The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510: Probing

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Anger was merely anger, so Wang Chong was able to quickly calm back down and turn his eyes forward. Even though he was under the control of another, he could at least use some of his Stellar Energy now, which was a great improvement to his situation.

Wang Chong suppressed his anger and sternly asked, "Can you give me at least half of my strength back? With this little energy, how can I possibly get through the Origin Immortal Sword Formation!?"

Bagushidu shook his head and firmly said, "Heh, no! In any case, whether you have thirty percent or fifty percent, you don't have the strength to block the Origin Immortal Sword Formation! There's no need to waste my time on such a gesture."

Wang Chong coldly snorted and said no more. He had merely been asking, and he had already predicted that Bagushidu would refuse.

Focusing his mind, Wang Chong began to examine the two chains. If he wanted to get through the formation, get to the other side, and obtain the Origin Immortal Art, these two chains would be of utmost importance.

Good! These chains are made from Ten Thousand Year Cold Iron that has been extremely well-tempered, and they are densely covered with strengthening inscriptions. They won't easily snap!

Wang Chong was able to instantly spot these things.

His work with Wootz Steel had caused him to encounter many different kinds of material, and Ten Thousand Year Cold Iron was one of the best and most precious materials. Wang Chong could naturally recognize it. However, the Ten Thousand Year Cold Iron used by the Origin Immortal Lord was of even greater quality and purity, the best of its kind.

Moreover, the strengthening inscriptions used by the Origin Immortal Lord on these chains were not the same as the ones normally in use, but ones from the Spring and Autumn Era. Their effects were one hundred times greater than those of the current era.

Even a divine weapon would have a hard time hacking through the chains.

Wang Chong's gaze moved forward and he grimaced. Several dozen feet ahead, the chains were covered in dense sword scratches, with some of them even cutting several inches deep, almost cutting away a small section of the chain. And as he looked farther ahead, he saw that the number of sword scratches only increased.

The Origin Immortal Sword Formation!

Wang Chong immediately thought about the enormous sword formation controlled by the first-generation successor.


Wang Chong took in a deep breath.

The first generation is simply too powerful. This kind of chain forged from Ten Thousand Year Cold Iron and covered in so many ancient inscriptions is something that even my Wootz Steel sword wouldn't be able to cut open, but the first-generation successor was almost able to destroy these two chains with just his Sword Qi. The gap between us is too great, and I'm no match for him at my current level of strength. If I step on these chains, I'll trigger the sword formation and be instantly killed!

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil, but after pondering a few ideas, he refocused.


With no need for Bagushidu's help this time, Wang Chong waved his sleeve, tearing apart the sea of fog. Wang Chong displayed superb control over his strength, and as the chains clattered, he was soon able to see that mysterious altar, the successor standing before it, and the sword thrust into the ground.

The lingering mist and hazy figures made it seem like part of an entirely different world.

Within the sea of fog, the figure of the first-generation successor was like the figure of the death god in the underworld, savage and terrifying. And that mysterious sword thrust into the ground in front of him appeared even more enigmatic.

But as Wang Chong's eyes passed over the sword, he suddenly had a strange feeling. This bizarre feeling had come from the sword, and Wang Chong found it difficult to say what it was. It lasted only a mere moment before disappearing.

Wang Chong's brow creased as he muttered, "How strange" After a few moments of thought, he picked up a stone from the bridge and threw it.


A sword flashed through the air, and the stone Wang Chong had thrown out was instantly cut in two. Wang Chong's eyes gleamed, and he immediately flicked out another rock, followed by a second, a third

Wang Chong constantly picked up and threw stones, watching as these stones that came in from different directions and heights were diced into tiny pieces by the Origin Immortal Sword Formation.

Bagushidu watched the entire process with cold eyes, making no attempt to disturb him. His expression was similarly undisturbed, though there was a slight ripple when he saw Wang Chong beginning to throw out the stones.

It's no good! Each stone will immediately be attacked by fifty to sixty swords upon entering the sword formation, with seven swords being the absolute minimum.

Wang Chong weighed a stone in his hands as he raised his head and closed his eyes, his mind rapidly turning. When his Psychic Energy increased by several times, so had his calculation ability. Bagushidu had sealed off his Stellar Energy, but not his mental powers.

Just now, Wang Chong had used the stones to assist him in calculating many things.

Even so, the situation was nothing to be happy about.

The current Wang Chong was in almost absolute checkmate. He had to either think of a solution or die.

As time slowly passed, a familiar voice rang out in his ear.

"King of Foreign Lands, time is limited. If you would please!"

Bagushidu gently smiled.

Although the Origin Immortal Lord had left behind all sorts of mechanisms that would make reaching this place extremely difficult, it was best to remain vigilant against any mishaps. He could not allow Wang Chong to keep wasting time forever.

"As long as I can get across, State Teacher shouldn't mind if I use a few tricks, right?"

Wang Chong suddenly grinned as he turned to face Bagushidu.

Bagushidu was clearly taken by surprise, but he quickly swept up his sleeve and chuckled.

"Haha, as long as you don't draw any attention to me, there's naturally no problem."


A few moments later, two storms of energy erupted from the green fog behind the pair. And a few moments later, the fog parted, revealing two formidable figures on the stone bridge: the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man. The two of them coldly and savagely stared at Bagushidu.

If looks could kill, Bagushidu would have already died one thousand times.

"What? You want your master to go in your place?"

Bagushidu placed his hands behind his back. Not only was he not cowed by this sight, he actually chuckled, shooting an amused glance at Wang Chong.

"How could that be? Only the Solar Holy Mountain of the Eastern Turks could be so shameless."

Wang Chong waved his sleeve and smiled.

As if in response to his words, the fog behind the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief seethed. Thumpthump! Accompanied by vigorous footsteps, an energy even greater than the Demonic Emperor Old Man's and the Wushang Village Chief's emerged.

Those vacant, lifeless, and dreadful eyes settled on Bagushidu's body.

The third-generation walking corpse, the Origin Immortal Lord's third-generation successor!

Earlier, in order to protect against any hidden dangers, Wang Chong had the third-generation successor lead the way out of the passage. But Bagushidu got the better of him, ambushing Wang Chong from the rear and seizing him before the successor even had a chance to act.

Upon seeing the walking corpse, Bagushidu finally put away his faint smile and turned vigilant. Bagushidu still felt some apprehension about these disciples of the Origin Immortal Lord.

"Wang Chong, if I were you, I would be very careful!" Bagushidu warned as he gazed at the imposing figure of the third-generation successor, an implied meaning in his words.

"Heheh, Honored State Teacher is worried that I will use the third-generation successor to launch a surprise attack on you?"

Wang Chong couldn't help but smile upon seeing Bagushidu's figure slightly stiffen, his heart relaxing. Bagushidu had managed to hoodwink everyone, even taking control over Wang Chong. But even he had things that he feared.

Bagushidu grimaced at these words, but he quickly went back to smiling.

"King of Foreign Lands, you're thinking too much. Don't forget, you have the secret art of my Earth Sect, the Dark Moon's Flame, in your body. And don't you use Psychic Energy to control the successor? If I were to activate the Dark Moon's Flame, which one of us would die faster? Once you're dead, this walking corpse will be free to do as he wishes, so will he still attack me?"


Wang Chong said nothing, but there was a cold glint in his eyes. This future state teacher of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate was incredibly difficult to deal with, and the Dark Moon's Flame in Wang Chong's body truly was a problem.

"Bagushidu, no one can threaten this old man like this or take hostage this old man's disciple! One day, I will have you and your Earth Sect pay the price!" The Demonic Emperor Old Man's cold voice emerged from the fog.

For Wang Chong to be taken hostage right in front of his eyes had incurred the Demonic Emperor Old Man's fury, even though this was partially because he had been exhausted from the multiple battles he had been through. The brutality and wicked aura that had already retreated from his body now came roaring back. Bagushidu had succeeded in provoking his darkest side.

"Heheh, we'll see when the time comes!"

Bagushidu nonchalantly smiled. As long as he could obtain the Origin Immortal Art, the Origin Immortal Elixir, and that sword, the Demonic Emperor Old Man would pose an insignificant threat to him.