The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1496

Chapter 1496: The Third Generation Successor Iii
Chapter 1496: The Third-Generation Successor! (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong's mind boomed and his blood surged. Almost instinctively, he felt a faint glimmer of hope.


As the walking corpse's vast Stellar Energy was about to crash into his master, Wang Chong sent out his tangible Psychic Energy, throwing it like a sharp sword into the gap in the successor's defenses created by his missing sixth toe.

The immense cultivation of this successor, the Origin Immortal Art that could even nullify the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and Myriad Spirit Sea Art, and his fortress of golden compasses seemed to not exist in front of Wang Chong's Psychic Energy.

Bzzz! Wang Chong's Psychic Energy surged into the walking corpse's body.

As Wang Chong's Psychic Energy entered, he suddenly felt a whole new sensation. it was like he had emerged from a narrow cave into a vast and boundless world.

What Wang Chong saw in the successor's body was completely different from what he saw on the outside.

While the successor possessed boundless strength, his consciousness was in complete tatters, a dim candle amidst infinite darkness.

If he hadn't seen it for himself, he would have never believed that these walking corpses possessed such weak Psychic Energy. Even so, there was an energy around this Psychic Energy that allowed the weak candle to continue to burn.

Wang Chong's Psychic Energy charged forward, and as it rushed through the mind of the successor, it unexpectedly encountered no resistance.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy had entered the depths of the successor's mind.


There was a thunderous boom. Although the walking corpse's Psychic Energy seemed weak, as Wang Chong's Psychic Energy collided with it, he felt like he was running into a fortress.

At the same time, the successor in the palace suddenly trembled and turned to Wang Chong. The Origin Immortal Stellar Energy around him suddenly plunged in power as if it had been struck by a heavy blow.

Boom! Energy gushed out from the golden fortress around him as he sent the Demonic Emperor Old Man flying with a palm. Although the Demonic Emperor Old Man had still been knocked away, the power of the attack was clearly not the same.

After knocking away the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the successor dropped down from the air, his eyes still locked onto Wang Chong by the wall.

Those vacant and lifeless eyes suddenly gleamed with cold killing intent, and he ceased to focus on the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"What's going on?"

The Lone Silence Ancestor and the Wushang Village Chief trembled in shock. They didn't know what had happened, but they could tell that Wang Chong had definitely done something.

But before they had time to think, bang! A foot stomped on the floor, its power causing the entire palace to shake.

The successor began to stride toward Wang Chong, a sharp and vicious energy locking onto his body.

For a moment, there was an eerie silence.

"Not good!"

"Chong-er, danger!"

The trio immediately sensed danger and rose from the ground, forcing down their injuries. Wang Chong was in grave condition, and a single palm would be enough to kill him.

Wang Chong's pupils constricted and the pungent scent of death filled his nose. But at this moment, he didn't even have the strength to move his body.

"Stop it!"

"Chong-er, go!"

Anxious shouts echoed through the palace, and the trio summoned every bit of power in their bodies as they rushed at the successor.

The three of them had reacted very quickly, but they were still too slow. In a flash of light, the successor charged forward.

Terror and danger dominated Wang Chong's mind, sweeping over him in an unceasing flood. But at this time, there was no retreating for Wang Chong.

It's that Psychic Seal!

Wang Chong suddenly had an idea. He was probably the only one in this hall with any idea of what was going on.

This walking corpse had died seven hundred years ago, and even the strongest martial artist could not escape the restraints of life. But it was obvious that even though they were dead, they had still managed to leave something behind. Their flesh was dead and their souls were in tatters, but they maintained a fragmented consciousness that had been preserved by means of a powerful Psychic Seal.

This was also why, despite their vacant eyes, they possessed such a powerful reaction speed and fighting instinct.

While digging out the passage above the underground river, Wang Chong and the Lone Silence Ancestor had even run into the fifth-generation successor searching for them along the river. This was definitely not something that could be done by a mere reanimated corpse.

But Wang Chong's Psychic Energy attack had already struck the powerful Psychic Seal around his mind. While this had saved his master, Wang Chong had managed to place himself at the top of the successor's kill list.

Wang Chong could sense through his Psychic Energy that the walking corpse was rapidly approaching him, and the stimulation caused Wang Chong to erupt with all his latent energy.

"Beast Taming Art!"

Wang Chong swiftly used this control technique, the same one that he had used to take control of the Behemoths at Talas and defeat the powerful Arab psychic practitioner, Masil.

Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was many times stronger than it had been back then, and this technique also possessed a completely different level of power.


Wang Chong's Psychic Energy hurled itself against that ancient Psychic Seal again and again.

In the unseen Psychic World, the fierce collisions were resounding through the mind of the successor.

But when these Psychic Energy attacks that even Saint Martial experts would find hard to endure slammed into the Psychic Seal, they were brought to a complete halt. It was like they had slammed into the world's sturdiest fortress.

This barrage of attacks only caused the fortress to slightly tremble.

The successor's speed was wholly unaffected, and he continued to charge toward Wang Chong.

The distance between the two was closing rapidly, and Wang Chong felt an immense, almost suffocating, pressure.

How could this be? What sort of seal is this strong?!

Cold sweat began to seep out of Wang Chong's forehead as he scowled.

The Beast Taming Art was his best weapon against this walking corpse, but if he couldn't break the Psychic Seal, he would soon be dead.

However, while the Psychic Seal had blocked all of Wang Chong's attacks, it had also stimulated his will to fight.

Even ants sought to live, let alone humans.

No matter what, he couldn't die here, at least not right now.


Wang Chong summoned all his Psychic Energy and used all the Psychic Energy techniques that he knew against that Psychic Seal in the successor's mind.

After what seemed like both a second and like countless eons, the several dozen meters of distance had been crossed.

As the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wushang Village Chief, and Lone Silence Ancestor looked on in fear, a ghastly white palm emerged from the void and began to descend onto Wang Chong's head.

And behind it, the emotionless face of the successor began to emerge, his lifeless eyes seemingly proclaiming Wang Chong's death.

With his strength, he would just need to close his fingers to crush Wang Chong's head.


The three of them charged forward with all their might. The Demonic Emperor Old Man felt his heart turn cold, his blood freeze in his veins.

As the demon of the evil path, he would always be unperturbed no matter what sort of opponent or problem he encountered, and he would never feel despair over anything.

But when he saw his final disciple, his greatest pride, on the verge of dying to that walking corpse, his heart became a block of ice and despair appeared on his face.

His life had had its lows and its highs. He had once dominated the martial artists of the world, forcing both righteous and evil to bow their heads and forging his own legend.

Even though his traitorous disciple had caused him to be crippled, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had already looked down from the lofty heights of the world and felt no regrets.

The only thing he cared about now was his disciple! This was why he had come to the northwest in the first place.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man could forget about his own safety and could face this walking corpse alone without fear or hesitation, but he could never abandon Wang Chong.

Bzzz! The Demonic Emperor Old Man's entire body erupted with Stellar Energy, and his speed swelled once more. But no matter how much power the Demonic Emperor Old Man used, it was still too late.