The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483: Going On The Offensive

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bang! A Dragonbeast swung a foot, and two halfLu Wus in the middle of battle only had time to pale in fear before they were sent hurtling into a wall.

The Dragonbeasts were so strong that some of the men in black had their bodies separated with just a single swipe.


Screams ripped through the air as the vast cloud of Stellar-Piercing Beetles also began to exhibit their might.

Even though the resistance of these beetles to Stellar Energy was not that useful against these men in black and their Fire of Mara, this was far from their only ability. The mouths of these beetles were sharper than most swords and could easily bite through them, and they could do the same to human flesh.

These beetles were all strengthened mutants, and though the men in black managed to kill many of them, many more would still find the holes in their defenses and burrow through their bodies.

The men in black scratched and tore at their bodies and then fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, the Darkshadow Spider hidden in the darkness was continuing to attack.

Swishswishswish! Countless white threads flew through the cave, once more turning it into a deadly trap. Various martial artists and men in black couldn't dodge in time and were sliced into pieces by the threads.

In just a few moments, the Origin Immortal Villagers had obtained the firm upper hand.


But just when the Origin Immortal Village Chief was about to battle with the bamboo hat leader, an icy sneer resounded in everyone's ears.

"You're finally here!"

An immense and soul-chilling energy exploded into everyone's perception. Upon sensing this vast energy, the Origin Immortal Village Chief and the villagers all paled.

The three bamboo hat men and their subordinates were all invigorated.


Before they could react, the world swayed, and a massive golden arm burst through a cave wall and smashed into the Origin Immortal Villagers.


Amidst screams and explosions of energy, the villagers were sent flying like ragdolls.

The beetles in the air immediately died upon contact with the golden energy, swaths of them dropping to the ground.

The Subtle realm!

Wang Chong was intimately familiar with this golden energy.

This was the energy of the apex of the martial realm, that which Great Generals could only dream of.

Upon reaching this level, one's energy would undergo a complete transformation.

It's that man wearing the three-eyed deer mask!

Wang Chong's heart chilled as he sensed an unprecedented danger.

In the end, the inevitable had occurred. Wang Chong had been worried about that man with the three-eyed deer mask all this time, wondering where he was. Though the three bamboo hat men were formidable, the masked man was Wang Chong's true fear.

He needed to leave as soon as possible or else lose his chance forever!

Not much time had passed since the battle had begun. Wang Chong had cleverly drawn away the beetles to the Five Ancestor Alliance, the Darkshadow Spider was afraid of him, and the Dragonbeasts were completely focused on the men in black.

Thus, by continuing to remain as a 'spectator', Wang Chong could be considered to be the safest person on the field.

But Wang Chong was well aware that this situation wouldn't last for long. Once the men in black defeated the Origin Immortal Villagers, they would quickly make him their target.


The sharp cry of a woman cut through the air. A hint of panic had appeared in the eyes of the Origin Immortal Village Chief. It was obvious that she had not predicted that the man with the three-eyed deer mask would appear at this time.


Sword Qi howled and a phoenix cried, its calls tinged with worry and unease. The Origin Immortal VIllage Chief's Nirvana Sword Dao blazed with light and its power swelled as she attacked the bamboo hat leader with unprecedented ferocity.

"Hahaha, you want to leave at a time like this? Do you have the time?"

At this moment, the Yellow Scarf Warrior finally revealed a strange smile.

Before the battle had started, not even the bamboo hat leader would have been able to detain the Origin Immortal Village Chief. The understanding of the cave these villagers had and their control of its various traps would allow them to easily escape.

But now, he could not possibly allow her to leave.

"Raise the Mountains, Exceed the Seas!"

The massive Yellow Scarf Warrior gathered the Stellar Energy around him and set it hurtling at the Origin Immortal Village Chief, even allowing himself to be injured by the Nirvana Sword Dao in order to hold her down.

The Origin Immortal Village Chief scowled.

At this moment, a dreadful development took place.

There was a flash of light in the cave behind the Origin Immortal Villagers, and then a black-robed man drifted out like a willow catkin, the three-eyed deer mask on his face striking and cold to the extreme.


The appearance of this man caused Song Yuanyi, Xie Guangting, the Black Yin Ancestor, Bone Devil Ancestor, and the other martial arts titans to widen their eyes in shock, their minds sensing an imminent danger.

This man with the three-eyed deer mask exuded an immense pressure, and all of them could sense an intense and blatant killing intent. Despite what the man had said, this killing intent was targeted at everyone in the cave, not just the Origin Immortal Village Chief.

The masked man's eyes were cold as he ordered, "Kill them! Leave not one alive!"

A moment later, he locked onto the white-robed Origin Immortal Village Chief.


Everyone felt like a path leading to a higher and more mysterious dimension had opened.

An immense energy as hot as the sun erupted, surging into the masked man's body.


With a pained cry, the Origin Immortal Village Chief's milky-white Nirvana Sword Qi was shattered by a giant golden hand.

The Origin Immortal Village Chief was sent staggering backward seven or eight steps, and the bamboo hat men used this chance to fall back.

All of the members of this organization were unruly people, and they looked down on working with others, a trait that only intensified the higher one's status was. The man with the three-eyed deer mask had the highest status, the greatest strength, and also the proudest personality.

Once he took action, if anyone else dared to help him, they would essentially be humiliating him.

"Leave that chief to Milord while we kill the others. No one is allowed to leave!"

The bamboo hat leader's eyes were bright as he turned to the Origin Immortal Villagers and the martial artists of the righteous and evil paths.

Clingclang! As more and more weapons clashed, screams began to ring out. The Origin Immortal Villagers had soon suffered grievous losses.

The halfLu Wus and the Black Flame Asuras began to turn their attacks on the martial artists of the righteous and evil paths.

"What are you doing?!"

"Bastard! Watch out for those men in black!"

People began to cry out in alarm.

The Righteous Alliance had already fought with the men in black once, so they had mentally prepared themselves and were not too panicked. But the Five Ancestor Alliance had not been prepared at all.

"This is a problem! The fighting in the cave will engulf us eventually. Behind us is one of the six generations of walking corpse. These walking corpses all have their own area of activity, and there's a high chance that the fighting in the cave has alarmed him. Our situation will only get worse from here!" the Lone Silence Ancestor worriedly said. Just like Wang Chong, he was also in the attack range of that Origin Immortal Art successor.

The successors of the Origin Immortal Art were simply too powerful. Now that he was in the attack range of one, not even the Lone Silence Ancestor with his formidable cultivation level could easily escape.

The men in black had already begun to massacre everyone in the cave, and there was still a chance that the Stellar-Piercing Beetles could attack.

Wang Chong said nothing as his mind turned.

He understood what the Lone Silence Ancestor was feeling, and he felt even more anxious than he did. After all, these men in black were also after him.

"Don't worry! I have a solution. In a little while, when I see the chance, we'll immediately escape. There will only be one chance! Once that man with golden deer mask is free, none of us will be able to escape." Wang Chong spoke into the Lone Silence Ancestor's ear, his words a great surprise to him.

"Young Master Wang, what do you mean?"

The Lone Silence Ancestor was dumbstruck. Their situation was extremely bizarre. While everyone else was fighting, the two of them had remained motionless.

This was fine while there was no fighting, but it was very strange now that everyone was fighting for their lives.

Wang Chong scanned the battlefield, and he quickly fixed his eyes on one of the bamboo hat men, who was slaughtering the experts of the Five Ancestor Alliance.

"He's the one!"

His eyes gleamed with a vicious light, and soon, a vast stream of Psychic Energy slammed into the mind of the bamboo hat man. Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was so powerful that it already had physical form. No expert beneath the Subtle realm could contend against it.

Not even the bamboo hat man could endure this sort of attack.