The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511: The Third Generation Takes Action I
Chapter 1511: The Third Generation Takes Action! (I)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The eyes of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief burned with hatred, but they remained silent. Slowly, with forceful steps, the third-generation successor advanced, walking past the pair and toward Wang Chong and Bagushidu.

It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop!

Wang Chong's eyes began to shift and seethe as the successor approached, an irrepressible idea emerging in his mind. This was the last barrier of the Origin Immortal Treasury, and Bagushidu was essentially forcing him to commit suicide. Rather than being compelled by Bagushidu, it would be better to use this chance to deal with Bagushidu. At the very least, he would be free from being threatened by others.

However, the stone bridge was narrow, and his master and the Wushang Village Chief simply couldn't get close. In addition, Bagushidu was simply too powerful. Carelessly making a move that could result in failure would make all their previous efforts for naught. Moreover, even if Bagushidu didn't exist, this last barrier wasn't something that could be avoided. And unlike Bagushidu, if he didn't get the Origin Immortal Art, he was basically a dead man


As Wang Chong was thinking about what to do, there was a metallic boom. The black Stellar Energy around Bagushidu seethed, and then three small cauldrons covered in blood-colored veins emerged from Bagushidu's body, taking up positions around Bagushidu to protect him.

In the blink of an eye, Bagushidu's energy swelled, rising up like bamboo after the rain, swiftly reaching an incredible level. Bagushidu was already half a step into the Subtle realm, only a sliver away. But with the power of the three Earthblood Cauldrons, he now crossed that threshold, becoming stronger than even the third generation.

Wang Chong instantly paled, those ideas in his mind instantly disappearing.

He was currently no match for the future state teacher of the Turks.

"Heheh, King of Foreign Lands, if you would!" Bagushidu said, his eyes peering into the fog, a confident and relaxed look on his face.

Wang Chong's mind was spinning with ideas, but suddenly, he smiled. He wasn't someone who cursed the heavens and grumbled about others. He only believed in his strength. Since he couldn't beat Bagushidu, he might as well settle down and think of a way past this barrier.

As for Bagushidu, he needed to live first and then think of a way to deal with him.


Wang Chong quickly turned his gaze to the other side.

The third generation and first generation both cultivate the Origin Immortal Art. As they come from the same lineage, I wonder if the energy of the third generation will be of any use.

He could ponder to himself all day, but in the end, only actually trying things out would prove anything. Wang Chong swiftly took control of the third-generation successor, upon which the walking corpse shot forward like a lightning bolt past the pair.


The third-generation successor's foot stepped onto one of the chains, which immediately began to vibrate. This movement immediately attracted everyone's attention. Even Bagushidu raised an eyebrow and focused.

I wonder if it will work, Bagushidu said to himself.

Ishinishidu had been defeated here and left to die with his grudges, so Bagushidu did not dare to be careless.

As the third-generation successor stepped forward, the entire area suddenly changed

Clang! The bright cry of a sword shattered the silence in the air.

A moment later, it was joined by tens of thousands. Countless ripples appeared in the sea of fog as the swords rang out, repeating the scene from when Bagushidu stepped onto the chain.

Wang Chong could see all kinds of swords in various states of disrepair taking aim at the third-generation successor.

But unlike with Bagushidu, while these swords trembled and buzzed, they did not seem ready to attack, instead exuding an intense warning.

It seems like Bagushidu was right. The first-generation successor's mind has already fused with the sword mound in the air. He can even sense the third-generation successor's energy and give him a warning.

Wang Chong's eyes flashed in understanding.

Thoughts flew through his mind, and Wang Chong soon made a new move.

Boom! Under Wang Chong's control, the third-generation successor flew forward like a cannonball.

As he hurtled forward, golden light exploded and Stellar Energy surged. Hundreds of golden compasses erupted out of the walking corpse's body, transforming into a golden fortress that tightly enclosed him.

With this defensive barrier, the successor pushed his Stellar Energy to its limits, shooting toward the other side like a blazing sun.

Both Wang Chong and Bagushidu were incredibly focused. This chain was only eight hundred meters at most. With the strength of the third-generation successor, he would normally need only a few seconds to cross it.

Success or failure would be decided here.

Bang! The third-generation successor's foot came down again, causing the chain to fiercely shudder.

This action caused the countless flying swords within the sword mound to explode in fury.

Innumerable flying swords emerged from the sea of fog, their numbers exploding. There was a great metal clattering and a savage gust of wind as the flying swords, now with ten times their original number, shot toward the third-generation successor in a burst of golden light.

And even more flying swords were gathering from the surroundings.

Every one of these tens of thousands of swords radiated a golden light. In the blink of an eye, they had merged into a storm of unprecedented power that spun toward the third-generation successor.

This was the first time Wang Chong had seen someone who could control so many flying swords at the same time, and each sword had the weight of a mountain behind it.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The successor's body was soon engulfed by the storm of flying swords.


The golden light and fog greatly hindered Wang Chong's vision, and the powerful Psychic Seal permeating the air made it impossible for Wang Chong to see with his Psychic Energy as he normally did.

But Wang Chong could see the two chains at his feet shaking like never before.

The clinging and clanging of the chains were endless. The third-generation successor was clearly in a most perilous situation.

The pull from this abyss was also immense. Not even the third-generation successor could escape into the air.

And the two chains were shaking so fiercely that the successor could be thrown into the abyss at any time, which would result in certain death.

"Impossible!" Bagushidu cried out. At some point, he had walked up to stand side by side with Wang Chong.

But he cared little about the nearby Wang Chong. His attention was entirely focused on the third-generation successor and the golden light that had engulfed him.

"Only fragments of souls remain in the bodies of these walking corpses, and they've been dead for so long that they shouldn't be affected by the divine sword. In other words, the third-generation successor doesn't need to worry about much else besides defeating the first-generation. More importantly, he's part of the Origin Immortal Lord's lineage, so he suffers far fewer attacks than we do."

Bagushidu's eyes were bright with excitement.

He had forced Wang Chong to try primarily because of his deal with Ozmish Khagan. After all, he didn't really lose anything regardless of the result. But it now seemed like he had made the right decision.

The third-generation successor had made much more progress than him or his predecessor Ishinishidu.

Bagushidu had just felt a sliver of hope when a development within the fog dashed it to pieces.

Bzzzz! As the third-generation successor advanced along the chains, using his golden compass fortress to neutralize the attacks around him and defend against the numerous swords, the flying swords around him began to respond.

The immense amounts of Origin Energy the Origin Immortal Lord had gathered here began to coalesce around the flying swords.

Suddenly, one of the flying swords shooting toward the third-generation successor exploded with dazzling radiance.

This light extended for half a foot along the sword's body, and it seemed so sharp that it could pierce straight through steel.

Sword Qi!

Wang Chong grimaced in shock. As a cultivator of the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, he could recognize at a glance this energy created by sword cultivators.

The flying swords in the air were as numerous as the hairs on a bull. If each of them could shoot out Sword Qi, the entire sword formation would possess a simply terrifying power.

And as if in response to Wang Chong's ill foreboding, one sword after another began to light up

In just a second, the vast sea of damaged swords in the air began to fire bolts of Sword Qi at the third-generation successor, their offensive power rising to a whole new level.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The salvo from the flying swords quickly brought a halt to the successor's advance.

The third-generation successor was now in incredibly dire straits. Not only was he no longer advancing, he was being forced back again and again. There were even a few times where he had almost been forced off the chains.

It's enough! It's time to try out the third generation's power!

Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he shifted tactics.