The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478: Wolf In Front And Tiger Behind The Parties Gather

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"The lineage of the Demonic Emperor truly is different" the Lone Silence Ancestor muttered to himself.

Wang Chong's conduct made the Lone Silence Ancestor think of Zhang Wenfu, Wang Chong's master. As the supreme of the martial arts world, Zhang Wenfu had basically singlehandedly fought back against both the righteous and evil path. In the eyes of ordinary people, this was an impossible feat.


At this moment, there was an explosion from the other side of the cave, and a shower of rocks and dust gushed out from the back.

"Hmph, kid, I've caught you now! You've got nowhere to run this time!" A cold and bloodthirsty voice erupted through the cave of green fire.

The Lone Silence Ancestor still didn't know what was going on, but Wang Chong instantly grimaced.

The bamboo hat leader!

Wang Chong had collapsed the passage he had taken here, but he had still not been able to halt these three powerful bamboo hat men. It had taken them only a few moments to catch up.

If these three were here, it meant the man wearing the three-eyed deer mask wasn't far behind.


As Wang Chong was preparing to turn and flee, another voice resounded.

"Don't move!" the Lone Silence Ancestor nervously said.


Before Wang Chong could speak, he felt a rush of air behind him, a wisp of green mist drifting out from the cave. Wang Chong once more felt that familiar energy, one that was brimming with death.

"The walking corpse!"

Wang Chong's mind trembled in understanding.

"Don't move! I've already tested it out. These successors of the Origin Immortal Art have a set attack range. As long as we don't try to force our way through the passage, we won't incur his attack. In addition, this cave is also in his range, but his awareness for it isn't as high. We shouldn't provoke it as long as we don't move recklessly," the Lone Silence Ancestor said.

The atmosphere instantly turned strange.

The Origin Immortal Art successor had killed the peak-condition Four Ends Martial Lord, so he would naturally dispose of them with ease. Carelessly moving around would only cause them to be attacked. But in front of them, the men in black were already here.


With a great boom and a flash of light, the three bamboo hat men emerged.

They had somber auras, and the moment they appeared, they locked onto Wang Chong. Behind them, more and more men in black appeared to take up position behind the trio.

"Hurry; I heard a sound from over there!" At this moment, another voice could be heard, but it came from a different direction. A rush of footsteps could soon be heard.

Not even the bamboo hat men were prepared for this, and they turned to the source of the sound.

This person was moving with incredible speed, and soon, with a mighty dragon roar that shook the earth, a massive, writhing black dragon shot out of a cave wall. This dragon left dust and rubble in its wake, but a moment later, the dragon was dispelled, and a figure dropped down to land near the other two groups.

"The Black Yin Ancestor!"

The sight of that familiar figure with his naturally sinister voice caused Wang Chong to raise an eyebrow. He had never imagined that one of the leaders of the Five Ancestor Alliance would arrive at a time like this.

And this was not the only surprising development.

"Alliance Lord, it's just up ahead!"

Yet another clamor could be heard. Thirty to forty meters to Wang Chong's left, he sensed a powerful vitality.


Even before its owner appeared, the fresh and clear scent of a forest wafted in on a pure breeze. And as everyone stared, countless green vines manifested from nothing and began to creep through the cave.

A few moments later, several figures shot into the cave like cannonballs.

All of these people were wearing uniforms bearing the emblem of the crane and Yin Yang symbol, and they were led by a pair of cold and aloof men with bright eyes.

What garnered the most attention was the sheer density of the Stellar Energy within this pair's bodies. They surpassed even the likes of the Black Yin Ancestor and Lone Silence Ancestor in some aspects.

The moment these people appeared, they scanned the cave. They quickly spotted Wang Chong, and their eyes turned ice-cold.

"Song Yuanyi!"

Wang Chong's mind was shaken once more as he spotted the familiar figure. The Black Yin Ancestor was surprising enough, but now Song Yuanyi had arrived as well.

The two strongest factions of the martial arts world had both appeared in Wang Chong's vicinity.

The mood in the cave became even more bizarre.

"Ancestor, we're here!"

"Eh? Alliance Lord, why have you stopped?"

"Let's go and take a look!"

More footsteps could be heard, along with a mess of cries and shouts, as the disciples of the Five Ancestor Alliance and Righteous Alliance filtered in through the respective sides of the cave.

The noisy crowd was instantly struck dumb upon seeing the stalemate of four parties. It was like someone had suddenly seized their necks, forcing their mouths to clam shut.

This is quite the problem!

Wang Chong narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the large crowd, his heart instantly sinking.

Of these four groups, only he and the Lone Silence Ancestor understood that there was still another immense and terrifying power in this cave, lurking in the darkness behind him. He was now tightly surrounded with nowhere to run.

"It's him again!"

Everyone was caught off guard by this new development, and Wang Chong was far from the only one caught up in a complicated situation. The moment Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting appeared, the three bamboo hat men instantly recognized them, their hearts leaping to their throats.

Song Yuanyi in particular was a great concern. In that night of fierce battle, not only had the bamboo hat leader failed to kill him, his Stellar Energy had been repulsed and inflicted internal injuries on himself. Although Wang Chong was close by, the appearance of Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting forced him to act cautiously.

Sikong Yuanjia suddenly stepped forward and whispered, "Alliance Lord, it's those men in black who attacked us that night."

He had almost instantly recognized these mysterious men in black upon entering the cave.

The Righteous Alliance had appeared in the northwest to take down the Demonic Emperor, and later his disciple. However, these mysterious men in black had killed hundreds of Righteous Alliance experts in their raid. This had been the greatest wound the Righteous Alliance had suffered since its founding, and even Sikong Yuanjia had been heavily injured in that battle.

They had not found any trace of the men in black before, so they had let the matter go, but since they had run into them now, they were in no mood to just drop the matter.

Song Yuanyi said nothing. He stood next to Xie Guangting, their eyes cold and sharp.

The men in black, the Five Ancestor Alliance, the Demonic Emperor's discipleall of these groups had quarrels with the Righteous Alliance. Even if Song Yuanyi wanted to fight, he needed to first clarify his target.

Once they began to fight, not even Song Yuanyi could guarantee that the other two factions would not just sit on the sidelines.

When the sandpiper and clam fought, the fisherman could catch both. In the current situation, the first to strike would be the first to fall into a disadvantageous situation.

The Five Ancestor Alliance was in essentially the same situation.

One was their constant rival, the Righteous Alliance, the other was the Wang Chong who had previously wronged them, and then there were the mysterious men in black. This cave had suddenly become a trouble spot that could erupt into an explosive conflict at any moment.

The Five Ancestor Alliance might be dragged in at any time.

"Lone Silence Ancestor, when did you start colluding with Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu?" An indifferent voice broke the silence. It was not the Black Yin Ancestor, but the Lord of the Righteous Alliance, Song Yuanyi.

And to everyone's surprise, his first target was not Wang Chong or the Black Yin Ancestor, but the Lone Silence Ancestor standing next to Wang Chong.

The Lone Silence Ancestor was startled at first, but he quickly began to laugh.

"Haha, Alliance Lord Song has truly taken a liking to me. I've never become friends with anyone, nor have I quarreled with anyone. I have only one goal in entering the Origin Immortal Treasury this time. Anything else has nothing to do with me."

If he dared to nod his head, both the righteous and evil path would probably begin to regard him as an enemy. This was a disadvantage of being an unaffiliated martial artist.

Unlike Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor, the Lone Silence Ancestor did not belong to any vast sect or faction. He could not contend against immense beasts like the Righteous Alliance or Five Ancestor Alliance.

"Black Yin, Myriad Ghost, Bone Devil, although our righteous and evil paths have always gotten along like water and fire, let us set aside our grudges for the moment. In a little, withdraw from the cave and attack from the rear. Let our two factions work together to kill these mysterious men in black!" At this moment, Vice Alliance Lord Xie Guangting spoke, and his words had the three ancestors of the Five Ancestor Alliance and their disciples inwardly cursing.

"This bastard!"

The Black Yin Ancestor gnashed his teeth in rage. It was clear from the situation in the cave of green fire that the Righteous Alliance had a grudge against the bamboo hat men.

The Black Yin Ancestor had also imagined taking his Five Ancestor Alliance and retreating so that the Righteous Alliance could fight it out with the other two groups. He could then come back and reap the spoils.

But just a few words from Xie Guangting had removed this possibility.

Even if the Righteous Alliance was the one who wanted to ally with them, when did one ever bring up such a proposal in front of an enemy?

And he had even clearly stated a strategy. In this way, even if his Five Ancestor Alliance really did want to retreat from the battlefield, those men in black would remain suspicious.

And in fact, these words truly did have an effect.