The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513: The Origin Immortal Sword Formations Flaw

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The scenes of the battle replayed and recombined in Wang Chong's mind. All the swords and even the energy of the Subtle realm the first-generation successor had used appeared, and Wang Chong used a method that no martial artist of this world could understand to analyze it all.

Bagushidu and any other spectator could only see the battle itself, but Wang Chong had managed to derive countless pieces of data from these scenes.

This was somewhat similar to the way Wang Chong had harnessed his vast Psychic Energy reserves to solve the Origin Immortal Formation, but on an even higher level.

Time was continuing to pass, and there wasn't much of it left for Wang Chong.

Wang Chong was just too weak!

He recalled the scene of the third-generation successor fighting the first-generation.

What a powerful sword formation. It's simply endless, and the attacks only get stronger and stronger

Wang Chong internally sighed, but a moment later, as he stared at the sword mound concealed in the fog, his body trembled in shock.

Wait! The Origin Immortal Sword Formation, the Origin Immortal Art

His eyes suddenly shone brightly, and he lowered his head, produced a sliver of Sword Qi from his finger, and began to draw on the stone bridge. Under the light of the lanterns, one could see that what Wang Chong was drawing out had become even more detailed.

He swept his finger here and there in a random fashion, but slowly, it became more and more obvious what he was drawing.

It was a rough Origin Immortal symbol, the same that could be seen on the chests of the six walking corpses, though there were slight differences.


With one last sweep of his finger, Wang Chong smiled, a look of understanding in his eyes. He raised his head. The other side was still immersed in thick fog, but Wang Chong felt like he could already see something within.

The true rules governing the first generation's Origin Immortal Sword Formation!


This sword formation, whether in power or shape, differed completely from any other technique Wang Chong had seen. But at its very core, it shared the same essence with the Origin Immortal Formation that Wang Chong had already encountered.

The first-generation's cultivation level has surpassed that of all the other successors. He managed to open a new path between the Origin Immortal Art and Origin Immortal Formation to create this Origin Immortal Sword Formation, but all three share the same source.

Wang Chong's eyes flashed in understanding. Any other person might have been able to spot a few clues in the Origin Immortal Sword Formation, but they would have never been able to apply this knowledge and solve the formation in such a short amount of time.

But Wang Chong was different, because he possessed a part of the Origin Immortal Art's mantra!

Even though it was only the first layer, it was incredibly enlightening for Wang Chong. Moreover, while controlling the third-generation successor, Wang Chong had developed an intricate understanding of how Origin Immortal Stellar Energy flowed within the successor's body.

A moment later, Wang Chong frowned again, a shadow appearing on his face.

This still isn't enough!

If he were at his peak or even stronger, Wang Chong would have immediately chosen to test his strength, but he was already weakened, and two-thirds of this weakened strength was still sealed. Even though he had glimpsed the secrets of the Origin Immortal Sword Formation, venturing onto those chains still spelled certain death.

Wang Chong once more examined the two chains and stared in the direction of the first-generation successor and his divine sword now engulfed by the fog.

My chances of dying are too high, at least seventy percent! Just how can I get across?!

Wang Chong muttered to himself, his brows locked together.

He still didn't have enough information, and his mind rapidly turned as he tried to find a way to safely pass the formation.

But just what's the best way to do it

Wang Chong's brow furrowed deeper and deeper. At present, his greatest advantage was that he also had Origin Immortal Stellar Energy, just like the third-generation successor. But even the successor had fallen from the chains, so why would things be easier for Wang Chong?

Time continued to pass, and Wang Chong's eyes remained shut as he pondered.


Wang Chong had obtained nothing at all when a cold gust of wind blew past, causing the fog to seethe and churn. Wang Chong suddenly heard a clinging and clanging.

This was the sound of the shaking chains.


Wang Chong had a flash of insight, and his brows slowly relaxed.

He opened his eyes and examined the thick fog and the abyss for a little longer, closed them again, and after a long period of thought, he finally stood back up.

"Are you ready?" Bagushidu said. He had been observing Wang Chong this entire time, taking in his every movement and expression.

"It doesn't matter if I'm ready or not. Staying here won't change anything. And besides, would you just let me be if I stayed any longer?" Wang Chong indifferently asked without turning his head.

Bagushidu merely smiled at the question.

Ignoring Bagushidu, Wang Chong took in a deep breath and took a small step forward. Though his tone had been indifferent, his tense body beneath his clothes revealed his true emotions.

This place was so dangerous that a single step could end one's life. Even Wang Chong wasn't that confident in his chances, but death would be coming whether he stayed or went. He had no other option.


Wang Chong took another step forward, this one taking him onto one of the chains.

Bagushidu was stunned by this move.

He had seen Wang Chong draw on the ground, observe and ponder, and then even smile. Bagushidu had believed that Wang Chong had found a solution, but to his surprise, Wang Chong's method appeared to be simple and crude.

It was little different from suicide.

"King of Foreign Lands, you!"

Bagushidu grimaced and tried to call Wang Chong back. If Wang Chong just walked over like this, Bagushidu would gain no information from this venture.

But Wang Chong had already cast Bagushidu aside, and before anyone could react, Wang Chong had placed his other foot on the other chain.

"It's over!

Bagushidu's heart went cold. Anyone who left the stone bridge would immediately activate the sword formation and suffer the attacks of the first-generation successor. Given how weak Wang Chong was, he would probably be killed in less than a second.


As Wang Chong's other foot stepped onto the chain, countless ripples emerged from the sea of fog. Sword Qi howled and golden light exploded as tens of thousands of swords shot toward Wang Chong with the same amount of power and energy as they had with the third-generation successor.


Just when Wang Chong was about to be pierced through by ten thousand swords, there was a golden flash of light.

Golden energy, the Origin Immortal Stellar Energy that was the same as the third-generation successor's, emerged from Wang Chong's body and covered him. At the same time, Wang Chong lowered his body and adjusted his aura, going from strong, to weak, to nothing. As Bagushidu watched in shock, Wang Chong became one with the chains beneath him.

At this moment, Wang Chong had used his immense Psychic Energy to 'transform' into a chain!


Bagushidu had thought of all kinds of possibilities, even imagined Wang Chong being pierced through by swords, but this was something he had never expected.

Bagushidu was caught by surprise for the first time, deep shock in his eyes. And there was even more to come. After Wang Chong completed his transformation, the flying swords in the air seemed to lose their target and suddenly stopped.

Ninety percent of the swords simply froze, and while the remainder could still sense Wang Chong's existence, their speed plunged.

This made it so that the danger Wang Chong faced dwindled to an inconceivable level.

As those swords flew toward him, Wang Chong moved like a civet cat, leaping forward along the chains.

The flying swords brushed past him, dealing no damage.

"How is this possible?"

Bagushidu was struck dumb. He had thought up numerous ways that Wang Chong might die, but this? Impossible! The situation had fallen completely out of his control, and not even Bagushidu could predict what might happen next.

As Bagushidu looked at Wang Chong, who had become one with the chains, he couldn't help but internally sigh. Bravo, King of Foreign Lands! No wonder Ozmish and all the other countries on the border can't get any sleep.

The first-generation successor's Psychic Energy was already fused with the countless swords in the air. Anyone who stepped into the region would trigger the successor's Psychic Energy and incur a thunderous assault. Bagushidu's Art of Dark Heaven could deceive all manner of beings, but he could not fool the first-generation successor's mind.

The third-generation successor had cultivated the same Origin Immortal Art as the first-generation, but he had still provoked the first-generation and been knocked into the abyss.

With these two examples in mind, it seemed impossible for anyone to evade the first-generation successor's mind. But even though Bagushidu had pondered the matter again and again, he had completely forgotten about those two chains.