The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472: The Origin Immortal Villagers

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Hmph, hand over your life!" an icy voice resounded as a powerful energy began to rapidly approach the middle-aged martial artist.

Young Master Qingyang's guard, Sword Dragon, had chosen to strike. In a flash of lightning, dark thunderclouds appeared above Sword Dragon's head, and within this thundercloud, a strange and savage demon god bared its fangs, its eyes as sharp as swords.

This powerful aura caused the martial artist to scowl, and he had to turn around and thrust out his palms, sending Stellar Energy surging toward Sword Dragon.

A fierce gale exploded outward as these two energies clashed, their collision sounding like a collision of steel.

Before the middle-aged martial artist could react, Sword Dragon's Stellar Energy suddenly poured forward, flowing past the martial artist's palms and into his body. It penetrated through all his meridians, sealing them off.

Thud! The martial artist's eyes went wide as he dropped motionless to the ground.

With a single move, Sword Dragon had completely sealed off his Stellar Energy. After doing this, Sword Dragon bent down, picked up the middle-aged martial artist, and threw him down in front of Wang Chong in a cloud of dust.

"Young Master, you should decide what happens to this person," Sword Dragon sternly said. His posture was erect and his body was brimming with energy. It seemed like he had exerted little effort in this clash.

Wang Chong nonchalantly smiled. Sword Dragon was a top-class expert personally trained by Young Master Qingyang, only a sliver away from an Imperial Great General. It wasn't unusual for him to display this sort of strength.

Wang Chong quickly moved his gaze away from Sword Dragon to the middle-aged martial artist at his feet.

"Bastard! You dared to attack Young Master Wang!"

"He's even able to use a flute to control that spider! He's definitely not one of us!"

"Interrogate him and find out where he came from! It can't be somewhere ordinary!"

"This bastard killed Shen Chu! I'll avenge him with my own hands!"

Seeing that the middle-aged martial artist had been captured, the surrounding martial artists all voiced their rage. Even the slowest of them understood that since this person could control the spider, he definitely wasn't one of their comrades. There was an extremely high chance that he was closely linked to the Origin Immortal Treasury.

But as that Darkshadow Spider was still lurking nearby, they didn't dare to approach him.

"Relax! That spider has already gone!" Wang Chong suddenly said. If not for the fact that it had been compelled by the flute, the Darkshadow Spider would have never been so bold as to return and face him.

"Speak! Just who are you?!"

Wang Chong lowered his head and stared at the middle-aged martial artist. But that man merely snorted and turned his head, refusing to talk.

"Bastard! At a time like this, you still won't talk! Young Master Wang, let me teach him a lesson! I have at least one hundred and eight ways of making him confess his true background."

The martial artists were all infuriated by the man's attitude. Many of their comrades had died to the traps in this place, and now, they had finally found one of the people responsible for all this. Their anger was understandable.

If not for Wang Chong's presence, they would have already rushed up and beat him to death.

Wang Chong said nothing, merely gestured to halt the agitated crowd.

He squatted down and indifferently said, "You probably mixed into the martial artists from the very start, right? You were probably tracking our movements from the surface all the way down into these caves, truly a most reserved character. But what do you mean when you say that we selfish and greedy people are daring enough to intrude upon the Origin Immortal Lord's grave? Isn't this the location of the Origin Immortal Lord's treasury?

"And there are so many treasure maps for the Origin Immortal Art circulating in the martial arts world. It's not like we were the ones responsible for such a thing, right? Since the treasure maps are being circulated, isn't it exactly so that they can be gathered and used to open the Origin Immortal Treasury so that the Origin Immortal Art can see the light of day? Isn't this why the treasure maps exist?

"Moreover, the Origin Immortal Art has already been lost for more than two hundred years and is essentially extinct in the martial arts world. Presumably, this supreme art is not easy to inherit and requires someone with superb comprehension ability and talent. Is it not the Origin Immortal Lord's will that a successor be found for his art?"

"Hmph, you ignorant fools! You have no idea what you're doing. This sacred land is not the ordinary treasure ground you imagine, and you have no idea what will happen when this place is completely opened! This will be a disaster the drowns the entire world! No matter what, all of you must die! Just like that other batch of avaricious fools from several hundred years ago, none of you will leave alive! Die for your greed and idiocy!"

The middle-aged martial artist's voice was suffused with immense hatred and loathing, his words practically sounding like a curse. He shut his mouth and his eyes, ceasing to converse with Wang Chong.


The crowd exploded at these words.

"It really was all their doing!"

"You said 'several hundred years ago'? What do you mean? Did others come here once only to all be killed by you?"

"Bastard! What other schemes do you have? Just what do you plan by killing so many people?!"

"Kill him! Let me kill him!"

Their eyes had turned red with agitation and fury.

One group had firmly believed that they were going adventuring for fortune, but another group had concocted this adventure as a scheme, treating the other group as chess pieces. And who would not feel anger upon learning that they were just a pawn?

The crowd surged forward, wanting to kill the middle-aged martial artist. But as the man had been captured by Sword Dragon and Wang Chong, they did not dare to actually do the deed until the two of them said anything.

"Don't waste your strength. I only chattered about so much because I've already spread the word. All of you will soon die here, hahaha!"

As the middle-aged martial artist scanned the crowd, he gave an eerie smile. Moreover, his loud laughter was brimming with scorn and derision.



"This old man will kill you now, and then we'll see how arrogant you are!"

The crowd was once again provoked, but Wang Chong felt that something was not right. This middle-aged martial artist gave him a very strange feeling.

"It's not right!"

A thought passed through his mind, a vague idea, but it was too late. "Ah!" There was a cry of alarm as a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of the man's lips, and then his entire body went limp. His face still maintained that eerie and mocking smile.

"This scoundrel is dead!!" a martial artist cried out.

"Bastard, even faking your death!"

Another martial artist grabbed the man's collar in fury, not believing that he would die so easily.

"There's no need to test. He snapped his meridians. He's as dead as dead can be," Wang Chong slowly said.

If a person wanted to end their life, particularly if they had intended to do so from the very beginning, it would be very difficult for an outsider to stop them. And the middle-aged martial artist clearly understood that he had little chance in front of Wang Chong, so he intentionally provoked the crowd to buy himself some time.

"This How could it be so fast?!"

A martial artist squatted down, tested to see if there was breathing from the nose, and felt his cooling body. He quickly understood what had happened.

The cavern became deathly still, everyone dumbstruck.

No one had expected this person to die so abruptly.

"So, was this all to send a message?"

Wang Chong glanced at the corpse and slowly stood back up. Wang Chong was not surprised by this man's death. Even if he didn't commit suicide, the crowd probably wouldn't have let him go.

But the final words of this man had left Wang Chong with much to ponder.

"In other words, those people have received the message and should be here very soon."

Wang Chong was pensive. He recalled that mysterious third party that had been secretly controlling the Origin Immortal Formation.

Wang Chong didn't fear a direct clash with these people, but it was clear from their previous conduct that they wouldn't give him this chance.

What Wang Chong was most worried about was their ability to control everything, control the mechanisms in the cave network. Whether it was the Dragonbeasts, the Nightmare Beast, or the Darkshadow Spider, none of them had been easy to deal with, and Wang Chong had no idea how many more such dangers were lying in wait.

Wang Chong scanned the area. The cavern was quiet, but Wang Chong felt an invisible tide of danger surging forward.

Young Master Qingyang and Sword Dragon came over and whispered to Wang Chong, "What's wrong?"

"If that man was speaking the truth, this place is no longer safe. We must leave as quickly as possible," Wang Chong sternly said.

Young Master Qingyang was taken aback, but he quickly nodded. "Mm."

This cavern was now extremely dangerous, and even if Wang Chong hadn't said anything, he and his guard were already about to leave.

"Look! What's that?!" someone suddenly called out.

Wang Chong and Young Master Qingyang turned to look.