The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1489

Chapter 1489: Imitation Psychic Seal

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong's move had been extremely inspired and his abilities incredible, but it had yet to be determined whether it was effective against the three bamboo hat men.


A vast Psychic Energy began to spread out from the trio, getting closer and closer to the concealed pair.

Wang Chong was still calm at this point, but the Lone Silence Ancestor was incredibly anxious, and energy began to gather in his palm. Although Wang Chong possessed an extremely high-level Psychic Energy, it was still different from the Psychic Seal created by a formation. If Wang Chong's trick was exposed, the Lone Silence Ancestor needed to immediately take action.

Even though they were outnumbered, they could only fight.

Time seemed to stop. Wang Chong held his breath, his expression completely focused.

Wang Chong had derived this technique from the Origin Immortal Lord's Psychic Seal, but this was his first time using it. He was still not sure he could deceive experts like the bamboo hat men.

The Psychic Energies of the trio were getting closer and closer to Wang Chong's tube of Psychic Energy, and Wang Chong was getting nervous.

Three, two, one

Wang Chong silently counted down.

Suddenly, as the Psychic Energies of the trio were just about to touch the cave wall, Wang Chong's eyes flashed and he sent his Psychic Energy on the offensive.


Wang Chong's Psychic Energy divided into countless streams that attacked the trio's Psychic Energies from all sides.

A moment later, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy struck the three streams of Psychic Energy at the same time.

The collision seemed enough to sunder mountains, and the three bamboo hat men were caught off guard.


"What's going on here?!"

The three were stunned by this abrupt assault, but by the time they had reacted, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was already launching an even fiercer assault.

Moreover, unlike normal martial artists, Wang Chong did not attack directly with his Psychic Energy. Instead, his countless threads of Psychic Energy traveled on strange courses as they battered away.

For the bamboo hat men, it was like they were facing numerous opponents at once.

The three bamboo hat men only had time to punch once, during which Wang Chong would punch countless times, each fist coming from a different direction and with a different level of strength.

A few moments later, the Psychic Energy sent out by the trio was distorted, shattered, and twisted, ultimately vanishing.

Their Psychic Energies hadn't even managed to touch the wall.

They had already been destroyed.

"How could this be!?"

Before Wang Chong or the Lone Silence Ancestor could react, the three bamboo hat men cried out in surprise.

"The Origin Immortal Lord's Psychic Seal!"

Their expressions were clearly unsettled. While Wang Chong and the Lone Silence Ancestor couldn't hear their voices, Wang Chong had been connected to their Psychic Energies this entire time, and the Lone Silence Ancestor could sense what was going on through the changes in the water.

The reaction of the three bamboo hat men was enough to see what was going on.


The Lone Silence Ancestor felt even more shocked by Wang Chong's feat than the three bamboo hat men.

He actually used Psychic Energy to imitate the effects of the formation!

The Lone Silence Ancestor's mind was in turmoil, and he found it hard to calm down.

If he hadn't witnessed it for himself, he would have never believed that a single person could use their Psychic Energy to flawlessly imitate the attack of the Psychic Seal.

None of the three bamboo hat men were weaklings, but it was clear that Wang Chong had imitated the Psychic Seal well enough to fool them.

"What's going on? The underground river can't be used to reach the core of the Origin Immortal Lord's cave, nor would martial artists normally enter this place, so why is the Psychic Seal here?"

The first to recover from the shock was the third bamboo hat man, and a sliver of doubt appeared in his eyes.

He was the first to enter the river, and he had yet to encounter any Psychic interference here. It was far too strange for it to appear now. And why would the Origin Immortal Lord put down his seal in such an unimportant place as this river?

"The Origin Immortal Lord could foresee the future and was a master of numerological divination. And those items we're after are so important that he would never leave any weakness. The Psychic Seal here is probably to guard against anyone trying to use the river to enter the core.

"And given the Origin Immortal Lord's style, this is only a warning. If we head any deeper, we'll probably encounter many dangerous traps."

A ripple of Psychic Energy came from the bamboo hat leader in the back, his eyes flashing with a pensive light as he communicated with his comrades.

He was extremely cautious when it came to the Origin Immortal Lord's cave, because the man as described in their records was far too dangerous.

Even though he was dead, the traps and seals he had left had still inflicted grievous losses to the organization.

"Hmph, it doesn't matter if there's a Psychic Seal! I'll find that brat no matter what! Since we can't use Psychic Energy to search here, I'll just use Stellar Energy!" the third bamboo hat man spat out.

He was like a hunting dog that was set on its prey and willing to go to any lengths to find it.


The man's body trembled as a flood of energy surged out.

Behind the rocks, Wang Chong and the Lone Silence Ancestor paled.

Wang Chong could use Psychic Energy to craft an imitation of the Origin Immortal Lord's Psychic Seal that would fool the senses of the bamboo hat men, but he couldn't use the same method to fool the Stellar Energy of a top-class expert.

The moment the men in black began to search with Stellar Energy, Wang Chong and the Lone Silence Ancestor would be exposed.

The third bamboo hat man's flood of Stellar Energy was hurtling forward and would soon reach Wang Chong's location.


Suddenly, a hand stretched forward and grabbed the third bamboo hat man's shoulder.

The man trembled in shock, and his flood of Stellar Energy stopped several feet from the cave wall which hid Wang Chong.

"Leader, what is this?"

The third bamboo hat man turned to face his leader. He did not understand why his leader had suddenly stopped him.

"There's no need to go through all the trouble!"

In the icy river, the bamboo hat leader's expression somehow seemed even colder. He extended a finger and pointed ahead.

"The length of this part is only several dozen meters. We can find out instantly if they're here or not without going through all this effort."

Upon seeing this, the third bamboo hat man turned back to look, and he was instantly left speechless, his face turning green and red.

He had been so intent on catching Wang Chong that he had failed to notice that the passage before him was only one hundred meters long.

"In addition, the one above is the person in charge of this operation. The Origin Immortal Villagers are cunning and he might need our help soon. If he reports this matter to our superiors, it might bring us even more problems. Let's finish this quickly!"

Suddenly, the bamboo hat leader's face went slack while his cape suddenly went horizontal. Boom! Immense destructive energy swept forward, slamming into the section of the river in front of them.

Boomboomboom! Explosions rang out through the river as the dense concentration of Stellar Energy sent chunks of rock flying out of the walls.

The underground river instantly became even murkier.

The three bamboo hat men floated in the underground river in their triangular formation, their expressions cold as they stared into the murkiness.

All was quiet, the men in black behind them remaining silent as they scanned the area.

At this moment, they would notice even the smallest activity taking place in this region of the river.

After a long and indescribable stillness, the bamboo hat leader said, "Old Three, are you really sure that the kid is here?"

His sharp eyes were no longer focused on the river, but on the third bamboo hat man in front of him.

"What's the meaning of this question?!"

The third bamboo hat man paled.

The bamboo hat leader was clearly implying that he had lured everyone to the wrong location.

"You've seen the result for yourself. Are you sure that the kid entered this river?" the leading bamboo hat man said.

"Impossible! I saw him go into the passage myself! And the underground palace was guarded by the Origin Immortal Lord's fifth-generation disciple, so there's no way he could have forced his way through. There's no other place besides this he could have escaped to!" the third bamboo hat man said, his voice growing louder in agitation.

"No one can guarantee that there wasn't some other secret passage in the palace. Since there was this passage leading to the river, there could be some other secret switch as well. What if they discovered a passage left by the Origin Immortal Villagers?" the leading bamboo hat man said.


The argument came to an end, the third bamboo hat man staring at his leader in speechless shock.

Yes! Since this passage to the river existed, there was no telling whether there was another hidden passage.

He could no longer even muster half a word in defense.

"Let's go! Stop wasting time here!"

The bamboo hat leader immediately shot back the way he had come, stirring up waves along the river.

"Follow the lord!"

The men in black quickly began to follow their leader.

"Bastard! How did it turn out like this!?"

The third bamboo hat man gnashed his teeth and followed the other men in black in vanishing into the darkness of the river.


As he left, he flicked his wrist, sending energy howling into the roof, causing large slabs of rock to come down and block the river.