The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1499

Chapter 1499: Walking On Thin Ice

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"What do we do?!"

The Lone Silence Ancestor and the Wushang Village Chief instinctively turned to the Demonic Emperor Old Man, their hearts quavering.

"Chong-er, you decide!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice resounded in Wang Chong's mind, brimming with absolute trust and support.


Wang Chong grunted and nodded.

No matter how difficult it was, he had to at least try. This was the only way out.

Wang Chong could already sense that the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art was a great boon to his body.

Merely the first layer had greatly improved the condition of his injuries. If he obtained the complete Origin Immortal Art, he might be able to fix the innate flaw of his art and bring it to a higher level.

He might be able to bring it up to par with the Origin Immortal Art or perhaps even develop an entirely new technique.

Wang Chong had the third-generation successor step forward.

Thump! Everyone awaited the outcome of this simple step with bated breath.

The footfall seemed to shake the entire palace.

All four of them stared at the second-generation successor on his white jade throne, not daring to neglect even the smallest movement.

Plans were one thing and reality was another. This first step was to determine whether this walking corpse would attack the walking corpse of another area.

If they couldn't even make this first step, they could forget about trying anything else.

As expected, this small step caused the second-generation successor to immediately look over. All of them held their breaths, and even Wang Chong appeared grim.


At this moment, the second-generation successor sat up.

This simple action seemed incredibly ominous.

What's going on? Are the walking corpses so territorial that they won't even let those from other areas enter?

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil with countless thoughts.

"Chong-er, get ready!"

At almost the same moment, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wushang Village Chief, and Lone Silence Ancestor tensed, preparing to fight.

But just then, that enthroned figure stopped moving.

The two walking corpses stared at each other, both of them like statues.

Back in the passage, the group was stunned, but they began to understand what had occurred and calmed down.

The walking corpses each attended to their own duties, and something like this has never happened before. This walking corpse is familiarizing himself with the other walking corpse's aura, Wang Chong noted to himself in understanding.

But as the matter was not yet settled, Wang Chong remained vigilant.

After what seemed like an eternity, the second-generation successor slowly looked away, the look on his face much gentler.


The group sighed in relief. This short moment had seemed even longer than a century to them.

His heart relaxing, Wang Chong had the third-generation successor take another step forward.

Bzz! The second-generation successor looked over, but his eyes were softer and much less vigilant.

"Master, Seniors, it's our turn!"

Wang Chong sent his voice through his Psychic Energy into the minds of the three.

The first test had succeeded, so now, they needed to rely on the energy of the third-generation successor to cover their approach.

Everyone's lives were on the line, so Wang Chong remained solemn and vigilant.

With the third-generation successor in front and the four of them behind, they progressed forward. As they had planned, the third-generation's energy cover allowed them to attract little attention.

In the entire process, the second-generation successor hardly glanced at them.

The results caused the group's confidence to swell.

As Wang Chong made step after step, that divine existence on the throne only shot him the occasional glance.

It was like Wang Chong and the others didn't even exist.


The Lone Silence Ancestor's brows unfurled. Even the Demonic Emperor's solemn expression seemed to relax.

Wang Chong's capture of the third-generation successor had completely altered their plan. As long as they could deceive the second-generation successor, it meant that they could use the same method to deceive the strongest successor as well.

There was no need to fight a fierce battle, and they could save their strength, something that they hadn't imagined possible before.

The group cautiously made their way out of the long corridor and into the palace guarded by the second-generation successor, but the experience was more harrowing than it was dangerous. No battle was provoked.

They quickly made their way up the steps, but as they did, the air began to tense up once more.

Only the last barrier is left!

Wang Chong's expression turned solemn as he looked past the second-generation successor.

Not far behind the second-generation successor was a narrow passage. This was the only exit leading out of the palace.

If one wanted to enter this passage, one would have to go past the white jade throne, but standing in front of the throne was the second-generation successor.

The group suddenly stopped not far from the second-generation successor.

The Lone Silence Ancestor sent his Psychic Energy into Wang Chong's mind. "Your Highness, the distance is too close. At such a close distance, the concealment effect of the Origin Immortal Stellar Energy might be greatly reduced. Is there no way of using Psychic Energy to control him like you did the third-generation?"

The second-generation successor was truly very strong, his golden light even purer than the third-generation's. Even though he had yet to use any of his might, the group already felt like there was a dagger pressing at their spines.

Moreover, with the precedent of the third-generation successor, they couldn't help but wonder if they could also control the second-generation.

With the Subtle realm second-generation and half-step Subtle realm third-generation successors, they would basically have nothing to fear in this underground palace.

At the very least, only a very small number of things would be able to threaten them.


Wang Chong shook his head.

"These Origin Immortal Art successors have been dead for many years, and Psychic Energy is their greatest weakness. But it's precisely for this reason that they have formidable defenses against Psychic Energy attacks. If he receives a Psychic Energy attack now, he will immediately counterattack, and our attempt to conceal ourselves will have been a wasted effort.

"In addition, I was able to control the third-generation because he had a wound that left an opening. But I've been watching all this time, and I've observed that the second-generation is completely unscathed, and even his armor is in perfect condition. My Psychic Energy has no way of entering his body to take control of it."

A battle of Psychic Energy was fraught with danger and not as easy as others might imagine. If Wang Chong hadn't punctured the third-generation successor's defenses, he would have been the one killed.

The Lone Silence Ancestor had astonishing cultivation and strong Psychic Energy, but he was still a pure martial artist and was still far from being a proper psychic practitioner. He naturally couldn't understand just how dangerous the battles of that domain were.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man spoke at this point. "Let's go one by one and move slowly. Try your best to not draw the second-generation's attention."

Everyone nodded in unison.

The third-generation successor led the way, the Wushang Village Chief had the second position, the Lone Silence Ancestor was third, Wang Chong was fourth, and the Demonic Emperor Old Man held the rear.

As the group got closer and closer, the second-generation successor seemed to sense something and looked over. But there was no going back now, and a nervous tension filled the air.

The third-generation successor soon reached the white jade throne.

The second-generation successor noticed this and turned to the third-generation with confusion in his eyes.

This subtle shift had everyone's hearts thumping.

"Continue!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice resounded in everyone's minds.

Although the second-generation successor had a different look in his eyes, he had not done anything yet. This was their chance.

As long as there was any hope of getting through without fighting, they could not give up.

It was soon the Wushang Village Chief's turn, and he took his white cane and calmly walked toward the throne.

The others could only watch with bated breath, afraid that any other movement might alarm the second-generation elder.

One step, two steps, three steps each of them watched and counted every step the Wushang Village Chief took.

It took a few minutes to cover the short distance, and finally, as the Wushang Village Chief reached the throne, everyone exhaled.

With the Wushang Village Chief leading the way, the others also began to walk forward.

The Lone Silence Ancestor, Wang Chong, and then the Demonic Emperor Old Man went through the process, the whole time acting like they were walking on thin ice.

At least, even the Demonic Emperor Old Man managed to arrive next to the throne.

The four of them were gathered next to the throne, their minds remaining tense.

They were now less than one meter from the second-generation successor. Wang Chong could even see the thick black eyebrows of the second-generation successor, the veins on his skin, the fine hair on his ears, and the simple carvings on his armor.

As Wang Chong looked over, he saw the second-generation successor's eyes slowly turning to look back at him.