The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481: Layers Of Mystery Ii
Chapter 1481: Layers of Mystery! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Song Yuanyi suddenly stomped down, stirring up a cloud of dust, and then a vast wave of Stellar Energy brimming with vitality burst from his body and blocked the Stellar-Piercing Beetles.

Hisssss! A few moments later, countless green vines sprouted out from Song Yuanyi's Stellar Energy and the rocks beneath his feet, enlarging with astonishing speed and coiling together. The beetles lunged at the vines and began to gnaw at them, but the vines were able to grow faster than they were eaten.

The Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra was the most tenacious and strongest defensive art in the martial arts world. Song Yuanyi had singlehandedly protected the Righteous Alliance group from the attacks of the beetles.

At the same time, another wave of beetles, their wings vibrating, charged at the Black Yin Ancestor and the Five Ancestor Alliance.

"Let me!" the taciturn Myriad Ghost Ancestor suddenly said.

Rumble! The earth quaked as clouds of black mist surged out of the ground, brimming with thick, sinister, and foul energy. Guided by this energy, the mist seemed to have a life of its own and seeped into the bodies of the glowing beetles.

Surprisingly, these Stellar-Piercing Beetles that were practically immune to Stellar Energy, and could even eat it, began to rapidly darken upon contact with the mist.

They began to sway and stagger in the air as if their wings had been broken.

Song Yuanyi and Xie Guangting, the Lord and Vice Lord of the Righteous Alliance, couldn't help but be surprised by this sight, but they quickly understood what was going on.

The Myriad Ghost Ancestor was not using Stellar Energy, but the foul Yin energy that had been naturally formed in the depths of the earth.

The glowing auras of the beetles consisted of extremely fierce Yang energy, the exact opposite of the turbid Yin energy, so they would naturally be affected.

"My Yin energy can't hold them for long! Use this chance and attack them with weapons!" The Myriad Ghost Ancestor's voice resounded in the ears of all the Five Ancestor Alliance disciples.

The beetles were strongly resistant to Stellar Energy, making such attacks useless against them and in fact only making them stronger. However, while these beetles were terrifying, in the Origin Immortal Formation, everyone had realized that their weapons were effective. This was also their only method of dealing with these Stellar-Piercing Beetles.


The clanging of weapons filled the air as the Five Ancestor Alliance experts took out their sabers and swords and rushed at the beetles.

Almost all of the Five Ancestor Alliance experts, whether they were skilled with weapons or not, had a saber or sword on them. It was clear that the Five Ancestor Alliance had made their preparations for this expedition.

Dingdang! The weapons hacking at the beetles sounded like the clash of metal on metal.

It had taken only a few moments for the cave to fall into complete chaos.

At this moment, a buzzing of wings echoed through Wang Chong's ears, and he saw that three beetles the size of a child's arm were flying in a row toward him.

These three beetles caused cold sweat to seep out of his forehead.

In the past, with his ability and a weapon, he would have been completely capable of dealing with these beetles, but now

Wang Chong instinctively moved to battle, a stream of Stellar Energy flowing down his arm toward his fingertip.

"Don't move!" The familiar whisper of the Lone Silence Ancestor spoke into his ear. "That walking corpse has already completely locked onto us. If we make any sudden moves, he'll immediately launch a thunderous assault. And that walking corpse is just standing there, and his energy has already built up to its limit, ready to erupt at the first opportunity. That strike will probably be even more terrifying than the blow that killed the Four Ends Martial Lord!

"I don't know the Great Yin Yang Art, so I can't divide his attack in two, and I see that your energy flow is in disorder. If my guess is right, the art that your master taught you is beginning to go out of control again."

The Lone Silence Ancestor's words caused Wang Chong's heart to sink, because they were true. Wang Chong's condition truly was nothing to be happy about. With each battle, he would worsen the disarray in his body.

The use of the Great Yin Yang Art a few moments ago to divert that lethal attack had thrown his meridians into an unprecedented state of chaos. Wang Chong hadn't even done anything yet, but he could already feel various critical acupuncture points beginning to ache. His Stellar Energy flow was clearly on the verge of going rampant.

If this was his condition when he hadn't even attacked yet, he didn't even dare to imagine what would happen once he started to fight.


During this conversation, the three beetles were still streaking toward the pair like lightning bolts.

The air was fraught with tension, and even the Lone Silence Ancestor broke out in a cold sweat.

"What to do, what to do" the Lone Silence Ancestor muttered to himself.

The buzzing of the three beetles in the cave was like thunder in their ears. And behind them, that terrifying gaze was still watching. Even the Lone Silence Ancestor found himself in great danger, truly unable to either advance or retreat.


The three beetles were like golden streams of light as they got closer and closer. Six steps, five steps, four steps Wang Chong could even make out the black compound eyes on their little heads and their first pairs of legs, even the little spots and fur covering them.

There was little time left for Wang Chong.

Just when it seemed like the two were doomed, Wang Chong felt the world slow to a crawl, his mind turning at unprecedented speed.

A moment later, a bolt of inspiration flashed across his mind.

"There's a way!"

In the darkness, Wang Chong's eyes seemed to explode with light.

Just when the three Stellar-Piercing Beetles were about to hit, a tangible Psychic Energy erupted from Wang Chong's mind and landed on the saber of a distant Five Ancestor Alliance expert.

A martial artist's Psychic Energy would normally not be able to affect a weapon, but Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was now tangible, and this new ability allowed him to completely turn around the situation.


That saber that was about to strike the left wing of a beetle, with a pull from Wang Chong's Psychic Energy, suddenly joined several other weapons in striking the center of the beetle. The swords plunged in, causing green blood to burst from the insect's body.

Clicking and shrieking, the beetle was brought down to the ground by the combined attack of three experts.


Like kicking a beehive, the beetle's cries caused the other Stellar-Piercing Beetles to go into a frenzy, all of them lunging at the three Five Ancestor Alliance experts. Even the three beetles that had been heading toward Wang Chong vibrated their wings and turned to charge at the trio.

Wang Chong sighed in relief.

The Stellar-Piercing Beetles were extremely difficult to deal with, particularly when they got into groups. But Wang Chong had realized one of their unique properties. If one of their number was heavily wounded or dying, the other beetles nearby would immediately turn to attack the person who had killed it.

He had tested out this theory, and just as he had expected, it had resolved his crisis.

But while Wang Chong was free from danger, the three Five Ancestor Alliance experts on the other side were instantly thrown into disarray.

"Wh-what happened here?"

The three of them yelped in alarm. They were strong enough to deal with several beetles at once, but they were no match against this buzzing horde, and instantly panicked.


As the numerous Stellar-Piercing Beetles approached, a ghastly white palm emerged behind the trio, and a moment later, a vast and supremely evil Stellar Energy exploded forward, sending the three of them flying.

"Damn things! Stand a little farther!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's icy voice resounded in everyone's ears. When the Black Yin Ancestor needed to act, he would show no mercy, not even to his own subordinates.

The three of them flew into the cloud of beetles and began to scream. A few seconds later, the beetles had broken through their Stellar Energy barriers, entered their skin, and turned them into flaming torches.

"Bastard thing, this was your doing!"

After sending those three men flying to prevent the rest of his forces from being caught in the crossfire, the Black Yin Ancestor turned his furious eyes on Wang Chong. While others might not have realized what had happened, how could an expert on the level of the Black Yin Ancestor not know?

The Black Yin Ancestor's eyes seethed with killing intent as he glared at the Lone Silence Ancestor and Wang Chong.

Wang Chong immediately felt a sense of ill foreboding. As the saying went, he had just gotten out of the wolf cave but ended up waltzing into the tiger's den. By drawing away the three beetles, he had attracted the fierce tiger of the Black Yin Ancestor.

A battle between Wang Chong and the Black Yin Ancestor seemed imminent. Meanwhile, the battle between the men in black and the Origin Immortal Villagers had already entered a new phase.