The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516: The Crime Of Killing

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong's brow deeply furrowed as he pondered. At this moment, he felt like he had finally grasped the laws of the divine sword.

This thought instantly invigorated Wang Chong.

Wang Chong agilely leapt forward like a civet cat. Clangclangclang! The flying swords once more created a shower of sparks on the chains as they were dodged once more.

"Wonderful! The divine sword's attacks can influence the successor's Origin Immortal Sword Formation!"

As Wang Chong jumped forward, he had noticed that after he successfully took the divine sword's attack, for some reason, the power of the flying swords had significantly weakened. As long as he didn't have to worry too much about the first-generation successor's attacks, even his own meager strength was more than enough to make it across the chains.

"This How?"

Bagushidu had already been ready to step forward onto the chains, but when he saw what had happened, his body trembled in shock.

Everything that had happened just now had completely overturned his understanding of the world. Wang Chong didn't even have the strength to fight against a Profound Martial expert, and he was insignificant in front of someone like Bagushidu, but not even Ishinishidu had been able to cross the chains as easily as Wang Chong.

"Impossible, absolutely impossible!"

Bagushidu's eyes went wide. He had no way of explaining these events.


Bagushidu's foot instinctively extended toward one of the chains.

"Could it be that Ishinishidu's memories were all false? Or did something happen at the end that I don't know about?"

Bagushidu was confused and suspicious. He even wondered if he and Wang Chong had started from different places and stepped on different chains.


Bagushidu's right foot stepped onto a chain, but at that moment, the Sword Qi howled, and those swords circling in the air immediately shot toward Bagushidu like locusts. This power and momentum made him even more frightened than when he had first stepped onto the chains.

Bagushidu grimaced as he immediately drew back his foot, his face turning ashen.

"Just how did this kid manage to do it?"

For the first time, Bagushidu looked at Wang Chong with deep unease and envy.

Meanwhile, Wang Chong continued to advance along the chains. Boom! The Origin Immortal Sword sent yet another attack thundering at Wang Chong.

This time, it was the sword of arrogance.

This sword was pointed at the haughty and prideful, but while Wang Chong had been born in a rich and illustrious clan, he was not an arrogant person.

Wang Chong also managed to endure the third sword.

One hundred feet, one hundred and fifty feet, one hundred and seventy feet Wang Chong advanced with astonishing speed, seizing this moment of weakness from the sword formation. The fourth sword was lust and the fifth was envy. Wang Chong was able to endure both.

The idea in Wang Chong's mind grew increasingly distinct.

To think that there was a sword in the world like this. It doesn't attack flesh or Origin Energy, but attacks the most repulsive desires in one's heart.

Ishinishidu was a Turkic genius and one of the supreme experts of that age. But that very first trial of obstructive desires was something that he couldn't pass. When he ran into the sixth-generation successor on the borders of the Great Tang, he felt envy over the successor's youth, his Origin Immortal Art, and his boundless techniques, thus committing the crime of envy. And by wanting to seize all the secrets of the Origin Immortal Palace, he committed the crime of greed. Even with Ishinishidu's extraordinary power, those three swords would have heavily injured him.

As for Bagushidu, he obtained Ishinishidu's Earthblood Cauldrons and inherited all his memories, but he also inherited his desires. In certain aspects, his desires are even greater than Ishinishidu's. Thus, Bagushidu isn't as transcendent as he appears. It's not that he doesn't want to try. He doesn't dare!

Wang Chong understood the situation now like it was a bright and clean mirror.


The fog seethed and the winds howled. The sixth sword was coming.

Rumble! The world seemed to tear apart in front of Wang Chong's eyes. Unlike the others, the sixth sword was seething in red flames.

Upon seeing these flames, Wang Chong paled and immediately stopped.

He sensed a familiar emotion from this sword


This sword was aimed at the anger in one's heart.

"Oh no!"

Wang Chong's heart tightened as he lost grasp of his composure.

He was not proud, envious, greedy, or lustful, but anger Whether in his last life or this one, Wang Chong found it impossible to control this emotion. And his anger was far more intense than the average person's. Without this anger, he wouldn't have received the chance to be reborn, and he wouldn't be standing here right now.

This is troublesome


Just when everyone believed that Wang Chong would successfully pass this trial and reach the other side, his body fiercely trembled, blood spurted out of his skin, and his strength plunged.

Clink! Clank! The chains trembled as Wang Chong's body swayed, and he almost fell right off.

While Wang Chong had managed to survive, his body now swayed back and forth with the chain. Though he clenched it tightly, it seemed like he might fall at any moment.

"How could this be? What in the world happened?"

Bagushidu's face tightened. Wang Chong was the person with the highest chance of crossing the chains, but if not even he could safely cross, it would be even more difficult for others.

Wang Chong was in even greater danger than he appeared, as the seventh sword was coming hot on the heels of the sixth.

If the sixth sword had been enough to leave Wang Chong half-dead, the seventh sword was enough to make his blood freeze and send him into the abyss.

The crime of killing!

Wang Chong knew the name of the sword before it had begun its attack.

The greatest evil in the world was killing, which led to the rise of things like the demonic path and the evil path.

The seventh sword was the strongest and most lethal, and even the amount of time it took to build up power was longer.

Wang Chong was a Great General, the King of Foreign Lands, and even the Grand Marshal in his last life. He lived a life of constant campaigning and had killed countless people.

Just in the war of the southwest alone, he had killed four hundred thousand soldiers of the Mengshe-Tsang army, and in the Battles of Khorasan and Talas, he had killed one million Arab soldiers. He hadn't even reached the age of eighteen, yet he had killed one and a half million soldiers. When it came to the crime of killing, no one could surpass Wang Chong.

Two hundred years ago, Ishinishidu had been slain for his envy, and now, Wang Chong would probably be killed for the many people he had killed.


The seventh sword had yet to fall, its energy continuing to soar. It had already surpassed the power of the six previous attacks combined, and it was showing no signs of stopping. Even worse was that this sword had locked down Wang Chong, making even movement incredibly difficult.

The swords in the air hummed as if sensing what was about to happen. The swords of the Origin Immortal Sword Formation circled above Wang Chong like a dark cloud, far more numerous than at any previous moment.

The pressure on Wang Chong instantly swelled.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief were both incredibly worried, but there was nothing they could do. If they stepped onto the chains, they would only increase the number of attacks aimed at Wang Chong, burdening him instead of helping him.

Moreover, eighty percent of the Origin Energy in this area was under the control of the first-generation successor. Outsiders could not intervene in the boundaries of the Origin Immortal Sword Formation.

Wang Chong's life was in grave danger.

'Blood flows so greatly that shields can float, over ground covered in one million corpses.' Wang Chong was a born general, a commander for two lives. Wang Chong had killed countless people, and when this sword fell, he would have no chance of survival.


The sword blazed with light, and there was even a faint gleam of scarlet. This sword pointed straight at his soul placed unimaginable pressure on every cell in Wang Chong's body, every sliver of his soul. A moment later, the skies went dark as the sword rose from the ground!

The final moment had come!

"It's not right!"

Wang Chong's Psychic Energy and Stellar Energy were rapidly fading. Under the pressure of death, Wang Chong stimulated all his latent potential, and he suddenly sensed that something wasn't right.

The Origin Immortal Lord could have never designed such a death trap! If he was going to do this, he might as well have cut the chains and never let anyone cross! After all, there's no such as perfectly pure gold, and no such thing as a perfect human. Given this sword's properties, no one would be able to inherit the Origin Immortal Art, or even get close. Not even the Origin Immortal Lord would have the right to use this divine sword! This can't have been the Origin Immortal Lord's original intention!

Wang Chong had a sudden flash of insight, and his mind began to spin like never before. Time felt like it had slowed to a crawl.

A human will have flaws! Desires, greed, envy, pride, anger, killing these are basically all the possible weaknesses a person could have. No one can escape them, not even the forger of the sword.

The more tense the moment, the calmer Wang Chong became.

The sword is the king of weapons and a tool for killing. To use a sword meant for killing to judge those who have killed is already very strange. There must be something that I haven't thought of. Perhaps this isn't a sword that judges crimes at all!