The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509: The Origin Immortal Sword Formation

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong's heart thumped in warning, and he felt like tens of thousands of sharp and vicious streams of energy had locked onto him. One second later, and he would be torn to shreds by these dreadful energies.

Wang Chong blinked as he blurted out, "What is this?"

"A sword mound! Or perhaps you could call it the Origin Immortal Sword Formation," Bagushidu said.

"You should have run into the second generation on your way here. The second-generation successor was a master of the sword, but you might not know that the second-generation actually learned his sword arts from the first-generation. This sword art uses innumerable kinds of swords as its vehicle, and when it activates, it strikes with the unbounded fury of a storm. The first-generation successor, with his supreme intelligence and understanding, fused together the Origin Immortal lineage with his own understandings to create this supreme art. This is also the greatest sword technique in the entirety of the Origin Immortal Art."

As Bagushidu spoke, he extended his left hand and lightly waved. The fog in the region was instantly swept away by an invisible hand, revealing countless swords in various states of disrepair. They began from several dozen feet from the end of the bridge and stretched on into the depths of the fog.

Even with Wang Chong's abilities, he found it impossible to estimate just how many of these damaged swords there were. These swords swam through the air like sharks, a frightening sight that made one's hair stand on end and feel the fear felt by the insignificantly tiny.

"The first-generation successor is not like the others. My Art of Dark Heaven has no effect on him. As soon as I enter this region, I'll immediately be attacked."

"Hmph, if you don't go into the tiger's cave, how can you get the tiger cub? You think that you can get the Origin Immortal Art by doing nothing? Does the future state teacher of all Turks not even have the courage the face the first generation?"

Wang Chong coldly snorted in derision. The two of them were enemies and Wang Chong knew that Bagushidu wouldn't let him go, so there was no need to be courteous.

"Heheh, if you understood what sort of person the first-generation successor was, you wouldn't say that."

Bagushidu was unperturbed and spoke with composure toward Wang Chong.

"The Origin Immortal Lord had six generations of disciples, but only the first-generation disciple was personally taught by him, and he was the only generation that actually met with the Origin Immortal Lord. This underground palace and these barriers were all laid out by him according to the decree of the Origin Immortal Lord. The first-generation was sincerely devoted to the Origin Immortal Lord. He was both his disciple and his most loyal follower.

"One could say that without the first generation, there would be no Origin Immortal Treasury. If one wants to obtain the Origin Immortal Art, one must defeat this strongest generation."

Bagushidu paused for a moment.

"But compared to the first disciple, I'm more worried about the sword in front of him."

"The sword?"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed in surprise.

He had always thought the sword and the first-generation successor were together, or to be more precise, the successor controlled the sword. But Bagushidu was clearly talking about something else.

"That sword is very special. Anyone who steps onto these chains to try and approach the sword will immediately feel incredibly uncomfortable, like there's a dagger pressed against one's spine. This sensation only gets stronger and stronger.

"Back then, State Teacher Ishinishidu was able to remove all the obstacles in his path, and he strode through the caves like they were his own garden. But after taking ten-some steps toward this divine sword, he turned ghastly pale and cold sweat drenched his back. And like he was fighting a battle, he was also consuming energy. If not for this, Honored State Teacher would not have died here.

"I originally thought that after two hundred years, the divine sword would have been significantly weakened. But when I took my first step, I immediately realized that the divine sword was even stronger than Ishinishidu had remembered.

"I had only taken seven steps"

Bagushidu stopped halfway, realizing what he was doing, smiled, and changed the subject.

"In short, while it's possible to block the successor's attack, the situation is completely different with that divine sword. One man and one sword have together formed the final barrier of the Origin Immortal Treasury. If you can cross this final barrier, you can obtain the Origin Immortal Art and the Origin Immortal Elixir!"

"Origin Immortal Elixir?"

Wang Chong's eyes widened as Bagushidu divulged this new piece of information to him. The existence of the first generation and that divine sword had already taken him by surprise, and now there was this elixir that he had never heard anything about. For some reason, Bagushidu, a Hu, seemed to know much more than anyone else did.

"Haha, there's no harm in telling you."

Bagushidu smiled, apparently sure that Wang Chong was doomed and could not escape. Thus, he was completely forthright and open with Wang Chong's last questions.

"Seven generations of sect masters have passed since the Earthblood Cauldrons returned to the Solar Holy Mountain two hundred years ago, and Ishinishidu's memories were passed down through the generations of the Earth Sect Masters. Each sect master did everything in their power to gather the secrets of the Origin Immortal Lord in the hopes of finding the place that held the body of the greatest grandmaster in the history of the Turkic people.

"Our Earth Sect worked with unprecedented effort to gather up information on the Origin Immortal Lord. All the rumors in the martial arts world, the ancient texts and histories, even the unofficial histories and legends, were collected, whether or not they had to do with martial arts.

"Hard work does not let one down, and after expending the strength of seven generations of sect masters, we finally found records of the Origin Immortal Lord and his first disciple. To our surprise, the Origin Immortal Lord had refined a top-class medicine known as the Origin Immortal Elixir.

"This medicine can greatly boost a martial artist's strength and heal all their flaws and diseases, all wounds and infirmities. Most importantly, it can stimulate a martial artist's ability, making it so that those martial artists who have already reached the limits of their potential can reach an even higher stage.

"Such a medicine is simply priceless. Ordinary people might not understand, but you probably know what such a medicine means for someone like me, who has already reached the limits of their potential," Bagushidu sternly said, not at all trying to hide his yearning and excitement.

This man was a dazzling existence, casting martial arts titans like the Lone Silence Ancestor, Song Yuanyi, and the Black Yin Ancestor into the shadows.

But Bagushidu understood that he had reached the limits of his cultivation. Besides the Origin Immortal Art, the only two Origin Immortal Elixirs left by the Origin Immortal Lord within these caves were also objects he had to obtain.

He was already sure of where the two Origin Immortal Elixirs were, but there was no need to tell Wang Chong about that.

"Enough! Thats all I will say. King of Foreign Lands, if you would!"

Bagushidu smiled and gracefully bowed as he made an inviting gesture.

Wang Chong instantly grimaced at this sight.

"King of Foreign Lands, the Origin Immortal Treasury is fraught with danger, and those beneath the peak Great General level are certain to die. But this king believes that while ordinary people might be doomed in this kind of situation, you are different. You were the one who broke the dangerous Origin Immortal Formation, and you were the one who opened the path to the Origin Immortal Treasury that no one had opened for two hundred years. Not even those incredibly dangerous traps of this underground world could stop you.

"Thus, this king would trouble you to break down this last barrier of the Origin Immortal Treasury!"

At this point, Bagushidu's right hand loosened his grip and pulled back.

As the hand pulled back, Wang Chong felt the grip on his energy loosen, with one-third of his energy now free. With this Stellar Energy, Wang Chong finally had the ability to protect himself.

Wang Chong was so shocked that his eyes momentarily slackened in surprise.

But a few moments later, Wang Chong sensed that the sinister black Stellar Energy that Bagushidu had dispersed had seeped into his dantian through other means, as well as the six critical acupuncture points around his dantian.

The black Stellar Energy in his dantian and around those six points created a powerful seal.

"Haha, this is a top-class sealing art secretly passed down through the Solar Holy Mountain, the Dark Moon's Flame, an art that took many generations of sect masters to totally comprehend. Starting from now, no matter what tricks you play, I only need to activate the seal to kill you," Bagushidu suddenly explained.

"Right, I might as well tell you that this seal also has a drop of my heartblood. In other words, if I die, you will come with me."

Bagushidu smiled as he raised a finger. Wang Chong could now see that Bagushidu had at some point broken the skin of his finger, allowing blood to trickle out. The fingers were the closest to the heart, resulting in the saying 'the ten fingers are connected to the heart'. It was easy to extract heartblood through the fingers.

Wang Chong instantly scowled as his heart sank.

"Bagushidu, you truly are Ishinishidu's true successor. The two of you are equally shameless!" Wang Chong sternly said.

"Haha, the King of Foreign Lands flatters me!"

Bagushidu chuckled in carefree indifference.

"If I were you, I would think of a way to help me get through this test and take the sword first. Of course, if you insist on refusing, then, though I do it with some measure of regret, I will have to kill you and complete my deal with Ozmish early. However, I believe that you would never do such a thing. After all, no matter how dangerous it is, there's always a sliver of hope, right?"


Wang Chong coldly glared at Bagushidu, his heart seething with hatred. Bagushidu seemingly had his number. No matter what Wang Chong chose, Bagushidu would lose nothing. As for Wang Chong, it was just as Bagushidu had said: giving up was not his style.

No matter how much difficulty he was in, he would always try and fight.

No matter what, he could not allow Bagushidu to succeed!