The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1501

Chapter 1501: Hanging By A Hair

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Cold sweat was trickling down the Lone Silence Ancestor's forehead. Ever since he had reached the peak of the Saint Martial realm, the Lone Silence Ancestor had never encountered such a dangerous situation. The enemy was right in front of him, but he couldn't attack. But though his mind was extremely uneasy, the Lone Silence Ancestor would never doubt the Demonic Emperor Old Man's judgment.

Seconds went by, and with each moment, Wang Chong felt a suffocating pressure on his body, like he was standing on a tightrope.

Bang! The others could only watch as the divine and armored figure of the second-generation successor stomped forward. He soon brushed past the third-generation successor.

Wang Chong thought about having the third-generation stand in the second-generation's way, but just when the third-generation successor began to move, Wang Chong noticed the sword of the second-generation successor vibrate and immediately stopped.

Two feet!

The boundless high-level Stellar Energy of the Subtle realm forced its way into the Stellar Energy of the third-generation successor. Everyone broke out in cold sweat. Everything depended on Wang Chong now. If even the smallest thing went wrong, a fierce battle would ensue.

One foot!

The second-generation successor took another step forward, which took him right in front of Wang Chong. With less than one foot separating the two, the Wushang Village Chief, Lone Silence Ancestor, and Demonic Emperor Old Man felt their hearts leap to their throats. This was an extremely dangerous situation, and they were ready to immediately attack the moment Wang Chong gave the signal.

Even if they couldn't win, they didn't have time to worry about such things.

But to their surprise, Wang Chong remained motionless, not making a single gesture.

He's too powerful! He's already reached the middle stage of the Subtle realm!

Wang Chong felt a pressure like never before at this distance. Only when he faced the second-generation successor alone could he tell just how powerful he was.

Wang Chong felt like the second-generation's strength was a bottomless pit, and he could sense the energy of a higher dimension from his body.

This was the source of the Subtle realm's power.

If one wanted to surpass the peak of the Saint Martial realm and reach an even higher realm, one needed to break the barriers of space and reach that dimension of indescribable power. But doing this was incredibly difficult. Wang Chong had felt this energy once on the body of Arab War God Qutaybah, but the dimensional energy had been incredibly unstable that time. With the second-generation successor, however, this dimension was as firm as steel.

Wang Chong once more felt insignificant and completely outmatched.

Now is definitely not the time to fight with the second-generation successor!

As countless thoughts ran through his mind, Wang Chong sealed up all his pores and drew all his energy into his dantian, only allowing the Origin Immortal Stellar Energy in his body to spread throughout his limbs and cover his skin.

Suddenly, the first layer of the Origin Immortal Art he had obtained from the third-generation successor appeared in his mind. Wang Chong had a flash of insight and began to comprehend the mantra while circulating his energy in the method outlined by the Origin Immortal Art.

Time seemed to stop.

Meanwhile, the second-generation successor continued to stare at Wang Chong, the doubt in his eyes increasing and his eyes growing brighter. He slowly raised his sword, intent on stabbing it at Wang Chong.

"Not good!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief grimaced. If this continued, even if the second-generation successor didn't sense their energy, Wang Chong would be left heavily injured or dead.

"Village Chief, prepare to strike!" The Demonic Emperor Old Man sent his thoughts into the Wushang Village Chief's mind as he readied himself.

A battle seemed imminent, but suddenly


Wang Chong's body trembled and all his pores opened. Faint streams of Origin Immortal Stellar Energy began to rise from Wang Chong's body.

It was an extremely immature energy, completely different to the energies of the second-generation and third-generation successors, but it was undoubtedly the energy of the Origin Immortal Art.

"How could this be?!"

No one was more shocked than the Lone Silence Ancestor. Before moving out, Wang Chong had given each of them a stream of Origin Immortal Stellar Energy, but that energy was completely different from the one Wang Chong now exuded.

No matter how pure it was, a borrowed Origin Immortal Stellar Energy was still fake. A lack of caution could lead to the second-generation successor's finding out and subsequently killing them. But Wang Chong's Stellar Energy, while weak, was clearly something he had cultivated on his own.

In essence, it was identical to the energies of the two successors.


The second-generation successor's sword suddenly froze and confusion appeared in his bright eyes. It seemed like he had encountered some incomprehensible question.


Absolute silence!

Everyone waited with bated breath. Wang Chong had managed to produce the same energy as the second- and third-generation successors, but no one knew if the move would actually work.

After a long, long time

As if deciding that Wang Chong was another Origin Immortal successor like him, the second-generation successor put away his sword, the hostility in his eyes fading. He turned around and walked back to his throne of white jade.


Everyone exhaled in relief. The suffocating feeling brought about by the perilous situation was finally fading.

"Come on! Let's get out of here!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man urged. No one knew what other mishaps would occur if they stayed, so it was better to get into the passage and get far away from this danger.

The group entered the passage according to the prescribed order, and even as the third-generation successor left, the second-generation successor continued to stand in front of his throne.

Once they were all through, they felt like they were survivors of some major calamity.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man sent a mental wave into the minds of the others. "Come on! Only the last palace is left!"

Now that they had passed through the palace guarded by the second-generation successor, their confidence swelled. If they could deceive the second-generation, it meant that they could use the same method to get past the even more powerful first-generation.

The group was getting closer and closer to the core of the Origin Immortal Treasury.

After traveling along a corridor of sixty or seventy meters, the group quickly reached the final palace. But when they walked out, they were instantly struck dumb.


"What's going on? There's no palace at the end of the corridor?"

"Is there no first generation?"

The corridor opened up not into the palace guarded by the first generation, but a vast room permeated by green smoke that obscured the vision.

"What's going on here?"

The Wushang Village Chief raised an eyebrow and ventured in, tightly gripping his cane.

The Origin Immortal Lord had six disciples, and based on the rules, the second generation followed the third generation, so the first generation should follow the second generation. Once they got past that last barrier, the group would finally reach the heart of the treasury and obtain the world-renowned Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art.

But the situation before them was clearly different from what they had expected. Were the rumors mistaken? The Origin Immortal Lord's first disciple had encountered some mishap and had not been placed in the underground palace? Or perhaps the Origin Immortal Lord didn't have six disciples?

Everyone's minds were in disarray and awash with possibilities.

Suddenly, the Lone Silence Ancestor loudly laughed and rushed forward. "Hahaha, although I don't know why there's no first generation or a final underground palace, I'm sure that this is the heart of the Origin Immortal Treasury! The Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art must be here!"

After all the hardships and ups and downs, the Lone Silence Ancestor had never imagined that he would actually reach the core of the Origin Immortal Treasury.


Wang Chong's heart tightened at this sight, and he had the third-generation successor go forward.

"Until we thoroughly investigate this place, we can't be careless!"

As Wang Chong spoke, he sent a vast flood of Psychic Energy out of his body to fill the space. A few moments later, Wang Chong had seen through the green smoke to discover the truth of this vast space.

This was another abyss, one with a diameter of nearly one thousand meters. The abyss was unfathomable. Wang Chong had barely sent out his Psychic Energy when he found a cliff, and in front of the cliff was a bottomless pit. Wang Chong sent his Psychic Energy down one thousand meters but still failed to find the bottom.

But around the middle of the cliff, Wang Chong discovered a few things with his Psychic Energy.

No one dared to be careless in this strange space. Wang Chong had the third-generation successor lead the way while he slowly advanced with the others.

"So quiet!"

The Wushang Village Chief took in his surroundings. Besides the thick haze, he sensed nothing else.

"When we came in, the second-generation successor was still suspended in the air and he hadn't summoned his sword. We should be the first ones to have arrived!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man eyed his surroundings warily as he spoke.

The second generation was simply too powerful. If they hadn't had the third-generation successor, even they would have found it very difficult to get past. A powerful guardian at the middle stage of the Subtle realm was not at all easy to defeat. Finding an individual in the Central Plains that could get past him would be like searching for a phoenix feather or Qilin horn.

Wang Chong said nothing. He did not dare make any conclusions until he was absolutely sure of the situation.