The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1512

Chapter 1512: The Third Generation Takes Action Ii
Chapter 1512: The Third Generation Takes Action! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Though Wang Chong had initially been forced into getting past the barrier by Bagushidu, his attention was now entirely focused on this task.

If he wanted to obtain the Origin Immortal Art, he had to conquer this barrier.


The third-generation successor, standing in the middle section of the chain, several hundred meters from the end of the stone bridge, reached back behind him. The vast pavilion of the Trayastrimsa Heaven quickly gathered together into a massive golden halberd.

The successor casually struck out, and a roiling wave of golden energy joined together with the power of the golden halberd to instantly destroy several dozen swords.

The successor turned his head and made another attack. Another several dozen flying swords were obliterated by the domineering Origin Immortal Stellar Energy before they could even get close.

But this was merely the beginning. With the Trayastrimsa Heaven halberd in hand, the third-generation successor soared in power and immediately launched an attack on the thousands of swords around him.


One wave of Origin Immortal Stellar Energy after another hurtled forward, taking the form of dragons and tigers as they crushed the flying swords through sheer strength.

The Origin Immortal Lord's disciple once more displayed his formidable might.

Even though there were so many flying swords attacking and the environment was extremely unfavorable, the third-generation successor continued to keep up the attack. The numerous tattered swords were destroyed in great swaths, their shards passing the chains as they tumbled into the abyss.

"Incredible! Is this really enough to get through? Was I approaching it from the wrong angle?" Bagushidu muttered to himself. Matters were proceeding so smoothly that he found it hard to believe.

Wang Chong also creased his brow. The situation was favorable to him, but he instinctively felt that things could not be this simple.

The first disciple was even stronger than the second, and he had been the one to build all the mechanisms underground, even the palace itself. There was no way this last trial could be so simple.

This thought had just occurred to Wang Chong when, suddenly

The third-generation successor's constant advance and his attacks on the flying swords had seemingly provoked the first-generation.

Boom! There was an explosion that seemed to tear through the world, and a moment later, a vast rip appeared in the fabric of space, a dreadful energy surging out from it.

Countless golden specks of energy mixed into the fog, attaching to the tens of thousands of flying swords. Those flying swords seemed to blaze anew, growing even stronger and more dangerous.

The Subtle realm!

Standing on the stone bridge, Wang Chong was able to keenly sense this power, the familiar energy of the Subtle realm.

But this power was even more frightening than that of the second generation. If the second-generation successor could be compared to a tough man of steely resolve, then the first-generation was a giant.

Even more frightening was that while ordinary martial artists merely received a boost in strength upon reaching the Subtle realm, the first-generation successor had managed to change the definition of the Subtle. The innumerable swords the third-generation was facing were all of the Subtle realm, and this was enough to make any martial artist tremble in fear.

"Finally here!"

Bagushidu had also sensed what was going on, and given that he was much stronger than Wang Chong, he could sense much more.

Wang Chong could only sense the Subtle realm energy flowing through the air, but Bagushidu could sense that a massive gate had opened in the depths of spacetime. Vast waves of transcendent energy were constantly howling out of this gate and being absorbed by the Origin Immortal Sword Formation.

"This is the energy! This was the energy that had Ishinishidu chasing for ten days and ten nights, chasing that man all the way to this place where he eventually lost his life! As long as I can comprehend this energy and fuse it with our Earth Sect's Dark Radiant Heaven energy, the Yin and Yang will be one, and I will definitely be able to comprehend an even higher realm of power!"

Bagushidu's face was brimming with excitement and bereft of its former composure, and his robes trembled in agitation.

But Wang Chong hardly noticed. The battle in front of him had reached maximum intensity, as the first generation was now intent on killing the third.


One trouble came hot on the heels of another. As the first-generation successor opened the spatial tunnel and boosted all the flying swords to the Subtle realm, the thick fog suddenly erupted with light as countless golden points of light appeared beneath the chains.

Upon looking down, Wang Chong and Bagushidu both grimaced.

These countless golden points of light were the shards of shattered swords.

These shards were all the flying swords that the third-generation successor had just shattered in his battle with the first-generation.

Not only had the third-generation not destroyed these swords, he had only made this sword mound even more dangerous.


With a resounding clang and explosion of golden light, the countless flying swords gathered together.

A moment later, a giant sword more than three hundred feet long thundered out of the void, hurtling toward the third-generation successor on the chain.

This energy was so immense that even the third-generation successor seemed insignificant before it.

"Not good!"

Wang Chong immediately felt an ill foreboding.

But all Wang Chong had enough time to do was have the successor leap forward with all his strength. Less than half a second later, the walking corpse's imposing figure plunged down into the endless fog as if it had been struck by a lightning bolt.

The battle was over, and everything calmed back down. The fog gathered together and the countless swords in the air, their target lost, slowly lost their luster and began to scatter.

They once more vanished into the fog.

Cling! Swish! The swaying chains loudly rang out, but the stone bridge remained eerily silent.

Wang Chong and Bagushidu stood side by side, unable to speak for a long time.

The third-generation successor had been destroyed, and even though Wang Chong had tried to make the successor advance as much as possible, even having him leap forward at the final second, he had still failed.

"What a pity! Such a powerful ally, such a powerful fighting force, was wasted in vain!"

Bagushidu had returned to his senses and now smiled at Wang Chong.

But Bagushidu suddenly stopped talking. Next to him, Wang Chong had squatted down and was attentively drawing on the ground. The strange symbols and figures he was producing were something that not even Bagushidu could understand.

"This is"

His brow creasing, Bagushidu shut his mouth and stood to the side to silently watch.

Wang Chong was so focused at this time that he had completely forgotten about Bagushidu's presence.

His eyes were half-closed as the battle between the third generation and first replayed itself in his mind.

Every single detail, big and small, was reproduced.

Although the third-generation successor had been killed by the sword formation, for Wang Chong, his sacrifice had not been meaningless. Wang Chong now knew much more information than he did before.

More importantly, while controlling the third-generation successor, Wang Chong had obtained the experiences and sensations he had felt while directly battling with the first-generation, sensations that Bagushidu would never be able to obtain.

Forcing our way through isn't plausible. The first-generation successor only used sixty percent of his strength at most when fighting the third-generation, and this was entirely because of his status as one of the Origin Immortal Art's successors. Anyone else would probably have the first-generation using all of his strength. This is a power that no single one of us could withstand.

Wang Chong closed his eyes entirely and raised his head, his mind whirring in calculation.

The Origin Immortal Art could only be obtained through wisdom, not brute force. The most critical aspect was determining the rules by which the first generation attacked.

No matter how powerful and smart the first-generation successor was, he was still someone who had died nearly one thousand years ago. His mind had to be immensely weakened, and this was where the key lay.

There was some rule governing his attacks!

This was what Wang Chong had learned by seeing through the third-generation successor's eyes, his greatest harvest from the battle.

"Just what is it?" Wang Chong muttered, his mind in turmoil.

The third-generation successor was already half a step into the Subtle realm, and with his Origin Immortal Art, he had a fighting power equivalent to Qutaybah, who had just stepped into the Subtle realm, or perhaps even a little stronger.

But not even the third-generation successor had been able to overcome the first-generation's attacks at sixty percent power, so Wang Chong certainly could not.

If he could not find the rule governing the first-generation's attacks, stepping onto the chains would be certain death.

A gust of air, tinged with chill, blew across the stone bridge. Bagushidu remained with his hands behind his back, his expression indifferent and unhurried.

With the third-generation successor present, he had still been somewhat apprehensive, but now that he was gone, Wang Chong's life was entirely under his control.

"There's no rush. Think slowly. At least until someone else comes in, you have plenty of time"

Bagushidu smiled, a grace and elegance in his voice. Yet while he seemed magnanimous, he was actually giving Wang Chong an ultimatum.

But Wang Chong did not care at this time. His worries were elsewhere.

"What is it? What could it be?"

By this time, Wang Chong's mind had already entered an entirely different world.