishing. Sword Dragon was a top-class expert, but it seemed like he had fallen prey to the Darkshadow Spider after just a few clashes, unable to use any of his profound strength.

Wang Chong placed a pill into Sword Dragon's mouth to help him recover and then called over Young Master Qingyang.

"How how could this be?!"

When Wang Chong appeared before him, Young Master Qingyang believed that after a round of fierce combat, Wang Chong had finally realized that he was no match and decided to escape. What Young Master Qingyang had never expected was that the Darkshadow Spider had actually been driven away.

He had personally experienced the ferocity of its poison, with its dark green mist able to even disrupt Psychic Energy. This, along with its nigh invincible threads, made him truly unable to think of anything that could defeat it.

But Wang Chong had driven it away.

This ancient, savage creature had lived for at least one thousand years, and it was extremely obsessed with the prey it had captured. Unless it was absolutely necessary, it would never flee and abandon its nest.

For a moment, Young Master Qingyang felt like he was in a dream, but when he saw the figure of Sword Dragon slowly recovering in the cavern, his body trembled in agitation.

"Young Master!"

Before Young Master Qingyang could speak, Sword Dragon opened his eyes and looked up.

"Wonderful! You're still alive!"

The sight of the still-living Young Master Qingyang had Sword Dragon extremely emotional, and he looked to Wang Chong with utmost gratitude.

The master and servant had reunited, and both felt like they had had a close shave with death. After all, not long ago, Young Master Qingyang had already accepted his death.

"Brother Wang, no words can express my gratitude. I owe you a favor for this. In the future, if there is anything you need, please ask! Sword Dragon and I will go through fire to accomplish the task."

"Heh, we can talk about that later. Hurry and help me save the others," Wang Chong said.

With the help of this pair, he began to take down the hundreds of cocoons and awaken the martial artists within.

The Darkshadow Spider's poison was extremely problematic, but fortunately, these people had not been captured for too long. Moreover, the Darkshadow Spider had not intended to poison these people to death, so besides a few martial artists whose organs had been dissolved by the Darkshadow Spider's poison, leading to their death, the majority of the martial artists were generally okay.

"Ah! I didn't think I would survive."

"A poisonous spider! I just remembered, there was a massive spider here!"

"What in the world happened? Where's the spider?"

"Ah! I'm still alive! I'm really still alive"

The surviving martial artists began to wake up and celebrate, even more blessing their luck when they saw the remnants of the spider threads around them.

Some of the martial artists picked up branches from the ancient tree and lightly waved them at a still-taut spider thread, upon which the branch would instantly be cut in two. As they stared at the smooth cuts on the branches, they felt their skin crawl. This spider had been the most terrifying creature they had ever encountered. If not for Wang Chong, they didn't even dare to imagine what would happen to them.

Everyone looked to Wang Chong. Though he was dressed in simple attire, he stood upright like a pine tree.

The majority of the people in the cavern had seen Wang Chong before entering the pit. After all, very few people did not know about the Demonic Emperor's disciple, and before this, many of them even regarded him with deep contempt. But now, they had cast aside these emotions, only feeling utmost gratitude.

"Young Master Wang!"

A martial artist of thirty or forty years clasped his hands together and excitedly stepped forward.

"My gratitude cannot be described in words! This time, I've come to represent all my comrades in thanking Young Master for saving us. Young Master is our savior, and in the future, if you have some request, we will fulfill it, even if we must die ten thousand times!"

The middle-aged martial artist gave Wang Chong a deep bow.

Wang Chong waved his hand and nonchalantly said, "There's no need to be so courteous. I just did it in the passing."

"Young Master is too humble! No matter what, we all owe Young Master a favor."

"Young Master, be at ease! In the future, if anyone dares to strike at you, they will be our enemy. Right, everyone?"

"Indeed! Anyone who dares to strike against the Young Master will be making an enemy of us!"

The other martial artists in the cavern called out in agreement.

But just when everyone was at their most emotional and excited

When Wang Chong was at his least vigilant, that middle-aged martial artist who had represented his fellows in thanking Wang Chong suddenly raised his head, opened his mouth, and spat out a cloud of black poison gas.

Swish! A poisoned knife so small that it could be considered a silver needle shot out of his mouth, mixing with the black poison gas as it hurtled toward Wang Chong's face.

At that moment, the excitement and gratitude on the martial artist's face turned sinister and eerie.


This abrupt assault took everyone by surprise.

"What are you doing?!"

"Bastard, you dare!"

The entire crowd was stunned and furious, with even Young Master Qingyang and Sword Dragon scowling.

Wang Chong had saved all the martial artists here, and all of them felt grateful for it. They were all anxious to protect him and had no thought of even trying to harm him. This was precisely why none had imagined that one of them would attack Wang Chong, and in a situation like this!


In a flash, a palm slammed into the chest of the middle-aged martial artist and sent him flying. At the same time, Wang Chong used the Void Movement Technique and instantly vanished, barely dodging the assault.


The small poisoned knife slammed into the wall behind Wang Chong, causing it to partially crumble. A black poison began to ooze across the wall, blackening a large chunk.

Wang Chong also managed to barely dodge the black poison gas spat out by the martial artist.

"How could this be?!"

Several dozen feet away, the middle-aged martial artist flying backward saw this sight and opened his eyes wide in shock and disbelief.

He had come up to say those words precisely so that Wang Chong would drop his guard, giving him the perfect chance to strike. He had never imagined that he would fail.

"Hmph, you think too much of yourself!"

Wang Chong reappeared, a cold light in his eyes.

These people might have taken him to be more of a simpleton than he realized. Given the ever-present threat of danger in this underground cave network, how could he possibly ever let down his guard? If it had been Young Master Qingyang who had come forward, he might have fallen for the trick, but that was only a possibility.

He had only just met this middle-aged martial artist and never interacted with him before, or even exchanged a sentence with him. How could he possibly just cast aside his suspicions and trust a complete stranger?

And besides, that middle-aged martial artist had no idea

That Wang Chong had recognized that familiar aura on his body from the start. It was just that he couldn't be absolutely sure without firm evidence!

"Damn it!"

The middle-aged martial artist gnashed his teeth and his curses echoed through the cavern.

"You avaricious fools! No matter how great your martial arts are or how many people there are, any who dare to intrude upon the grave of the Origin Immortal Lord will only face death! The moment you stepped in here, it was decided that you would not come back alive!"

As the middle-aged man cursed, he forced his body to turn around and used the strength of Wang Chong's blow to rush toward a gap in the surrounding martial artists.


As he was fleeing, a strange piccolo-like sound began to echo through the caves. Swish! Swish! As this shrill sound bounced off the walls, thin and sharp spider threads erupted from one of the cavern's walls.

Aaaaah! A line of martial artists was caught off guard, the threads piercing through their backs and cutting them in two.

"Not good! It's that spider!"

"Did it come back?!"

"Damn it! Everyone, watch out!"

They had all been intending to stop that middle-aged martial artist, but the attack of the Darkshadow Spider threw them into panic and they began to scatter.

The terror of those thin spider threads was still fresh on their minds. No weapon could stop them, much less mere bodies of flesh and bone.

"Hmph! You think you can run?"

Wang Chong sneered as he gazed at the fleeing figure of the middle-aged martial artist.

He had remained motionless not because he was being merciful, but because the moment the middle-aged martial artist had attacked him, it had been foreordained that he would never leave this cavern.


As that middle-aged martial artist was on the verge of jumping into another cave, Wang Chong bent his fingers like claws and motioned as if to grab at the man.

Boom! The images of the sun and moon appeared on Wang Chong's shoulders, and a fierce gale stirred to life in the cavern. An immense and terrifying pull instantly seized the martial artist and began to pull him back into the cavern.

"Not good!"

The middle-aged martial artist paled in surprise. Stellar Energy exploded out of his body as he pushed his strength to its limits in the hopes of escaping Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

But Wang Chong had cultivated the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to its apex. How could it be so easy to escape from?