The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476: The Successor Of The Origin Immortal Art

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Four Ends Martial Lord?"

Wang Chong stared in shock at the figure in the cave.

The man standing there was none other than the first to enter the pit, the Four Ends Martial Lord. When everyone was still hesitating over the hidden dangers within the pit, the Four Ends Martial Lord had gone in without hesitation.

Wang Chong had encountered the Black Yin Ancestor and many other martial artists on his path here, but he had not seen this individual most esteemed amongst the unaffiliated martial artists.

He hadn't expected to run into him here.

The Four Ends Martial Lord was standing tall, his body exuding power and majesty, and the bright armor and large cape he wore clearly indicated his identity. This sort of mighty and soldierly aura was very rare in the martial arts world.

"Martial Lord?"

Wang Chong slowed down and began to slowly walk through this eerie cave toward the Four Ends Martial Lord.

But the Four Ends Martial Lord appeared to not hear Wang Chong. He remained motionless, seemingly thinking of something or looking at something. Wang Chong couldn't see his face, so he couldn't determine what he was actually doing.

One step, two steps as Wang Chong got closer and closer to the Four Ends Martial Lord, the Martial Lord's cape fiercely snapped and fluttered, but the man himself remained motionless.

Wang Chong creased his brow, sensing that something was wrong but not exactly knowing what the problem was.

"Martial Lord?"

Finally, Wang Chong reached the front of the Four Ends Martial Lord. With just a glance, Wang Chong trembled and paled.

The Four Ends Martial Lord was standing in front of a passage, his eyes wide open and his veins bulging, but his complexion was the ghastly pale white of a dead man. Wang Chong could sense no vitality from his body.


Grimacing, Wang Chong extended a finger to the tip of the Four Ends Martial Lord's nose. It was cold to the touch, and there was no sign of any breathing.

And to Wang Chong's consternation, when he sent his Stellar Energy probing into the Four Ends Martial Lord's body, he found that all of the meridians were broken. It was like some extremely powerful external force had snapped them all.

"How could this be?"

Wang Chong felt an unprecedented shock as he staggered backward.

He knew of the Four Ends Martial Lord, and while this extremely prestigious member of the martial arts world might have been lacking compared to Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi and the Eternal Spring Mantra he cultivated, the gap was probably not large. In the martial arts world, they belonged to the same class of experts.

Moreover, when he had first appeared before Wang Chong, he had been riding a warhorse and radiating a most fierce Yang Stellar Energy, so intense that it had manifested into searing flames that threatened to ignite the very air itself.

One could only manifest this effect by cultivating one's Stellar Energy to a sublime level.

Even Wang Chong would have found him a very troublesome opponent.

Wang Chong had never imagined that the fearless Four Ends Martial Lord and his supreme energy would die here. And from what he could tell, his meridians had been shattered by someone with an even more fierce and bright energy.

This sort of situation was simply absurd!

"Just who was it that killed the Four Ends Martial Lord?"

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil, throwing out all sorts of ideas.

He followed the gaze of the Four Ends Martial Lord's dead eyes, but all he saw was darkness and some strange green mist. Yet this sight made Wang Chong feel intensely nervous.

Anyone who could use fierce Yang energy to shatter the Four Ends Martial Lord's body could not be ordinary!


Wang Chong immediately sent his Psychic Energy into the darkness, toward the dark passage and that green mist.

But not even Wang Chong could have imagined the consequences this action would bring.


Two cold flashes of light devoid of any emotion appeared in the green mist.

"Who goes there?!"

His heart chilled as warning bells sounded off in his mind.

In a flash of light, a black figure appeared like a ghost in front of Wang Chong, moving with simply absurd levels of speed.

An immense Yang energy, akin to an erupting volcano, emerged from this man's body. For a moment, Wang Chong felt like the entire world was burning.

This scorching energy was even more terrifying than the Four Ends Martial Lord's Fierce Yang Divine Art. A blazing sun had appeared in front of Wang Chong.

The passage lit up like it was daytime.

"Not good!"

The moment this man appeared, the sense of danger in Wang Chong's mind multiplied. Goosebumps rose from his skin while his hair stood on end, his entire body stimulated by a thick stench of death that threatened to engulf him.

"Great Yin Yang Art!"

With no time to think, Wang Chong took the risk of triggering his cultivation defect, summoned up all his Stellar Energy, and used one of the three great techniques of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.


That dreadful energy that was even hotter than the sun, supreme and radiant, shot toward Wang Chong in an explosion of wind and an unstoppable torrent of fire.

If Wang Chong weren't experiencing it for himself, Wang Chong would have never imagined that someone could cultivate Stellar Energy to this level.

Each grain of Stellar Energy was like a grain of golden sand, and each one was packed with a molten energy that seemed capable of directly turning a human into smoke and steam. Wang Chong suddenly understood how someone of the Four Ends Martial Lord's strength had been killed.

Wang Chong's sharp intuition proved critical in countering this incredible danger. Just as the golden Stellar Energy was about to strike, his own supreme energies of Yin and Yang emerged, fusing together and rotating like a millstone.

The power of Yin and Yang caused that flood of dreadful energy to divide into two.

One half of this energy continued onward to collide into Wang Chong's body, but the other part brushed past, guided by the energy of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to crash into a cave wall.

Wang Chong was bowled over by this supreme Yang energy, his entire body in a state of chaos as it was jolted out of the cave.

The Great Yin Yang Art could both attack and defend. When attacking, it could use the opposite energies of Yin and Yang to heavily injure the foe with a terrific explosion. When defending, it could use the power of Yin and Yang to divide the enemy's attack in half, weakening it by as much.

But even so, the remaining half was still immensely powerful, and in his current state, Wang Chong found it very difficult to endure.

"Just what is this thing that's so powerful?!"

Wang Chong was stunned as he stared at that figure in the green mist.

In this underground world, he had encountered many traps and mechanisms: the metallic storm, the Dragonbeasts, the Stellar-Piercing Beetles, the Nightmare Beast, and also the Darkshadow Spider with its peerlessly sharp spider threads.

But the thing before him did not belong to this category, because no monster could use the martial arts of a human.

Wang Chong still didn't understand what this was.

As Wang Chong was preparing to retreat and at the same time further inspect what was in that passage, a familiar and slightly tense voice emerged in Wang Chong's mind.

"Don't move! Seal your pores! Retract all your energy!"

The Lone Silence Ancestor?!

Wang Chong instantly recognized this voice in shock.

At any other time, Wang Chong would have never stopped just because someone else told him to.

But for some reason, the slight tension in the Lone Silence Ancestor's voice made Wang Chong's body unconsciously decide to obey.

How is he here?!

Wang Chong's mind was reeling.

And what was most incredible was that the Lone Silence Ancestor's voice was actually coming from within the passage.


There was no time to think. As Wang Chong stopped, the area became still, even the sounds of breathing fading away.

The cave became frighteningly silent.

In the passage across from Wang Chong, the green mist continued to drift, but that imposing silhouette that had been just about to attack Wang Chong again had suddenly stopped.

In an almost oppressively tense atmosphere, that figure began to slowly approach Wang Chong.

A puff of air blew away some of the green mist, and Wang Chong finally saw what that figure was.

It wasn't a monster like the Nightmare Beast or the poison spider, but an ordinary human martial artist that was seven to eight feet tall.

His long hair hung loose on his back and he wore a silver-white robe. But unlike other martial artists, this man's clothes were in the ancient style common to the final days of the Sui.

Wang Chong was stunned to see this.

As the dynasties of the Central Plains replaced each other, each dynasty would bring its own unique symbols and style. As an offspring of a clan of ministers and generals, Wang Chong had come into contact with some things from the Sui, so he had instantly recognized the style of clothes.

And when he saw these clothes from the Sui Dynasty, he felt a very bizarre feeling.

Wang Chong continued to watch, and the green flames of the cave soon illuminated the man's face.

It was the face of a dead man, a pale white utterly devoid of blood. This feeling only intensified when he saw the man's eyes.

They were vacant and lifeless, not at all the eyes of a living man.

He's dead!

Wang Chong's mind shivered in understanding.

All was silent and eerie as Wang Chong and that man stared at each other, the corpse of the Four Ends Martial Lord between them. The lifeless eyes of that living dead man shifted and turned in their sockets.

But as Wang Chong spotted a Yin Yang Wuji symbol on the man's silver robe and what appeared to be a majestic phantom golden compass of sorts behind the man that was slowly retracting, still brimming with mysterious energy, he suddenly understood something.

A successor of the Origin Immortal Art!

In a flash of insight, Wang Chong understood who this was.