The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1517

Chapter 1517: Pulling Out The Sword

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong felt like a lightning bolt had blazed through his mind, leaving it rumbling with thunder. Wang Chong immediately realized that he had developed a small, yet fatal, misunderstanding of the sword.

The meaning of this sword, its core principle, could not be about judging evils. But if that was not the case, what was it?

There was very little time for Wang Chong to think. He was tottering on the abyss as he struggled to seize that last sliver of hope!

Desire is the root of human evil. Ignorance, resentment, and hatred all arise from desire. The opposite of desire is no desire, and to have no desire is to be upright! Integrity is the source of all good!

As this thought occurred to Wang Chong, his body trembled in understanding. He felt like he had grabbed onto a line that led to the very heart of the problem.

If killing is a crime, the opposite of killing is not killing. And to not kill is to be benevolent!


Wang Chong once more trembled like he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, his eyes flying open.

Benevolence and righteousness!

Right, the Origin Immortal Lord was no member of the evil path, nor did he absolutely abhor all evils. The ideologies propagated in the Spring and Autumn Era were not about punishing evils but promoting good!

Wang Chong's eyes erupted with the light of understanding.

The opposite of pride is courtesy!

The opposite of envy is wisdom! Only with wisdom can one restrain one's envy!

The opposite of anger is kindness, modesty!

The opposite of lust is righteousness! Only when one's heart enshrines righteousness and reason can one avoid lust!

This divine sword was not promoting violence to restrain violence, was not about punishing evil. It was about promoting good. At its core was not killing, but benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, kindness, and modesty!

Wang Chong felt like his mind was about to explode.

He suddenly understood what kind of sword this was!

This was not a sword of punishing evil, but a true Sword of Kings!

In front of this Sword of Kings, no lust or desire could survive!

Ishinishidu had made the wrong judgment about this sword, merely treating it as some rare sword of immense might, resulting in his death. Bagushidu had also not understood the nature of this sword, so if he dared to test its might, he would die just like his predecessor.

There was no such thing as a perfect human. Everyone had their flaws and weaknesses! What was most important was for this sword to sense one's integrity and righteousness!

The Origin Immortal Lord had not left this sword behind to guard this lightless world. His goal was to have the sword choose those people with true integrity and compassion. This was why those two chains existed rather than being cut down.

He was helping this sword choose its next master.


As Wang Chong's thoughts turned, the mental world also began to undergo a heaven-shaking transformation, thunder booming and the fog seething. Suddenly, with a mighty crash, the mountainous pressure on Wang Chong's body disappeared.

Several words began to emerge on the surface of the golden sword, written in a bold and flourishing style: 'Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy, Wisdom, Modesty'.

These words penetrated straight into his mind.


Wang Chong suddenly stood up, his eyes shining as brightly as the stars. He knew what he had to do now. He completely opened up his heart and let his hopes and desires run free.

He had experienced death and disaster and come back to life for the sake of the world and its people, so that civilization could continue to thrive for all eternity.

He would reveal all his thoughts to the world!

No desire or wish would be concealed!

Wang Chong slowly closed his eyes and opened his mind. The scenes from his last life, the mountains crumbling and the riverbeds cracking, the burning flames, the corpses of the people various hellish sights surged from his mind into the divine sword.

His life was worth as much as an ant compared to that of the world itself!

If the divine sword had a soul, he requested its assistance!


A moment later, those thousands of golden swords shooting at Wang Chong froze in the air. Clang! The bent chain that was viciously swaying in the wind was pulled straight as a ramrod by some bizarre strength.

The fog ceased to churn and the winds died away. Golden light erupted as the fog parted, revealing the Origin Immortal Sword that had hitherto remained hidden, now exuding a grandiose and majestic energy.

Bagushidu instantly grimaced, and he suddenly had an ill foreboding.


While Bagushidu was still shocked and confused, Wang Chong, who had been in grave peril just moments ago, shot like a lightning bolt toward the other end of the chains.

"Wang Chong, halt!" Bagushidu's roar resounded through the space.

The last trial left by the Origin Immortal Lord had been fraught with danger, and even Bagushidu felt it would be hard to overcome. This was why he had used Wang Chong as a sacrifice. Although he said that he hoped that Wang Chong would take the divine sword for him, Bagushidu had never believed that it was possible.

The distant Wang Chong didn't seem to hear, and he continued to plunge forward. The end of the chain wasn't far now.

"Halt!" Bagushidu once more called out, his voice tinged with fury and concern. But Wang Chong cared not.

It's all up to this move!

Wang Chong raised his head, his eyes bright.

Bagushidu would never let him go. Wang Chong had known this from the very start.

Whether it was to complete his deal with Ozmish Khagan and remove this great calamity for the Eastern Turks or to obtain the divine sword, Bagushidu would never let him live.

If he continued charging forward, he might have a chance to survive, but if he obeyed Bagushidu, he would end up tightly held in the hands of his foe. He would be like a drowning man being pushed under the waters to descend into the abyss.

More importantly

Just now, after obtaining the acknowledgment of the divine sword, Wang Chong felt like he had formed a connection with it.

Moreover, just now, Wang Chong sensed that the energy of the Origin Immortal Sword Formation had begun to flow into his body, restoring his nearly exhausted reserves.

Wang Chong's dried-up dantian began to rapidly recover, as did Wang Chong's Psychic Energy.

But what shocked Wang Chong the most was the divine sword's suppression of Bagushidu's strength.

The black Stellar Energy Bagushidu had sent into his body was sinister and cold, and it was brimming with the savagery of a wolf of the Turkic steppe. But this kind of negative energy was exactly what the Sword of Kings naturally countered. Wang Chong sensed that as he got closer to the sword, the black Stellar Energy Bagushidu used to control his body grew that much weaker.

Wang Chong immediately understood that the sword at the end of these chains was his only hope of escaping Bagushidu!

The last section!

Wang Chong looked at the other side. All the flying swords had already stopped now that he had obtained the recognition of the divine sword, completely ignoring Wang Chong. This was unprecedented in the history of the Origin Immortal Treasury. At this moment, Wang Chong could finally see the divine sword.


Wang Chong made a leap, rising into the air like a dragon as he moved from the chain to the fog-shrouded altar. In front of the altar loomed the mighty figure of the first-generation successor, standing there like a god. But even more dazzling was the Origin Immortal Sword thrust into the ground before him.

Wang Chong reached out and grabbed onto the hilt of the Origin Immortal Sword.

Far in the back, Bagushidu nastily scowled. Earlier, Bagushidu had comforted himself by believing that Wang Chong had truly not heard him under all the pressure he was facing, but when Wang Chong stepped onto the altar and gripped the sword, he understood that all of it had been intentional.

There was no question that Wang Chong had betrayed him.

He was no longer under Bagushidu's control.

"Fool! King of Foreign Lands, you're seeking death!"

Bagushidu's pupils constricted and his face turned as cold as winter. What did it matter how intelligent he was? Did he really think that he could escape Bagushidu's control just by getting across the chains? How ignorant!


Bagushidu's fingers closed together, the cracking of his joints echoing through the abyss.

The moment his fingers closed together, the same moment Wang Chong gripped the Origin Immortal Sword, Bagushidu activated his supreme sealing art of the Earth Sect, the Dark Moon's Flame!


The black seal buried deep in Wang Chong's body began to blaze like a wildfire.

"Get out of my way!"

Sensing the black flames within him, Wang Chong gripped the Origin Immortal Sword's hilt and pulled with all his strength, hoping to remove this divine sword that seemed to weigh as much as a mountain.