The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495: The Third Generation Successor Ii
Chapter 1495: The Third-Generation Successor! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


A dragon's roar echoed through the palace. After knocking back the trio, the walking corpse suddenly whistled, his empty and frightening eyes immediately turning toward the strongest and most threatening of the three, the Demonic Emperor Old Man.


Wang Chong's heart trembled. Although the walking corpse still hadn't done anything, Wang Chong felt as if his master was facing an unprecedented danger.


A moment later, the middle-aged man wearing the robes of the Eastern Han Dynasty erupted with golden light. He extended his right hand and reached behind him, and then that golden pavilion representing the Trayastrimsa Heaven began to rapidly condense, ultimately transforming into a golden halberd with twenty-two sections.

This sight left everyone stunned. None of them had expected the 'Trayastrimsa Heaven' behind the Origin Immortal Art successor to possess this kind of powerful ability.

The successor gripped the transformed Trayastrimsa Heaven halberd and immediately charged forward. A golden storm began to hurtle toward the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

The tension in the air was so thick it could be cut with a knife.

"Not good!"

The Wushang Village Chief and the Lone Silence Ancestor both paled.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man was the strongest of the three, the core of their group. More than half of the attacks from that supremely fierce Origin Immortal Stellar Energy of the walking corpse had been blocked by the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

If they had to fight him alone, they would probably end up like the Four Ends Martial Lord, slain with just a single blow. Once the walking corpse got rid of the Demonic Emperor, the rest of them were doomed.

"Stop him!"

A thunderous roar echoed through the palace.

Boom! Boom!

The Lone Silence Ancestor and Wushang Village Chief suppressed their injuries and charged forward. The Wushang Village Chief threw out his white cane, which transformed into a white dragon ten-some meters long that lunged at the walking corpse.

Behind the Lone Silence Ancestor, water gathered into a vast ball and then transformed into countless needle-like blades of water and ice that exploded toward the walking corpse.

These needle-like blades represented one of the Lone Silence Ancestor's supreme techniques. They could enter a person's body through pores and travel through their blood vessels.

Once these blades entered the body, the martial artist was no longer in control of their own fate. This was one of the things that made the Lone Silence Ancestor so powerful and frightening.

The Lone Silence Ancestor didn't have much of a connection with this battle, but the moment he entered the palace through the passage, he had lost the right to make a choice. If the Demonic Emperor died, the Lone Silence Ancestor would soon follow him.

Bang! The pale-faced Demonic Emperor Old Man also shot into the air. His robes were speckled in blood, but his expression remained calm and composed, as if nothing in the world could ever shake him.

"Chong-er, go!" A voice suddenly exploded in Wang Chong's mind, and there was another explosion as the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the Wushang Village Chief, and the Lone Silence Ancestor collided with the middle-aged walking corpse.


In a burst of gorgeous golden light, the three screamed as they were thrown back by a wave of Stellar Energy.

"Master!" Wang Chong blurted out, trembling in shock. Even at this perilous moment, his master was still worried about him.

The sight of that figure flying through the air and the elderly and familiar voice ringing in his mind caused blood to rush to the top of Wang Chong's head.

Standing in the distance, surrounded by a dense fortress of turning golden compasses, was the walking corpse, his face cold, his posture erect, and his twenty-two-section halberd gripped in one hand. He stood like a mountain, his visage completely unscathed.

The Origin Immortal Art successor had neutralized the attacks of the trio.

The walking corpse stood in the center of the hall like the god of death, invincible and unstoppable. Everyone felt despair flooding into their minds.

They had never imagined that there was a being that the three of them working together could not defeat. The Origin Immortal Art was far more powerful than they had imagined.


At this moment, the imposing figure of the walking corpse took two steps forward, once more locking onto the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

At this point, no one in the palace could stop him.


Wang Chong couldn't help but shudder. He tried to force down his Stellar Energy so that he could stand up and join the battle, but the moment he moved, pain came from every part of his body, and it seemed like his body was being ripped to shreds.

His injuries were far more serious than he had imagined. The repeated battles, the constant use of Stellar Energy, and the palm strike of the walking corpse had finally stripped him of his ability to fight.

"Village Chief, Lone Silence Ancestor, you take Chong-er and get out of here! I'll hold down this walking corpse!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly yelled. His robes were in tatters and blood was trickling from the corner of his lip, but his eyes still burned with resolve.

Rather than panic, the Demonic Emperor Old Man exuded a matchless composure. It seemed like he had long ago come to understand a certain truth and prepared himself to welcome it.

Bang! Ignoring his injuries, the Demonic Emperor Old Man heedlessly charged at the walking corpse.

"Masteeeeer!" Wang Chong cried out.

"Brother Wenfu!"

"Demonic Emperor!"

The Wushang Village Chief and the Lone Silence Ancestor understood the Demonic Emperor Old Man's resolve and were shaken by it.


The imposing figure of the walking corpse was completely unmoved. As the Demonic Emperor Old Man charged forward, the successor stomped down with his own foot and shot forward like a cannonball.

A furious sea of golden Stellar Energy swept forward, and for a moment, time seemed to stop.

The Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art had been lost to the martial arts world for several hundred years. Even so, no one had been able to shift it from its place as the number one art of the Central Plains.

Even the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and the Myriad Spirit Sea Art could only bow their heads in supplication.

While these Origin Immortal Art successors had been dead for centuries, even millennia, they could still use their dreadful strength to display the might of the Origin Immortal Art.

Ten meters, eight meters, six meters

As he stared at his master's back and the figure of the approaching walking corpse, Wang Chong despaired.

No, I won't allow this

Wang Chong clenched his fists, his lips trembling and his face devoid of blood. His master had long occupied an extremely important place in his heart, and Wang Chong had already begun to treat him like a father.

His Stellar Energy was running rampant, a pain equivalent to ten thousand ants gnawing at every part of his body, but the scene before him was even harder to bear than this excruciating pain.

There must be a way! There must!

Wang Chong's eyes turned red. He propped himself up with his arms, leaned against the wall, and struggled to stand. His Stellar Energy was running around like a stampeding herd of horses, and the situation was on the verge of completely going out of control, but Wang Chong didn't care.

Bzzz! As Wang Chong's eyes passed over the vast and intimidating fortress of golden compasses, he suddenly noticed something.

This is

The golden light unleashed by the middle-aged corpse was simply too intense, the invincible strength he displayed drowning out everything else. All anyone would see was this domineering form, and they would forget that this person was merely a powerful martial artist in life.

He could still be injured, still had his weaknesses.

This walking corpse had thousands of golden compasses of various sizes around him, forming a defensive fortress.

Any Stellar Energy attack that struck the golden fortress would be neutralized, layer by layer. But at this moment, as the walking corpse soared into the air, Wang Chong noticed that there was a palm-sized golden compass missing from the area corresponding to his left little toe.

The fortress of golden compasses around the walking corpse were all linked to each other, so that even the smallest area was protected by a compass.

Thus, when Wang Chong spotted this gap, he instinctively sensed that something was wrong.

After a momentary daze, Wang Chong suddenly understood.

His toe was injured!

After obtaining the power of the Nightmare Beast, Wang Chong now had a Psychic Energy far more powerful than his master's or the Wushang Village Chief's. Although he couldn't use his Stellar Energy, he could still sense with his Psychic Energy.

A split-second later, Wang Chong sensed how this walking corpse was different from the other two he had seen.

He had been born with a sixth toe!

A person with six toes would have a meridian system different from the ordinary person. And while Wang Chong didn't know how this toe had been lost, whether he had cut it off to learn the Origin Immortal Art or had lost it in battle, he knew that beneath this walking corpse's boot, his sixth toe was missing.

Normally, this would be very difficult to see, but the fierce battle with the trio of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wushang Village Chief, and Lone Silence Ancestor had triggered his old wound and caused it to break open.

More importantly, Wang Chong sensed that this scar made it so that the powerful and mysterious Psychic Seal that covered this man's body did not cover the little toe of his left foot.