The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480: Layers Of Mystery I
Chapter 1480: Layers of Mystery! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong had known long ago that there were real and fake treasure maps for the Origin Immortal Art, and the fakes outnumbered the real ones. There were only six authentic treasure maps for the Origin Immortal Art, but over the centuries, at least one thousand fake treasure maps had been put into circulation. These treasure maps had stirred up countless bloody storms in the world and led many martial artists to lose their lives.

When Wang Chong first heard of this, he believed that they were just ordinary conflicts between sects. He had never imagined that the men in black would be connected.

What's going on here? Just what was the relationship between the men in black who've been constantly chasing me and the Origin Immortal Lord who has been dead for nearly one thousand years?

Wang Chong was getting more and more confused.

"Bastard! Kill them!"

"They actually dared to play around with us! Slay them!"

The Righteous Alliance and Five Ancestor Alliance experts were fuming.

From the conversation of these two parties, the entire northwest expedition had been a trap. These mysterious bastards had played around with the martial artists of the world like toys. This was a crime that could not be forgiven.


The three bamboo hat men glanced at the martial artists and then looked away, their eyes brimming with disdain.

"Without my order, no one is to strike!"

The Righteous Alliance and Five Ancestor Alliance almost simultaneously issued the same order. Until they determined the strength of these two parties, they could not make a move.

"What does it matter if you know? Didn't we still mess around with you like playthings? And besides" The bamboo hat leader sneered. "With just you lot, what can you do to us? Once we kill you all, what you're guarding will still fall into our hands."

"Kill them!"

The three bamboo hat men erupted with storms of killing intent that locked onto the Origin Immortal Guardians, and behind them, the men in black pulled out their weapons.


With fierce howls, the men turned into halfLu Wus, their bodies rapidly growing larger and violet flames igniting on their skin.


At the same time, ten-some men in black began to blaze with black flame.

Black Flame Asuras!

In a few seconds, these men in black had soared in power, their auras turning crazed and vicious, bursting with the desire to kill and destroy.

Song Yuanyi and his Righteous Alliance had already clashed with these men once and were well aware of their power. It was just that there were fewer of these experts than last time. But this was a new experience for the Black Yin Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance, and they were given an unprecedented shock.

"What's going on? What are these scoundrels?" an expert of the Five Ancestor Alliance called out in alarm. Many people stumbled backward in panic and fright.

The inhuman transformations of the men in black had gone beyond the domain of martial arts. Even the members of the evil path were flabbergasted by this sight.

"Hahaha, everyone, get up there and kill them all!"

The bamboo hat leader coldly laughed, the killing intent around him so intense as to be tangible.

These words immediately made the air tense. The Black Yin Ancestor, Song Yuanyi, and the Lone Silence Ancestor grimaced.

"Hmph, how suicidal! If we dared to appear before you, it means that we came with the absolute confidence that none of you would be able to leave this place!" the cold and somber voice of the Origin Immortal Village Chief rang out.

As that voice echoed through the cave, everyone suddenly began to hear the buzzing of countless wings vibrating in the air.

"Not good! It's those bugs!"

Others might have needed some more time to understand what this vibrating was, but Wang Chong instantly recognized it.

He had clashed with the Stellar-Piercing Beetles numerous times within the Origin Immortal Formation, but the vibrations now were somehow even stronger.

These thoughts had barely flitted through his mind when countless small golden balls of light appeared in a distant cave like stars in the night sky.

These beetles made Wang Chong's blood freeze. Behind him, one of the successors of the Origin Immortal Art was still standing there, showing no indication that he planned to leave, and in front of him were hundreds of Stellar-Piercing Beetles.

In the past, with the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, Wang Chong would have been unafraid, but now, Wang Chong was in an extremely perilous situation.

And things were only just getting started.


A deep and brutal roar emerged from a distant cave, and then the ground began to shake as thunderous hooves slammed against it. Dust and rocks rained down from the ceiling.

Several vast storms of energy were rushing their way toward the cave.

And this ancient aura made everyone pale.

"Dragonbeasts! Several of them!"

The Origin Immortal Villagers had actually brought over the Dragonbeasts along with the Stellar-Piercing Beetles. Each of these Dragonbeasts was incredibly strong and innately resistant to all Stellar Energy, in addition to possessing a formidable recovery ability. Just one would be a nightmare for all of them to deal with, let alone three.

"If I were you, I would just obediently stick out my neck and wait for them. Kill them!" The Origin Immortal Villager's voice resounded through everyone's ears, but it was soon drowned out by an endless droning and vibrating as countless beetles poured into the cave.

The beetles assailed righteous martial artists, evil martial artists, and men in black alike, not discriminating between targets.



Panicked shouts filled the cave as everyone took out their weapons and began to hastily fend off the beetles.

A Five Ancestor Alliance expert was caught off guard, and a beetle instantly managed to bore through his Stellar Energy and into his body. As the man screamed, a tyrannical black flame emerged from his body and completely engulfed him.

In the blink of an eye, the man had been charred to a crisp, his scorched remains thudding to the ground.

Fwoosh! Blazing flames ignited from other areas, catching several more martial artists by surprise.

"Aaaaah!" Wretched screams echoed through the cave.


"Assume formation! Everyone, be careful!"

Amidst the fearful shouts, four immense Dragonbeasts lunged into the cave.

Stellar Energy crisscrossed through the cave as all sorts of attacks were aimed at the Dragonbeasts, but none of them were effective.

For the Dragonbeasts, these Stellar Energy attacks were like gentle breezes.

"Hmph, even if you've called out these things, you will die all the same!"

As the Stellar-Piercing Beetles and Dragonbeasts commenced the slaughter, the bamboo hat leader furiously roared and his body began to transform. A few moments later, rocks began to be drawn toward his body, and when they attached to him, they seemed to transform into refined copper.

In the space of a second, the bamboo hat leader's body swelled into the form of a thirty-meter-tall Yellow Scarf Warrior.

The sea of energy surging within his body would impress any martial artist.


A steely fist shot forward, instantly striking one of the Dragonbeasts and sending it yowling into a cave wall ten-some meters away. The Dragonbeast's skin even showed a hint of petrification.

Such terrifying energy startled even the likes of Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor. As for Wang Chong, who had clashed several times with the Dragonbeasts, he was well aware of their power, and so he was even more astonished by this sight.

"So strong! The bamboo hat leader's martial arts seem to have followed a completely different path. His giant form doesn't rely on Stellar Energy attacks, but pure physical strength. The Dragonbeast's Anti-Stellar properties are much less effective against it."

Wang Chong was stunned as he observed this sight. Of all the people in this cave, he was in the worst situation. The Dragonbeasts and Stellar-Piercing Beetles were formidable, but he also had the even more formidable Origin Immortal Art successor right behind him. If he made any reckless moves, he might suddenly be attacked from the rear.

His only advantage was that he was positioned farther back, with the men in black, Five Ancestor Alliance, and Righteous Alliance taking most of the pressure. But it would only be one or two seconds until Wang Chong's relative 'safety' evaporated, at which point Wang Chong would be in more danger than anyone else.


A large wave of beetles was already rushing in Wang Chong's direction, attacking all the Righteous Alliance and Five Ancestor Alliance experts in its path.

In the face of these beetles that had struck fear into the hearts of all the martial artists present, Song Yuanyi was unperturbed. This was not his first time dealing with these bizarre beetles, and while they were formidable, their abilities seemed very limited against the Righteous Alliance Lord.