The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1500

Chapter 1500: Unexpected Mishap

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. The air was pervaded by tension and the thick stench of death.

The nearby second-generation successor was like the Sword of Damocles hanging suspended over the heads of the group, ready to fall down at any time and cast them into a bottomless abyss.

Around the throne, a bizarrely calm atmosphere was maintained. No one made any careless movements. The second-generation successor did not move, simply looking suspiciously at the group but doing nothing more. Even so, the group did not dare to be careless.

"Let's hurry!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man urged.

To stand in this place was like standing in a furnace and was far too dangerous. Their first priority was to leave as quickly as possible and enter that passage. The Wushang Village Chief was the first to move, then the Lone Silence Ancestor and Wang Chong. The order was the same, except that the third-generation successor who had once led the way now remained at the back to guard against any attack from the second-generation successor.

Everyone moved with silent cohesion and succeeded in cautiously making their way to safety. The experience was more frightening than dangerous, as the only thing the second-generation successor did was glance at them as they moved.

However, when the Lone Silence Ancestor had made it halfway to safety


With no warning at all, the entire palace and the ore vein that contained it began to fiercely tremble. It was like some massive and invisible hand had gripped the vein and was shaking it about.

Not only that, all of them could once more hear the deafening rumble of some giant machine.

"It's the Origin Immortal Villagers!"

Wang Chong's mind trembled as a thought passed through his mind.

He was no stranger to this immense trembling and clanking. He had heard it at least three times in the underground river. It was apparent that the Origin Immortal Villagers had once more used some massive mechanism against the men in black.

Wang Chong hadn't felt much while in the underground river, but now, he felt an extremely ill foreboding.

"Shit! Careful!"

A cry of alarm exploded in Wang Chong's mind.

"There's falling rocks!"

A resounding howl came from overhead. The group looked up and saw that the shaking had knocked several rocks loose from the ceiling. Forty-some craggy stones of various sizes were now hurtling toward the platform at the top of the steps.

One of these had a diameter of twenty-some meters and a weight of six to seven thousand jin. It broke off the ceiling with ten-some smaller stones and was now smashing toward the Lone Silence Ancestor, with Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man also in the impact zone.

Everyone instantly paled.

None of them had expected this development, which had come too abruptly to take any countermeasures.


Almost instinctively, the Lone Silence Ancestor raised a palm toward the rock. If a martial artist didn't use their energy, they would be crushed to death just like an ordinary person by this massive rock. But before he could attack, there was a golden burst of light. A suddenly raised arm had shattered the falling boulder.

Wang Chong had taken control of the third-generation successor and attacked!

It was much better for the third-generation successor to take action than the Lone Silence Ancestor.


Behind Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's lips trembled as if he wanted to say something, but it was too late.


As the rock was shattered, an energy of unprecedented magnitude erupted, illuminating the area like the sun. This energy contained an immense pressure that instantly spread throughout the palace.

The faces of the four were instantly drained of blood while their bodies went stiff.

What they had all feared had finally taken place. The shaking of the ore vein, the falling rock, and the third-generation successor taking action had finally alarmed the second-generation successor by his throne.

Crackcrack! Bones groaned as the nearby second-generation successor turned around, his dim eyes reigniting with bright light as he stared at Wang Chong's group.

The second-generation successor's armor also erupted in light, the golden flames that had once been only a few feet long exploding to several dozen feet. Even space itself began to distort, causing the second-generation successor's figure to slowly turn indistinct.

His energy instantly exceeded the third-generation successor, entering the Subtle realm. With a vast boom, the 'Trayastrimsa Heaven' emblematic of the Origin Immortal Art appeared behind him.

But unlike the third-generation successor, the second-generation's Trayastrimsa Heaven was so vast and grandiose that its top actually vanished into the ceiling of the palace. It was hard to determine how many layers it actually had.

Clangclangclang! As the Trayastrimsa Heaven appeared, the golden light around the second-generation successor shifted, turning into countless golden compasses that merged into a giant formation, far sturdier than the third-generation's.

The golden fortress of the third-generation successor had simply appeared gorgeous and exquisite, but the second-generation's it was so solid that it had gone beyond Stellar Energy and seemed to be cast from metal. From this alone, one could see that the second-generation was far stronger than the third-generation.


Absolute silence!

Everyone felt an intense danger.

This is going to be difficult!

Wang Chong's eyes twitched. Rocks were still falling from the ceiling, but nobody cared about them anymore. The suddenly active second-generation successor was now the most dangerous existence here, and his terrifying strength made their blood freeze and their breathing almost stop.

The sudden falling rock had thrown all of them into grave peril.

The second-generation successor seemed like a god, and at this moment, with a stomp, he left his throne and began to walk toward the group.

This single step had the weight of ten thousand jun and made the entire hall shake.

He suddenly stretched out his hand. Clang! A part of the ceiling caved in as an ancient sword around four feet long and covered in the designs of the Western Han Dynasty descended. As the sword fell, it suddenly accelerated into the open hand of the second-generation successor.

It's his weapon!

Wang Chong immediately understood.

The Trayastrimsa Heavens that appeared behind the Origin Immortal Art successors could transform into weapons. The third-generation's Trayastrimsa Heaven had transformed into a powerful golden halberd, but the second-generation had elected to not use the Trayastrimsa Heaven. Rather, he used his four-foot sword.

But this made Wang Chong only feel more danger, not less.

If the second-generation successor was not using the Trayastrimsa Heaven but a sword, it could only mean that he had some astounding level of cultivation in the sword arts that made a sword far more terrifying than the Trayastrimsa Heaven's weapon.

The second-generation successor gripped the sword and was clearly about to strike. Wang Chong's mind groaned with tension.

His Stellar Energy circulated as he prepared to counter.

But even with the four of them and the third-generation successor, they were still probably no match for the second-generation successor.

The tension was so thick that it could be cut with a knife.

The Wushang Village Chief, Lone Silence Ancestor, and Demonic Emperor Old Man were like pulled bows, ready to battle at any moment.


There was another massive boom. After summoning his sword, the second-generation successor took another step toward the group.

Now that he had his sword, his energy became even sharper and more frightening.

At this moment, Wang Chong, who was the closest, was the first to face the pressure of the second-generation successor. The two of them were less than three feet apart. Meanwhile, the vast golden light continued to press at the group like the tide.

Wang Chong was the only one able to control the third-generation successor, and he had him push his Origin Immortal Stellar Energy to the limit to keep out the second-generation successor's power.

The moment the second-generation's Origin Immortal Stellar Energy engulfed the group, they would be completely exposed.

The Lone Silence Ancestor clenched his teeth as he sent his Psychic Energy into the minds of the other three. "Get ready to attack! This battle might not be avoidable!"

The third-generation successor could already one-sidedly beat them down. The Lone Silence Ancestor did not dare to imagine what the even older and more powerful second-generation was capable of! But there was no other choice.

"Wait! Now is not the time to attack!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly said, an extremely grave look in his eyes.

"If the second-generation had sensed us, he would have already attacked. He's clearly not sure and is trying to investigate. Until the last possible moment, we can't attack!"

After hearing the Demonic Emperor Old Man's words, the group fell silent.