The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514: The Pressure Of The Origin Immortal Sword

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The first generation's Origin Immortal Sword Formation would attack all martial artists who entered the surrounding region, but it did not attack the two long chains.

The sword slashes left on the chains were the result of outsiders inadvertently striking the chains while trying to get in.

Bagushidu had never imagined that Wang Chong would have paid attention to the chains. This was truly a flaw right in front of them that they had both managed to miss.

Even as his enemy, Bagushidu had to admit that Wang Chong truly did possess outstanding and praiseworthy ability.

Trying to imitate another person's energy, or even lifeless objects like stones or chains, was not something that could be accomplished purely through powerful Psychic Energy. Wang Chong was able to accomplish this because his Psychic Energy had reached an incredible level of substantiality.

Bagushidu knew of no one else in the world who could accomplish such a feat.

Regardless of what Bagushidu was thinking, Wang Chong continued to make his way along the chain like a monkey. Even though Wang Chong had succeeded in avoiding the first wave of the Origin Immortal Sword Formation's attack by pretending to be a chain, he remained cautious and vigilant.

The unique properties of the Origin Immortal Sword Formation have resulted in a total of fifty-three blind spots along the chain, places that the Origin Immortal Sword Formation can't attack. As long as I travel along these blind spots, I'll suffer the absolute minimum number of attacks, which can be done by just jumping from blind spot to blind spot. This will help me avoid most of the danger, but when traveling between blind spots, I'll still be attacked by the flying swords. These will be the most dangerous moments.

Wang Chong lowered his body and looked ahead, his mind abuzz.

Wang Chong had performed his previous acrobatics in a very smooth and natural fashion, but Wang Chong understood that it was anything but. The flying swords remained in the air while the chain continued to sway.

Holding onto the chain, Wang Chong felt like a leaf being tossed about on the raging sea, and the slightest weakness would leave his body shattered and destroyed. He only had thirty percent of his strength at this time, far too little to deal with everything around him. More importantly, Wang Chong was well aware that this current situation wouldn't last for very long.

The first-generation successor had preserved much more of his mind than the others. He was simply confused at this time and unable to distinguish Wang Chong's true form. But as time passed, his mind would awaken more and more, upon which he would find Wang Chong on the chains and execute him.

I have thirty minutes at most before the successor figures out my disguise. Thus, I have to get across before then, Wang Chong quietly said to himself.


The vibrating of the flying swords rang out endlessly. Although they couldn't pin down Wang Chong's location, they seemed to have a rough idea of where he was and constantly howled around him. This was a consequence of a fragmented mind.

After all, the first-generation successor had been dead for a thousand years, with all the damage that came to his consciousness that implied. He would have never expected Wang Chong to have disguised himself as a chain. No martial artist had ever done this over these one thousand years.


Wang Chong jumped forward like an ape, crossing several dozen feet to reach the third blind spot. Clangclangclang! There was a clattering of metal behind him as numerous swords struck the chain in a shower of sparks.

Wang Chong's previous calculations had proved effective. The flying swords flew above him, awash with golden light, hanging overhead like an intimidating cloud. But those flying swords that actually came down were few in number, completely unlike the offensive the third-generation successor had been made to face.

To the rear, Bagushidu had long ago been left speechless by this sight.

As the seconds passed and the swords came down again and again, Wang Chong continued to advance, dodging every attack. Slowly, as Bagushidu watched Wang Chong advance, he began to frown, seemingly vexed by an incomprehensible problem.

"Strange" Bagushidu softly muttered as he looked to the other side. The thickness of the fog had reached an astonishing level, and nothing could be seen, but Bagushidu had an expectant look in his eyes.

He had made his own try at this final trial, and if it had really only been about dealing with the first-generation successor, he would have long ago made his move. No matter how terrifying the successor was, he was willing to take heavy injuries to reach the other side.

But the reality was different!

What had stopped Ishinishidu two hundred years ago had definitely not just been these flying swords, and what had made Ishinishidu hesitate in fear and apprehension had not been the first-generation successor!

But for some reason, Wang Chong's journey across the chains had not been affected by that object.


Just when Bagushidu was getting suspicious, he felt a ripple from the depths of the fog, accompanied by a flash of light and a familiar energy.

"It's begun!"

Bagushidu's heart leapt, and his eyes turned to Wang Chong. His expression was solemn and he was more focused than any time before.

"The danger begins now!"


The chains fiercely swayed, but there was something different about them now. At this moment, the tense and focused Wang Chong also began to notice a subtle shift.


Without any warning, an energy shot out of the mist and locked onto Wang Chong. Wang Chong shivered as his body sank down. It felt like a cauldron weighing one thousand jin had been placed on his back, and he instantly grimaced.

"What's going on here?"

Wang Chong immediately stopped and looked up. Wang Chong had instinctively believed this to be the work of the first-generation successor's sword formation, but a moment later, he realized that he was wrong. This energy was completely different from that of the successor and his swords.

And Wang Chong's disguise as a chain was completely useless against it.

However, this was only the beginning. Even though Wang Chong had already stopped, that energy was just getting started. It instantly soared in power, and what initially felt like a thousand-jin cauldron was soon a ten-thousand-jun pile of steel, and then a mountain. This weight was only continuing to increase!

This strength threatened to crush every one of Wang Chong's cells to death.


The swaying chain immediately went taut and plunged, creating a giant 'V' in the air that was centered on Wang Chong. Wang Chong heard his bones groan, and the veins on his arms bulged out as his Stellar Energy roared.

This weight had increased so rapidly that Wang Chong's face was already red.

Clangclangclang! Before Wang Chong could react, he heard a clattering overhead. The sudden pressure had caused a crack to appear in Wang Chong's flawless disguise, and the swords that had lost their target and were flying around like headless flies suddenly became like sharks smelling blood.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief called out in alarm from the distance. The two of them immediately appeared near the end of the stone bridge and prepared to charge in.

"Withdraw!" Bagushidu suddenly called out in his bone-chilling voice. "No one is permitted to interfere. If you dare to try, I'll just have him die right here!"

Bagushidu's eyes were sharp, his expression callous. His elegant bearing was completely gone.

This phase was extremely important to him. He needed to extract as much information from Wang Chong's experience as possible, so no one could be allowed to intervene.

The footsteps behind him came to a stop. Meanwhile, up ahead, Wang Chong was in an extremely perilous situation.

The Origin Immortal Sword!

According to the information gathered by Bagushidu and the Earth Sect, the divine sword planted in front of the first-generation successor was a treasure of the Origin Immortal Lord's sect that he had left behind in this cave. This was probably the most valuable treasure in the entire cave, even exceeding the Origin Immortal Art in some aspects.

This was also a treasure that Bagushidu needed to obtain. He could take it back to the Earth Sect to serve as the foundational treasure of the sect, to be passed down through the generations.

But he would never tell this to Wang Chong.

The Origin Immortal Sword was immensely powerful and perhaps contained the martial arts experience of the Origin Immortal Lord. It was on the same level or above his own Earthblood Cauldrons. But obtaining it was not easy. Anyone who got close would have to endure a dreadful pressure.

Wang Chong's Psychic Energy disguise could fool the unclear and fragmentary mind of the deceased first-generation successor, but it was not enough to deal with the Origin Immortal Sword!

Life or death will be decided right now! Bagushidu mentally exclaimed as he stared at the taut chain.

Wang Chong was an object weighing several thousand tons pressing down on the chain. His energy had leaked out, and the tens of thousands of swords were converging.

In this situation, Wang Chong was essentially doomed.