The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482: Layers Of Mystery Iii
Chapter 1482: Layers of Mystery! (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Darkshadow Spider, attack!" someone suddenly roared.

The immense strength of the Yellow Scarf Warrior had clearly made the Origin Immortal Guardians uneasy. A moment later, swish! Crystalline spider threads, thin as hairs, shot out from the dark depths.

The threads instantly pierced through the immense body of the Yellow Scarf Warrior, and the remaining power in them continued onward to pierce through several Five Ancestor Alliance and Righteous Alliance experts behind it.

Not even those of the highest cultivation level could completely block these dreadful spider threads!


One spider thread after another shot out of the cave. The vast majority were aimed at the men in black, but the others in the cave were also caught in the crossfire.

"Aaaah!" Screams resounded through the air as those Five Ancestor Alliance and Righteous Alliance experts who failed to be careful were cut in half by the threads, their organs spilling to the ground.

The crisscrossing spider threads had swiftly turned the cave lit by green fire into a deadly trap. These threads together with the Stellar-Piercing Beetles and the Dragonbeasts placed everyone in the cave in grave danger.

"That thing should have been frightened away!"

Wang Chong was also surprised to see the Darkshadow Spider appearing again. But the spider truly did seem extremely afraid. It remained hidden in the darkness, using its threads to only attack from a distance.

Wang Chong knew what the spider was afraid of. It was afraid of him.

In the battle from before, he had cut off its two forelegs, fought it in close combat, and even used the Fire of Mara to burn away its webs. These had all left a deep impression on the Darkshadow Spider and left it extremely afraid.

Thus, as it shot out thread after thread, it subconsciously avoided the motionless Wang Chong.

The Darkshadow Spider clearly wasn't aware that Wang Chong couldn't move, which allowed Wang Chong to avoid this additional disaster.

Alas, these men in black aren't that easy to deal with

Wang Chong looked at the Black Flame Asuras as he commented to himself.

The Darkshadow Spider's threads were extremely sharp, but they were directly countered by the Fire of Mara, and Wang Chong had obtained his Fire of Mara from the men in black.

This meant that the Darkshadow Spider's threads would have an extremely limited effect in this cave.

"It's that spider! Snap for me!"

With a furious roar, the Yellow Scarf Warrior turned its copper eyes onto the darkness and slammed its arms down. Papapa! The sharp white threads instantly snapped, the fierce black Fire of Mara burning them away.

"You think there's any use in just hiding far away? Die!"

The Yellow Scarf Warrior's eyes turned cold as he pinched the fingers of his left hand. The cave began to rumble as a vast energy thundered through space toward the distant Darkshadow Spider. This was the same move that had been used against Wang Chong, 'Fury of the Earth'!


The distant Darkshadow Spider seemed to sense the danger and shrieked in terror.

The Darkshadow Spider could only fire its threads eighty meters at most, but the Yellow Scarf Warrior possessed the power of the earth, so he had a much greater range. It was completely in his power to strike through the earth at the Darkshadow Spider's body, and in this way, he was a perfect counter for it.

Just when it seemed like this ancient spider that had lived since ancient times was about to die to the Yellow Scarf Warrior


The earth trembled again as another stream of vast energy swept through the area. A moment later, the Yellow Scarf Warrior lost its control over the earth.

Moreover, an invisible sealing energy had caused the Stellar Energy in every person's body to suddenly tighten and freeze.


As if a cold wind had blown through the cave, the flames rising from the Black Flame Asuras weakened. Even the halfLu Wus could feel their movements slow.

It was like heavy shackles had been placed on their arms and legs.

Formation power!

Wang Chong had immediately sensed that familiar energy.

The Origin Immortal Lord had laid down numerous formations. Even Wang Chong, whose Psychic Energy was powerful enough to control a Behemoth, could barely make any headway in this place.

The Origin Immortal Guardians had undoubtedly summoned the power of another formation that was affecting everyone here. It was just that it affected the men in black more severely.


Soon after, there were two metallic rings at his ear. With his immense Psychic Energy, Wang Chong could sense that the power of two formations had spread to his location.

Wang Chong could sense that thirty percent of his Stellar Energy had been bound, but from what he could see, the Origin Immortal Guardians were completely unaffected.

"Kill them!"

There was a sharp cry as the silver-robed Origin Immortal Village Chief jabbed a finger at the men in black, her body seething with killing intent.


A milky-white bolt of Sword Qi exploded from her body.

At that moment, the air behind her shifted and condensed, and a moment later, a golden phoenix appeared.

While others might not have realized what this lifelike phoenix indicated, Song Yuanyi, the Black Yin Ancestor, and the other martial arts titans instantly knew what it was.

"The Nirvana Sword Dao!"

It was said that several hundred years ago, there existed a supremely powerful technique in the martial arts world that only women could cultivate.

The power and ferocity of this technique were second only to the Art of God and Demon Obliteration.

However, this technique was present in the martial arts world for only a brief moment, so short that many people didn't even get a chance to see it. And as only women could learn it and it had not been spread very openly throughout the martial arts world, the vast majority of martial artists had never even heard of it before.

But as titans of the martial arts world, Song Yuanyi and the Black Yin Ancestor naturally knew of it.

However, they had just believed that it was fake, a rumor that had become more exaggerated over time.

Neither of them had imagined that this legendary sword art meant only for women would appear here in the hands of the Origin Immortal Guardians.

The Black Yin Ancestor's eyes flashed as he realized what was going on. "So it seems like those mysterious experts who appeared back then and defeated many martial arts titans were these Origin Immortal Guardians. No wonder the Nirvana Sword Dao only appeared for a moment and then vanished again."

The golden phoenix merged with the Origin Immortal Village Chief's Sword Qi and turned into an even more dazzling and grandiose beam of energy. It cut through the ceiling of the cave as it hurtled toward the bamboo hat leader.

The beam of Sword Qi was like a comet or the sun rising from the east, its light drowning out all other light in the cave. And it also moved with incredible speed.


A moment later, that grandiose beam of Sword Qi struck the Yellow Scarf Warrior.


The Yellow Scarf Warrior brought his arms together to block while energy erupted from his body.

In the face of this nigh unstoppable beam of Sword Qi, even the mighty Yellow Scarf Warrior had to take a few steps back, his face paling.


Several more shouts rang out.

Two Origin Immortal Elders behind the chief began to form spells. The wall behind them cracked open, revealing the bronze mechanisms beneath.

Two bronze spheres the size of millstones dropped from the mechanism, and before they hit the ground, they exploded into countless bronze blades.


With a light thrust of a finger from the two elders, these countless bronze blades flew toward the men in black in a great storm.

This sight was similar to the metallic storm encountered in the giant pit, though on a much smaller scale.

With their chief and elders leading the way, the other Origin Immortal Villagers plunged into the fray.

They were all extremely powerful, their cultivation level at the Imperial Martial realm or above. These people entering the battle and the effects of the underground formations soon pushed the men in black into dire straits.


A bronze blade swept past the neck of a black-clothed man. Before this man could even react, a thin red line appeared, and then his head flew away.

In death, his eyes were still round in disbelief.


At almost the same time, the cave walls trembled as the Dragonbeast that the Yellow Scarf Warrior had knocked away staggered to its feet.

The Dragonbeast opened its maw and spat out a gout of flame, instantly burning a man in black to ash.

Meanwhile, these Dragonbeasts began to transform.

Their bodies began to click and crack as they visibly grew larger, blacker and stronger.

More and more black dragon scales began to grow out of their bodies.


And soon after, searing streams of black smoke began to gush out from between the scales.

In the blink of an eye, the Dragonbeasts had completed their transformation. Their auras had risen to a new level, and they were even more brutal and powerful.

Shrouded in black smoke and fierce flames, the Dragonbeasts thundered toward the men in black.