The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1485

Chapter 1485: Ancient Underground Palace

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Hurry! They'll be coming this way soon!" Wang Chong whispered. He looked away from the sixth-generation walking corpse and charged ahead.

The man with the three-eyed deer mask already had complete control over the battlefield. Although Wang Chong had used the sixth-generation successor to hold down the third bamboo hat man, the bamboo hat man would come after them as soon as he got the chance.

Both of those combatants were hostile to Wang Chong, and once they began to chase him down, his current condition meant that he was doomed. His only hope of survival was charging forward, using this chance to increase the distance between him and the masked man and sixth-generation successor. This would buy him a chance to breathe.

The best outcome was finding the Origin Immortal Art so that he could quickly leave.

Wind rushed past him while thick green smoke blanketed his surroundings.

Gradually, as he pressed forward, Wang Chong began to sense that something was wrong.

This cave seemed to be different from all the other caves. Rather than crude stone, the ground beneath his feet was made from sturdy bricks.

And the walls on both sides were no longer ordinary stone, but metal. And amidst the green mist, Wang Chong actually smelled the faint scent of sandalwood!

The Lone Silence Ancestor had also vanished at some point, and even though Wang Chong had sent out his Psychic Energy, he couldn't sense his location.

Forget it! I have to find the exit quickly! Wang Chong said to himself as he focused.

As countless thoughts passed through his mind, the metal walls, green smoke, and the scent of sandalwood made Wang Chong realize something.

A few moments later, Wang Chong verified his theory.


After traveling several thousand meters along the passage, he finally stopped in front of a long set of bronze steps leading downward.

An underground palace!

Wang Chong gazed at the immense space before him.

This was a massive ancient palace, and within this palace stood enormous mountain-shaped incense burners from which green smoke poured out. The sandalwood scent Wang Chong had smelled was coming from these incense burners.

In the center of the palace, atop yet another high set of stairs, was a series of enormous dragon pillars.

These pillars were not carved from wood, but cast from copper.

"What sort of place is this?" Wang Chong muttered to himself, a strange feeling coming over him.

After traveling through these complicated caves, he found it very bizarre to see this ancient underground palace that seemed to come from another era.

And the palace before him was completely empty. Even so, he did not dare to be careless.

Wang Chong remembered the Lone Silence Ancestor saying that there were six generations of successors.

The safer the place seemed, the warier Wang Chong became.


As he was inspecting the empty palace, he grimaced. A moment later, a sharp pain came from his dantian.

"Another flare-up! They're coming faster and faster! If I don't find the Origin Immortal Art soon to pacify my Stellar Energy, my body will fall into even greater disarray."

Wang Chong held a hand over his belly, his entire body trembling and his young face twisted in pain.

Cold beads of sweat trickled down from his forehead. At this moment, he felt like a palm had reached into his body and was twisting at his meridians, inflicting excruciating pain upon him.

Wang Chong closed his eyes and began to shift around his Stellar Energy. Slowly, he managed to pacify the unruly streams.

Finally, the heart-piercing pain began to fade.

I have to get out of here and find the Origin Immortal Art! Wang Chong said to himself, raising his head.


A rush of air came from behind him, accompanied by noisy footsteps.

"Hurry! Don't let the brat get away!"

"We have to find him!"

"What a cunning Child of Destruction!"

The angry voices mixed with the footsteps told him that the men in black were coming.

Wang Chong's face grimaced in recognition.

The sixth-generation successor had been incredibly powerful, with the Four Ends Martial Lord not even able to endure a single palm of his, but not even he had been able to stop the men in black.

Wang Chong was in an extremely weak state. If he encountered the men in black now, he was essentially finished.

With no time to think, Wang Chong took in a deep breath, hardened his resolve, and headed into the palace.

Whoosh! Wang Chong crossed three hundred feet in a single leap, entering the main plaza.

The green smoke and sandalwood scent were even thicker here.


As Wang Chong stepped onto the cold stone bricks of the palace, there was a soft crack. The startled Wang Chong immediately stopped.

But not only did the cracking not stop, it intensified.


Paling, Wang Chong looked up toward the source of the noise.

On the other side of the palace, atop the other set of bronze steps, was a copper pillar ten feet high and so wide that two people would be needed to fully wrap around it. Atop this pillar stood a statue.

The statue was brown in color, and Wang Chong had initially taken it to be an ordinary statue. But now, he understood that it was not as simple as it seemed.

Pop! Crack! Thin cracks spread across the surface of the statue, and a second later, it exploded, revealing a ghastly white figure beneath.

This man similarly wore an ancient robe, one in the style of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. His body was permeated with the aura of death.

The fifth-generation successor!

Wang Chong instantly recalled the sixth-generation successor he had earlier encountered.

These two had identical auras, but this person seemed to be even older.


The fifth-generation successor on the pillar opened his eyes, which were similarly vacant and lifeless. As the eyes opened, Wang Chong felt an immense danger.

This danger was like that of an enormous tsunami that threatened to crush the breath out of his body.

Bzzz! A vast and terrifying energy far greater than that of the sixth-generation successor exploded from the top of the copper pillar, enveloping the entire palace like a storm.

For a moment, the world itself seemed to be robbed of its luster.


Wang Chong could instantly smell the pungent scent of death. The earlier the successor, the stronger they were, and this fifth-generation successor was so strong that a single palm would be enough to end Wang Chong's life.

The noises behind him were getting closer and closer. The bamboo hat man had clearly brought some subordinates with him.

These people were now extremely close to his location.

The fifth successor was rapidly awakening while the men in black were getting closer and closer. The air seemed to freeze from the tension, and Wang Chong could hear his heart madly beating.

Once the bamboo hat man and his subordinates arrived and the fifth-generation successor locked onto him, he would be dead.

Wang Chong felt like he could hear the passing of the seconds, each beat of his heart seeming to herald his imminent death.

Although Wang Chong tried his best to keep calm and think of a solution, the cold sweat pouring out of his forehead betrayed his true state.

The air was only growing more fraught with tension, and time had slowed to a crawl.

"Young Master Wang, over here!"

Suddenly, in the middle of this perilous situation, a familiar voice called out to him.

"Here, over here!"

This anxious voice was actually coming from not far behind Wang Chong, from under the ground.


A massive mountain-shaped incense burner to Wang Chong's right trembled as it shifted, revealing a round hole.

It was pitch-black inside the hole, but Wang Chong saw an arm emerge from it and wave at him.

The Lone Silence Ancestor!

Wang Chong felt an indescribable shock when he saw the arm.

He had entered the passage together with the Lone Silence Ancestor and had even been moving faster, but for some reason, the Lone Silence Ancestor had managed to get here before him and had appeared in a very strange spot.

"Hurry! He can't have gotten far!"

The furious roars of the men in black came from behind him.

With no time to think, Wang Chong jumped into the hole beneath the incense burner.

As he entered, he pulled with his right hand, causing the heavy incense burner to move back and seal the hole.

"Don't move!" The Lone Silence Ancestor spoke in an extremely grave tone.

Wang Chong said nothing. He came to a stop next to the Lone Silence Ancestor and sealed off all his pores, retracting as much of his aura as possible.

The two of them had not left the range of the fifth successor, and hiding underneath the burner was not enough for them to escape this walking corpse.

But Wang Chong understood what the Lone Silence Ancestor was up to.

In a rush of footsteps and a flash of light, several figures barged into the underground palace. Their leader was the bamboo hat man who Wang Chong had earlier provoked.

Behind him were halfLu Wus and Black Flame Asuras, a large crowd of them.

As they shot out of the passage and landed on the steps, they spotted the awakened fifth-generation successor, whose lifeless eyes quickly locked onto them.

At this moment, the men in black were like a blazing wildfire, their uncontrolled energy concealing Wang Chong and the Lone Silence Ancestor, and drawing the attention of the fifth-generation successor.