The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508: The First Generation Appears

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bagushidu grabbed Wang Chong, took up position behind him, and escorted him past Ishinishidu's corpse. This time, Bagushidu did not even glance at the body, but Wang Chong did.

From the back, Ishinishidu's body exuded a domineering aura. Even though two hundred years had worn his robe to shreds, the demeanor of a hegemon who desired to battle with the heavens had not changed at all.

But from the front, Wang Chong saw a completely different view.

Ishinishidu's eyes were now two black sockets aimed up toward the ceiling. It was as if he had still been following the movements of the three Earthblood Cauldrons until his last moment.

And as Wang Chong saw more, he was even more alarmed and frightened.

Ishinishidu's chest had been completely cut open by some sharp weapon, the ribs on both sides utterly obliterated. After suffering such a heavy injury, anyone would be doomed, even Ishinishidu. It was no wonder he had chosen to seal his energy and memories within the three cauldrons.

But a few moments later, Bagushidu vigorously pushed Wang Chong forward.

"Bagushidu, I've finished hearing the story of your Earth Sect, so why else did you capture me? If you want to kill me, you can just do it right here! It's not like I can escape from you!"

Wang Chong was forced to walk with Bagushidu, but the strange feeling in his heart remained.

Based on what Bagushidu had said, the entire Eastern Turkic Khaganate, including Ozmish, regarded him as a thorn in their side. If Bagushidu wanted to kill him, he could simply do so and not waste so much time chattering.

"Heheh, you'll soon find out what I want you to do."

Bagushidu grinned, putting on an unfathomable expression, and then he continued to push Wang Chong toward the end of the stone bridge.

The core of the treasury remained quiet. With the second-generation successor standing guard, the other martial artists were temporarily unable to make their way inside.

Wang Chong now walked alongside Bagushidu, the tapping of their footsteps echoing throughout the abyss.

Clink! From the distance came the shaking of chains. It was such a strange sound that Wang Chong immediately noticed it.

"We're here!" Bagushidu said.

The mist here was so thick that it was no longer possible for Wang Chong to see his master or the Wushang Village Chief, and even Bagushidu's face was fading in and out of the fog, appearing even more enigmatic.

A cold wind blew, causing Bagushidu's black robe to snap and flutter. Bagushidu looked ahead, his gaze dark.

"King of Foreign Lands, I'm afraid that this is where our destinies part!"

Bagushidu had a rather strange expression on his face.

"So, this is where you're choosing to do the deed?"

Wang Chong coldly laughed, no fear in his eyes. He quickly scanned his surroundings. The stone bridge had come to an abrupt end here, dropping off into empty space, and at its terminus, Wang Chong saw two thin chains the size of a child's arm extending in parallel into the fog.

These chains were the source of the clinking sound from earlier.

It was impossible to say where these chains went, as the fog had shrouded everything in a veil of secrecy.

Wang Chong stood in the cold wind at the end of the stone bridge. Even now, he did not understand why Bagushidu did not kill him. What did he want in bringing him here? What did he hope to obtain from him?

"See that?"

At Wang Chong's moment of greatest confusion, Bagushidu spoke, his finger pointed forward.

"Back then, the patriarch of our Earth Sect, Ishinishidu, was almost about to obtain everything. Alas, at the very end, he encountered that sword. That sword possesses an incomparably immense might. Even though Ishinishidu had already broken into the Dark Radiant Heaven, he was still no match for it. This powerful divine sword heavily injured him and caused him to lose his life here.

"Rather than saying that Ishinishidu lost to a successor of the Origin Immortal Lord, it would be better to say that he lost to this divine sword."

Wang Chong strained his vision, but he could still see nothing in that thick fog which obscured the jangling chains.

A moment later, Wang Chong tried to spread out his Psychic Energy, but almost instantly, an immense Psychic Seal surged forward. This Psychic Seal was several dozen times stronger than the one Wang Chong had encountered in the caves, and Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was swiftly dashed to pieces.


Wang Chong frowned in confusion. The Psychic Seal in the air had the same effect as the Psychic Seal in the caves, but its construction and form were completely different. This energy was distributed seemingly randomly in the air like many fish scales.

Not only that, even though this Psychic Seal was extremely powerful, Wang Chong had not sensed it upon first entering the core. This meant that the Psychic Seal was restricted to a rather small range.


Stellar Energy erupted from next to Wang Chong, lashing out at the thick fog like a furious bolt of lightning. Boom! Whoosh! Bagushidu had waved his sleeve, stirring up a great gale that blew away the fog.

Wang Chong was now able to see an imposing figure looming in the fog.

That person's feet were spread apart, and when Wang Chong looked over, that person also seemed to be staring across the chains at Wang Chong and Bagushidu.

Wang Chong was caught completely by surprise and was given a fright. However, he quickly realized something

"The first generation!" Wang Chong blurted out.

Now that Bagushidu had scattered the fog, Wang Chong could see the golden Origin insignia on the man's clothes. Moreover, even though the man was standing there, Wang Chong could sense no vitality from him. He gave off the same feeling to Wang Chong as the other generations of walking corpses.

These walking corpses were not mere bodies. They had unique seals planted within them, an energy that was unmistakable.

Wang Chong had encountered the sixth, fifth, third, and second generations, but he had not seen the first-generation disciple of the Origin Immortal Lord where he had expected him to be.

Wang Chong had almost believed that the first-generation disciple of the Origin Immortal Lord wasn't here, but in the end, the man had still appeared.

The Origin Immortal Lord's second-generation disciple was already at the Subtle realm, and together with the number one Origin Immortal Art, his fighting capabilities were unsurpassed.

The second-generation successor was so strong that Wang Chong's group didn't dare to fight with him, even after capturing the third-generation, and the first-generation was only stronger! One could easily imagine just how terrifying a being this was.

"As expected, the King of Foreign Lands is very intelligent. That man truly is the first-generation disciple of the Origin Immortal Lord. As the first-generation disciple, he does not guard the underground palace, but this place. But what I need you to do is not to defeat the first generation You see that sword in front of him? I want you to take out that sword for me!"

Bagushidu's familiar voice rang out in a timely manner.

Wang Chong looked over and, sure enough, there really was a sword, around four feet long, nearly half its length buried into the ground in front of the man. But at this time, Wang Chong finally saw what was at the end of the chains.

"An altar?!"

Wang Chong's body trembled in shock.

A massive altar was floating in the air, built from stone. The looming figure of the first-generation successor and the sword Bagushidu spoke of both stood in front of this massive altar.

Wang Chong estimated that this altar weighed ten-some tons, and it was covered in all sorts of strange inscriptions that exuded an ancient aura.

If he hadn't seen it for himself, Wang Chong would have found it very hard to believe that such a heavy object could float motionlessly in the air like this, completely unaffected by the strong gusts of wind around it.


The fog surged back in like a curtain slowly drawing closed, once more concealing the massive altar, the first-generation successor, and the four-foot sword.

All fell silent. Neither Wang Chong nor Bagushidu spoke.

"Honored State Teacher possesses peerless martial arts. With your Art of Dark Heaven, you should be able to easily take that sword." Wang Chong suddenly broke the silence with a jeer.

"Heh, if this matter were that simple, this king would have had no need to trouble the King of Foreign Lands."

Bagushidu grinned, brushing off Wang Chong's jeer. His temperament and bearing had long ago become just as steely and determined as his martial arts. There was no way a few mocking words from Wang Chong could shake him.

And Wang Chong's life was in his hands. No matter how much Wang Chong tried to provoke him, Bagushidu wouldn't care.


Ignoring Wang Chong, Bagushidu suddenly extended his foot and stepped forward, sending Stellar Energy through one of the chains. Clingclang! The chain fiercely shook under Bagushidu's foot, and at the same moment, there was a booming metal clatter.

This sound came without warning, and it was not just one or two sounds, but a great chorus of tens of thousands of sounds that resounded throughout the area.