The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1475

Chapter 1475: The Mighty Yellow Scarf Warrior

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bang! Wang Chong's right foot stomped on a wall as he adjusted his course and rushed forward.

At almost the same time, a giant hand of stone emerged from a wall and smashed into the position Wang Chong had just occupied. Debris exploded into the air as the passage behind Wang Chong half-collapsed.

It's the bamboo hat leader!

Wang Chong's heart trembled as he recalled the bamboo hat man who could transform into a golden giant. When this man transformed, he immediately possessed inconceivable strength, able to turn a martial artist's Stellar Energy into slabs of stone.

Wang Chong suddenly thought of something.

But before he could explore the idea, another massive stone fist hurtled toward him. Wang Chong immediately sent his own steely Stellar Energy to counter it.


Two fists, one large and one small, collided in the air. Clickcrack! The thick Stellar Energy around Wang Chong began to crack and splinter, countless pieces of stone dropping to the ground.

Wang Chong was in no mood to fight a prolonged battle. After making this single punch, he dodged away like a snake, allowing that giant fist to collapse a part of the passage again.

"It's useless! You can't escape!" the bamboo hat leader sneered, and his voice clung to Wang Chong like a shadow. It was like he was somehow able to accurately know Wang Chong's position.

A few moments later, several explosions came from up ahead. Wang Chong could clearly see that thirty-some meters away, a massive giant fist had appeared for a moment, bringing down a large section of the stone passage.

The bamboo hat leader had realized that he could essentially cut off Wang Chong's escape routes and trap him.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong grimaced and shot forward like a cannonball. Just before the passage fully collapsed, he managed to squeeze his way through. Right behind him, massive boulders came tumbling down.

"Hmph, so what! I'll just bring down all the passages, and then we'll see how far you can run!"

The bamboo hat leader's cold and sinister voice echoed through the caves. It was obvious that Wang Chong escaping like a mud fish had provoked his fury.

Bzzzz! The earth began to shake and it seemed like the entire cave network around Wang Chong might collapse.


At this time, one of Wang Chong's eyes was open while the other was closed, its pupil turned silver. Wang Chong had entered the world of energy.

"Heh, don't get too ahead of yourself! You really think I can't touch you?!" Wang Chong suddenly said, his voice much calmer.

For a moment, the bamboo hat man had seemed unfathomable and beyond the realm of martial arts. He even seemed able to freely control the earth over an extremely long distance. But after a few exchanges, Wang Chong had come to realize that while formidable, the bamboo hat leader was not as frightening or invincible as he had initially imagined.

"What? You stupid and ignorant thing, I'd like to see what sort of trick you might have!"

The bamboo hat leader's voice came from all around, brimming with scorn and disdain. The abilities of his 'Yellow Scarf Warrior' were at their best here, deep underground where the rock was thickly packed. Dealing with these weak martial artists was as easy as flipping over his hand.

For Wang Chong to say that he could do anything to him was truly laughable.

Rumble! As the bamboo hat leader was about to use the power of the Yellow Scarf Warrior once more, Wang Chong suddenly sent a vast stream of Psychic Energy hurtling through the air. It surged into the rock layer, traveling through the earth, and after traveling nearly one thousand meters from Wang Chong's current location, it came upon a concentrated core of yellow energy.

"Found it!"

A cold light gleamed in Wang Chong's eyes.

The bamboo hat leader's 'Yellow Scarf Warrior' was incredibly powerful and almost impossible to beat in this environment. However, Wang Chong had already realized that before each long-distance attack, the bamboo hat leader would first have to gather energy. This energy that could control the earth and rocks would take the form of an earthen yellow energy core. It was only after this core was formed that one could launch an attack.

Since he knew of this weakness, Wang Chong could not possibly allow his foe to successfully form the energy core.


A moment later, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy became tangible, stabbing into that ball of energy like a sharp sword.

Psychic Energy was normally intangible, and no other person would have been capable of such a feat. But Wang Chong's Psychic Energy had already evolved to become an existence similar to Stellar Energy. Rumble! The Psychic Energy pierced through the energy core, causing it to swiftly collapse.

As the energy core exploded, the passage and the surrounding rock immediately stopped shaking.

"How could this be?!"

Far back in the passage, the three bamboo hat men were in hot pursuit of Wang Chong. Suddenly, their leader grimaced and came to a stop as he sensed what had happened. The two other bamboo hat men seemed to understand what had happened and glanced at each other in shock.

"How could this be? He broke my Yellow Scarf Warrior's control over the earth?!"

The two sensed an unprecedented shock.

Their leader's Yellow Scarf Warrior was hailed as the Tyrant of the Earth. Using it allowed one to fuse with all things in the world. Amongst all Earth Element techniques, no technique could compare to the Yellow Scarf Warrior and its energy core. Moreover, the Earthen Core was specifically designed so that it was extraordinarily difficult to find.

And even if the energy core were discovered, destroying it was no simple matter. A distance of nearly one thousand meters was enough to neutralize the vast majority of martial arts. Besides that, the core had a unique ability to transfer the power of any attacks it received into the surrounding earth.

But now, the surrounding earth remained undamaged, yet the core had been shattered.

The situation simply didn't make sense, and the three couldn't recall any similar incident.

"After him! No matter what, he must die!"

The bamboo hat leader's body erupted with a cold killing intent, and he lunged into the passage.

He might have been pursuing Wang Chong initially because he had been ordered to do so, but Wang Chong had now triggered his earnest killing intent.

He could not allow anyone who had the ability to counter the 'Yellow Scarf Warrior' to survive.


Wang Chong continued to run while the three bamboo hat men pursued with all their strength. One Earthen Core after another formed, but before they could fully condense, they were shattered by Wang Chong's immense Psychic Energy.

Wang Chong's tangible Psychic Energy attacks were even more effective than Stellar Energy.

"Bastard! Let's see just where you can run!"

The bamboo hat leader gnashed his teeth in rage.

As one of the leaders of the men in black, he possessed a very composed personality that was not prone to showing emotion. But Wang Chong's constant shattering of the Earthen Cores that he took so much pride in, making him incapable of using the power of the Yellow Scarf Warrior even once, had stirred up the most rage and killing intent he had ever felt.

But as the three of them chased Wang Chong down, several explosions came from up ahead. Upon hearing these sounds, the trio slowed down and scowled.

The bastard had collapsed the entire passage!

The three bamboo hat men had sensed correctly. At the final moment, Wang Chong had used his enemy's strategy, collapsing the passage to stymie the trio's pursuit.

A figure rushed out of the cloud of dust, flipping in the air before landing and running off once more.

Although it's hard to actually keep them there, it should be enough to hold them for a while, Wang Chong said to himself as he continued to run.

The bamboo hat leader's Yellow Scarf Warrior was truly too powerful. It was impossible for the collapse of the cave passage to truly stop them. But this had not been Wang Chong's true intention.

Though the three bamboo hat men were formidable, what truly frightened him was that man wearing the three-eyed deer mask. This was also the reason for his frantic flight.

Wang Chong had only seen this man once, at the core of the Origin Immortal Formation, but that single meeting had left an extremely deep impression on his mind.

That man was much more terrifying than the bamboo hat leader. Not even at his peak state was Wang Chong confident in his chances against this man.

Wang Chong sensed an extremely powerful and dreadful energy, an energy that he recalled sensing on only one other person

The Arab War God, Qutaybah!

This was a power that transcended the peak Saint Martial realm, an energy that arose from the higher dimension of the Subtle realm.

Just like Qutaybah, the man with the three-eyed deer mask was a Subtle realm expert, but Wang Chong sensed that the masked man was even stronger than Qutaybah!

Until he actually broke through that threshold and reached that realm, Wang Chong had no confidence in dealing with an expert of that level.

Wang Chong continued to try to distance himself from the men in black, and a moment later, the passage opened up into a massive cavern.

Unlike the spider cave and Nightmare Beast cave, this cavern had a diameter of a hundred-some meters. Moreover, the walls were studded with green flames that cast an eerie light over the cave.

But what surprised Wang Chong the most was the familiar figure standing on the other side.