The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493: Masters Trail

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Lone Silence Ancestor was already being incredibly generous. As one of the titans of the martial arts world, he was not someone who would easily change his mind for the sake of others.

He had probably made a special exception for Wang Chong.

Time dripped by, and while the Lone Silence Ancestor continued to lure away the walking corpse, Wang Chong wielded the cracked Wootz Steel dagger and fiercely stabbed it into the metal ore vein.

Once, twice, thrice

More and more cracks appeared on the dagger, but Wang Chong continued to hack at the vein like he couldn't see them.

The air was tense. Their opponents were not just the fifth-generation successor, but also the lack of oxygen.

"Young Master Wang, we must leave!" the Lone Silence Ancestor urged as he glanced down. Whatever secret art the Origin Immortal Lord had used, it had made it so that these walking corpses were not simply bodies. They actually possessed a certain level of intelligence. The fifth-generation successor had been lured away several thousand meters before turning around and swimming back to the pair.

It wouldn't be long before he swam back into their vicinity.

"Wait a little longer!" Wang Chong sternly said, his eyes focused on the metal ore vein.

The Wootz Steel dagger stabbing forward sounded like the booming of thunder, and the Lone Silence Ancestor felt each strike thumping at his heart. Meanwhile, the immense energy of the fifth-generation successor was like a beacon in the darkness. This beacon was now no less than four hundred meters from the pair.

A few moments later, he would hear the sounds of mining and shoot toward the pair like a bolt of lightning.

"It's no good! We have to go!"

The Lone Silence Ancestor clenched his teeth and balled his hands into fists.

Boom! Boom! Wang Chong's Wootz Steel dagger continued to batter down, once, twice. But just when the Lone Silence Ancestor was about to leave, there was a crisp crack.

The entire world seemed to fall silent, the crack echoing ceaselessly in the Lone Silence Ancestor's mind, drowning out all other thoughts.

"How could this be?"

The Lone Silence Ancestor trembled in shock as he turned around and stared in disbelief.

Although he still held a sliver of hope, the chances were just too small, not even one in ten thousand. And given the toughness of this metal ore vein, an ore matrix formed in it would be far too tough to break through. But Wang Chong had done it.

And at such a dangerous moment!

"I found the passage!" Wang Chong declared. His expression was cold and collected, and he apparently hadn't noticed the Lone Silence Ancestor's reaction.

"This ore vein is too tough to form a large ore matrix. This was just a recently formed ore matrix, so it was only able to hold out a little while before breaking."

After saying this, Wang Chong removed the final barrier and shot into the newly-created passage.

Splashsplash! The walking corpse was on the verge of finding the passage the pair had created. The Lone Silence Ancestor's heart trembled, and with no time to think, he followed Wang Chong into the tunnel.

This tunnel was around one meter in diameter and was a bizarre oddity in the middle of this ore vein. After traveling twenty to thirty meters, the two of them spotted a large handle-shaped bronze component.

This bronze component was covered in mysterious inscriptions that seemed to come from an ancient era.

"So there was a mechanism here!"

The sight of this bronze component gave the Lone Silence Ancestor a flash of insight.

While digging the passage, he had always found it strange that the Origin Immortal Lord would make such an obvious mistake. Moreover, this ore vein had been exceptionally tough and thick. There was no reason for it to suddenly thin out at this place.

But when he saw this bronze component, he understood.

This was not a flaw that the Origin Immortal Lord had unintentionally left, but one that he had been compelled to make. He had set up many important mechanisms in the heart of the ore vein. The two had earlier heard three enormous clanks coming from above, their power so great that they caused the entire ore vein to shake.

This sort of activity was not something any ordinary trap or mechanism could achieve.

Besides that, the Origin Immortal Lord had also laid down many formations. Peak Saint Martial experts were capable of flying for short periods of time, but no one could fly here, and even birds would be drawn into the earth.

And there was also the large-scale Psychic Seal. If the Origin Immortal Lord wanted to guarantee that no martial artist for a range of several dozen li could use Psychic Energy while also ensuring that the seal could not be broken, he would need to use many mechanisms. This inevitably led to him leaving behind a few weaknesses in the ore vein.

The two of them had run into one of the 'passages' left behind by one of these mechanisms.

"Let's go! This underground palace is complicated, and there's no telling where this passage goes. Now is not the time to relax!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed. Just like the Lone Silence Ancestor, he had understood what was going on upon spotting the mechanism, but he restricted himself to a few words before quickly pressing forward.

Wang Chong cautiously moved through the passage, ready to deal with any possible dangers. At the same time, he spread out his Psychic Energy to explore his surroundings.

The Origin Immortal Lord had six successors, six powerful barriers. Wang Chong had no idea if this passage might drop him in front of one of these barriers.

Wang Chong and the Lone Silence Ancestor would naturally be elated if they could bypass all the barriers, but if they ended up being brought back to the very start, they would have wasted their time.

But they wouldn't know the answer until they reached the end of the passage.

"We're here!"

After some time, Wang Chong and the Lone Silence Ancestor finally sensed the end of the mechanism.


Before they could find out what was behind this passage, a vast explosion came from up ahead, mixed together with furious roars.

"Myriad Energies Become One!"

"Dragons Swim the Heavens!"

The Lone Silence Ancestor couldn't tell anything from these two roars, but Wang Chong instantly paled.

"Master! Village Chief!" Wang Chong called out as he immediately jumped forward. Wang Chong had instantly recognized these two techniques. One was his master's Myriad Spirit Sea Art and the other was the Wushang Village Chief's White Dragon Divine Art.

Wang Chong had been separated from them upon entering the caves, and he hadn't expected to hear their voices here.

Wang Chong shot forward, but at the end of the passage was a thick metal wall.

"It's no good! The metal wall is ten-some meters thick. We can't punch our way through! There must be some kind of switch!" the Lone Silence Ancestor said, seeming to have understood something at this time.

The sounds of battle coming from outside were intense, with the collisions of Stellar Energy and fierce roars clearly indicating the direness of the situation. Moreover, for some reason, the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man couldn't hear Wang Chong and the Lone Silence Ancestor.

One of them was a legendary figure of the martial arts world, the number one of the evil path, an expert half a step into the Subtle realm. The other, while not as powerful, was not that far behind.

It was difficult to imagine anyone that could push the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief into such a state.

"There must be a way! There must be!"

Wang Chong was incredibly nervous as he sent his Psychic Energy sweeping through his surroundings.

"These passages were prepared for the Origin Immortal Villagers. Since there's a way to get in, there must be a way to get out. The Origin Immortal Lord wouldn't design a method that was too complicated, so the switch must be nearby."

Wang Chong was extremely worried by the dire situation outside. He attempted to imagine the scene of the Origin Immortal Villagers appearing and using the switch to open this place.

Bzz! Suddenly, Wang Chong's finger touched a part of the wall that was abnormally cold. This area of the wall seemed no different from the other parts except when it came to temperature.

Pouring Stellar Energy into his hand, Wang Chong pushed.


A moment later, a crack opened in the thick metal wall, letting a soft light seep through.

As the wall parted, Wushang saw three figures embroiled in combat. One was a man in a black robe, his long hair wildly dancing around him. At his side was a man shrouded by a white dragon. These were the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief.

Across from them was a vast and grandiose pavilion, its twenty-two floors bursting with golden light. And in front of this pavilion was a man wearing robes in the style of the end days of the Eastern Han Dynasty, exuding a formidable aura. This man was singlehandedly suppressing the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief.

The two of them were panting for breath, and it was clear that they were on the back foot and could be heavily injured by the Origin Immortal Art successor at any time.


With no time to think, Wang Chong charged into the underground palace. His tangible Psychic Energy exploded toward the Origin Immortal Art successor. At the same time, Wang Chong forcefully circulated his Stellar Energy, ignoring the dangers of his cultivation defect.

"Great Destruction Art!"


In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong's frightening Psychic Energy slammed into the walking corpse.