The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1484

Chapter 1484: The Trayastrimsa Heaven1

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The third bamboo hat man was using Greater Void Step to constantly move through the cave while ceaselessly attacking. Across from him, several Five Ancestor Alliance elders were just barely managing to hold on.

"Damn it! He's too fast! If this continues, we'll all be killed!"

As the Five Ancestor Alliance elders were frantic with worry


Immense Psychic Energy flew through the air like a sword, stabbing at the air. A moment later, there was a groan as a person emerged from the void.

This was the bamboo hat man using Greater Void Step.

Wang Chong's accurate strike had completely exposed the third bamboo hat man, leaving him in a rather dire situation.

The bamboo hat man fiercely turned and glared at Wang Chong, who was standing in front of the passage.

"Heh, the mighty God organization is really nothing at all!"

At Wang Chong's words, the third bamboo hat man scowled.

Their organization had always been inconspicuous and never left behind any clues. Anyone who knew anything about them would be thoroughly eliminated.

It was for this reason that martial arts titans like Song Yuanyi and Black Yin Ancestor knew nothing about them, but Wang Chong had blatantly announced the name of their organization.

Although the God organization was not their actual name, it was one of their aliases.

"A Subtle realm expert has to work together with others to conspire against one woman! How shameless!"

As Wang Chong spoke, he glanced at the silver-robed, golden-masked Origin Immortal Village Chief.

Although this person wore a wide-sleeved robe that obscured the shape of her body, her cold and aloof demeanor and her voice revealed her gender.

"Foul brat, you've got a sharp tongue! But that won't get you much. Once this one kills the rest, I'll come and deal with you!"

The third bamboo hat man's eyes gleamed with cold light, and his body blinked away as he dodged the attack of a Five Ancestor Alliance elder.

Rumble! Stellar Energy exploded, causing his cape to snap. A moment later, he had vanished like a ghost.

Clangclangclang! The third bamboo hat man moved with incredible speed, and after just a few seconds, the three Five Ancestor Alliance elders had been pushed back, blood seeping out from their chests, arms, and thighs.

Even with the three of them working together, they could not do much to the man.

The Greater Void Step was much faster than Wang Chong's Void Movement Technique. If not for the unbelievable level of his Psychic Energy, he would have never been able to catch the third bamboo hat man.

"Hmph, it's not that simple!"

Wang Chong had managed with great difficulty to draw the attention of this bamboo hat man. He certainly wouldn't permit his foe to deal with the Five Ancestor Alliance elders and then come to deal with him.

Speed was paramount in war. Once the man with the three-eyed deer mask was freed up, it would be too late for any plans.

Since you're not willing to strike, I'll force you to! Wang Chong decided.

In this dangerous cave, everyone was acting like they were treading on thin ice. Wang Chong was probably the only one who was wishing to be targeted first and worried that his foe was not attacking him quickly enough.

As the third bamboo hat man was completely focused on the three Five Ancestor Alliance elders, pushing his Greater Void Step to the absolute limit while unleashing lethal blow after lethal blow with his saber, a voice resounded in the ears of the elders.

"Kan position, eight feet, Catch the Dragon and Subdue the Tiger!

"Li position, six feet, Return the Dragon and Turn the Phoenix!

"Kan position, nine feet, Climb the Mountains to Seize the Sparrow!

"Zhen position, four feet, Phoenix Descends with Grace!"

"It's him!"

The three Five Ancestor Alliance elders looked at each other in shock. They immediately recognized this voice as belonging to the Demonic Emperor's disciple.

The Five Ancestor Alliance got along with the Demonic Emperor like fire and water, and the Black Yin Ancestor had tried several times to entrap his disciple.

But at this time, Wang Chong had decided to help them. This left the three elders rather confused and uncomfortable.

Yet their bodies instinctively executed Wang Chong's plan.


A few moments later, the battle had suddenly turned.

With the three of them executing Wang Chong's orders, they had not only managed to block the dreadful blows of the third bamboo hat man, but even managed to force him into a perilous situation.

The greatest advantage of the third bamboo hat man was his Greater Void Step. Once it was countered, his threat level plunged.

"Xun position, ten feet and six inches, Mountain Sunder!" Wang Chong once more shouted an order, and with the flash of a saber and the ripping of cloth, blood gushed out of the third bamboo hat man's shoulder. He instantly paled and flew backward.

"Bastard! Since you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"

The bamboo hat man turned and glared at Wang Chong, a nasty scowl on his face.

Wang Chong had the Five Ancestor Alliance elders use the simplest and most fundamental techniques, not any special technique of the Five Ancestor Alliance, so the elders had little difficulty in using them.

If Wang Chong continued to shout orders, let alone killing the elders, the bamboo hat man would find it hard to even preserve his life.


With a fierce light in his eyes, the third bamboo hat man stared at Wang Chong for a few seconds, and then he vanished.

Although nothing could be seen in the shadows, Wang Chong could already sense an immense energy, crazed and vicious, rapidly approaching.

"You've taken the bait!"

A satisfied smile appeared on Wang Chong's lips.


When the bamboo hat man was only six or seven feet away, Wang Chong flung all his Psychic Energy into the man's mind like a sharp sword.

This tangible Psychic Energy slamming into his mind was as effective as if it had been an actual dagger.

The bamboo hat man immediately saw stars.

He had been preparing to use his greatest skill to instantly kill Wang Chong, but Wang Chong's constant interference had so infuriated him that he decided to change plans.

He shook his wrist, and a black and wicked saber wrapped in a tsunami of Stellar Energy exploded out of his hand.

The saber moved as quickly as a lightning bolt, rapidly approaching Wang Chong. His eyes narrowed as his entire being focused on the saber.

Three, two, one

Wang Chong counted down, and when he reached 'one', he roared, "Lone Silence Ancestor, now is the moment!"

Without another word, Wang Chong used the Void Movement Technique and moved to the left.

Stellar Energy erupted from the bottom of his feet, traveling through the ground to the passage behind him, where it knocked over the Four Ends Martial Lord's corpse.


A moment later, the lightning-fast saber thrown by the third bamboo hat man brushed past Wang Chong and flew into the green mist.

There was a thunderous explosion, and then golden light burst out of the mist. A massive golden compass, dazzling and magnificent, suddenly appeared and blocked that stunning strike.

Upon seeing the golden compass, the third bamboo hat man instantly paled, an unprecedented sense of danger engulfing him.


An imposing figure seething with boundless energy charged out of the cave at an absurd level of speed.

However, it had flown only a few feet out of the passage when it suddenly stopped as if hitting an invisible barrier. But even though the body had stopped, that person's attack continued onward.

A dreadful energy that seemed countless times hotter than the flames of the sun erupted forward and slammed into the third bamboo hat man.

The attack had caused the energy that had initially been locked onto Wang Chong to shift toward the third bamboo hat man.


The sudden appearance of the sixth-generation successor of the Origin Immortal Art immediately threw the cave into an uproar.

Only Wang Chong remained unmoved.

He had been staring at the passage this entire time. The moment the sixth successor emerged, leaving a gap of around six feet, Wang Chong felt his heart thumping in excitement.

"Now is the moment!"

His Stellar Energy rumbling, Wang Chong used his Void Movement Technique to shoot through the gap of six feet and fly into the passage.

As he rushed in, Wang Chong saw out of the corner of his eye a golden beam of light emerging behind the sixth successor, shooting straight into the ceiling of the cave.

A skyscraping golden pavilion emerged within the pillar of light, grandiose and majestic.

With his brief glance, Wang Chong could make out twelve floors to this pavilion, and each pavilion possessed a different kind of energy. Overall, the pavilion gave off a very strange feeling.

It was like each of those floors existed in a different dimension.

Even though he had already lived two lives, he had never before seen such a bizarre art.

"The Trayastrimsa Heaven!" came a cry of alarm from the Lone Silence Ancestor, who had charged into the passage with him. He seemingly recognized what this was.

1. In Buddhist cosmology, the Trayastrimsa Heaven is a world located on the peak of Mount Sumeru, the mountain at the center of the world. It can literally be translated to 'Heavens of the Thirty-three', with the thirty-three here being thirty-three Devas, godlike beings who are often at war with the Asuras.