The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515: One Sword One Thought

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Bagushidu softly breathed in, and the Stellar Energy in his body began to turn. He was preparing to take action. The moment Wang Chong failed, he needed to move, but regardless, he had fulfilled his end of the deal with Ozmish.

Truly, what a pity!

Bagushidu looked at Wang Chong and internally sighed.

Bagushidu's judgment was correct; Wang Chong was in an extremely dangerous situation. All kinds of swords in various states of disrepair, all gleaming with golden light, were howling toward him.

Bang! Wang Chong suddenly jumped forward with all his strength. A moment later, he heard a deafening clang.

Thousands of flying swords had struck the chain behind him, unleashing an explosion of sparks.

The chain forged from Ten Thousand Year Cold Iron and covered in all kinds of ancient inscriptions was peppered with dense marks, some even gouging several inches deep.

While Wang Chong had managed to escape, his entire body was drenched in cold sweat.

The meager Stellar Energy available to him was rapidly dwindling.

There was no time for hesitation. Wang Chong hastily focused his mind and repaired the flaw, once more taking up his disguise as a giant chain.

But while he had escaped one disaster, an even greater danger was coming.

Wang Chong's body was getting heavier and heavier, that invisible pressure having already doubled or tripled in this brief period, and it was showing no signs of stopping.

Not only that, Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was also being consumed at an astonishing rate.

It was like he was constantly battling with some high-level Psychic Energy.

In the thick fog, the flying swords were continuing to circle around. They had lost Wang Chong's energy, but the first-generation successor had already grasped Wang Chong's general location. He only needed a little more information to pin his location down and kill him.

But Wang Chong had to deal with an even greater crisis first.


There was a hum in the air, and Wang Chong soon sensed an immense energy hurtling toward him at incredible speed.

Even Wang Chong and his tangible Psychic Energy couldn't help but feel insignificant in the face of this power.

It was like an ordinary person without the strength to truss a chicken was facing a supreme expert who could shatter mountains by waving a hand.

"How could this be!?"

Wang Chong instantly paled, and at this moment, the world seemed to spin, the fog tearing open for a moment so that Wang Chong could see the divine sword thrust in front of the altar.

Unlike the flying swords, this divine sword was dignified, solemn, and holy. In Wang Chong's eyes, it had the grandeur and immensity of a mountain.

It's that sword!

Wang Chong's mind trembled in understanding.


As Wang Chong set eyes on the sword, the sword suddenly transformed, taking on a sharp and vicious aura. Soon after, boom! The world exploded as the massive sword slashed down at Wang Chong.

Plush! The sword passed through his body, and Wang Chong trembled and vomited blood.

Wang Chong's Psychic Energy was at the tangible level and was unmatched in the world, but this sword had instantly dealt it a heavy blow. His face turned ghastly pale and his clothes were as drenched as if they had just been fished out of the water.

Not only that, in a burst of golden light, countless flying swords shot toward him. Wang Chong jumped forward, but this was a feeble and awkward jump, lacking any of his previous grace.

The numerous swords brushed past the chain, and though Wang Chong had used all his strength, one of the swords still managed to strike his right leg, causing blood to spurt out.

"How could it be like this!?"

Wang Chong fiercely raised his head, shock in his eyes.

That single sword had cut away one-third of his Psychic Energy and half his Stellar Energy, pushing Wang Chong into even greater danger.

But that sword

Wang Chong gazed at the churning fog, seeing nothing and feeling only a chill. But Wang Chong could sense that the divine sword Bagushidu had spoken of was still thrust into the altar at the other end.

The divine sword had not moved once, but the 'sword' was scarier to Wang Chong than all the flying swords overhead.

The flying swords could only attack his flesh, but that sword had been able to strike at his soul and was capable of completely extinguishing it.

Wang Chong suddenly understood why Bagushidu feared that divine sword so much. He also understood how the state teacher of the Turks, Ishinishidu, had been able to get past the Dragonbeasts, the Nightmare Beast, all the traps, and the attacks of the walking corpses, but had still ended up dying to the divine sword.

Attacks of the mind and soul could not be avoided.


As this thought passed through Wang Chong's mind, his vision went dark as his soul was once more pulled into that mental world.

The world was dark, and churning fog surrounded Wang Chong. That immense divine sword stood before him like a pillar of the heavens, ready at any time to slash down.

Wang Chong's mind tensed and his face paled.

But at this moment, the space in front of him shifted, the fog seething and coalescing into words:

'Obstructive Desires'!

Wang Chong was astonished by these words. But he seemed to realize something, and a pensive look appeared on his face.

"It's useless!"

On the stone bridge, Bagushidu's robe snapped in the air. He was able to clearly make out the changes on Wang Chong's face and knew that he was thinking of a countermeasure. To this, Bagushidu could only shake his head, staring at Wang Chong like he was already a dead man.

"The Origin Immortal Sword attacks again and again. There's no stopping it unless you pulled back from the chains right from the start! Not even someone of Ishinishidu's astonishing capabilities was able to withstand it, let alone you. King of Foreign Lands, you are a rare genius of the Great Tang, but alas, even you will die in this place!

"This trial is truly difficult to pass!"

Bagushidu softly sighed to himself.

It was not because he pitied Wang Chong over his inevitable death, but because he could no longer obtain any information from the Great Tang's King of Foreign Lands. There was no escape from Wang Chong's current situation.

In the distance, Wang Chong was in mortal danger.

In the mental world, that divine sword exploded with light and began to hum. It was once more about to strike.


A moment later, the sword once more began to swing down at Wang Chong.

The entire world fell silent, and the sword seemed imbued with even greater power than before.

Rumble! The world seemed to crumble to pieces, and the sword itself seemed unavoidable. Immense danger surged up in Wang Chong's heart, but all he could do at this time was focus and compress his Psychic Energy to try to fend off this strike.

The light hurtled forward, and a chill encroached on every cell of Wang Chong's body. But just when Wang Chong had curled up in preparation to take on this thunderous strike, whoosh! The Sword Qi swiftly passed by like a light gust.

His Stellar Energy and Psychic Energy were not halved like before.


Wang Chong was struck dumb.

"What's going on here?"

This sword strike had been even more terrifying than the last, but its lethality hadn't been even one-tenth of the first one. As Wang Chong scanned his body with his Psychic Energy, he discovered that his judgment had been correct. His Stellar Energy and Psychic Energy had decreased, but the loss was negligible.

Wang Chong was momentarily confused. One attack had made him feel like he was on the verge of death while the other attack had been like a light breeze, but both were from the divine sword.

The same attack had resulted in two completely different effects.


As Wang Chong was lost in confusion, he was once more pulled into the mental world and taken to confront that divine sword.


The fog coalesced into this enormous word.

Wang Chong clung motionlessly to the chain, but his mind was spinning with countless thoughts.

Obstructive desires, greed Wang Chong inwardly muttered.

Humans had desires, and there were no exceptions. Wang Chong did have desires, so he had been heavily injured by the first attack. But greed Was he greedy? Of course, he was greedy. He wanted to get his hands on far too many things.

When he had used Wootz Steel to obtain one million, ten million, even a hundred million taels of gold, he had truly been happy. In order to make even more money, he had even signed a contract with the Sindhu High Priest.

But at the same time, he wasn't greedy.

He had accumulated a vast fortune with Wootz Steel, but he had used it all up without the slightest hesitation. All of his wealth had been so that he could win the war of the southwest and save the nearly one million civilians living there.

He hoped to achieve many feats and obtain a greater reputation. Thus, after the southwest, he went to the northwest and expanded the borders of the Great Tang all the way to Khorasan. And even this was not enough for him, as he still wanted to fight all the way to Baghdad.

In the end, he had set his sights on conquering the entire Arabian Empire.


Everything he had done had not been for himself. He could hand over Khorasan to the Imperial Court without hesitation, and once he pacified the west, he could hand back all his military authority to the Imperial Court. He didn't even care about his titles of Young Marquis and King of Foreign Lands.

The only thing he cared about was this world's future!

Everything else was merely a means of realizing this goal!

Thus, he truly was not greedy!